‎Dough Pay – Ratings and Reviews

‎dough pay – ratings and reviews

This app is the answer to overpriced college food surrounding college and university campuses. With high food insecurity coupled with high food prices due to high rent for restaurants and other food places in the Berkeley community, this app offers a new door for accessibility. Considering it’s ease of use and dependability, I hope other campuses consider this as a means for alleviating such issues.

Lobby for this app in your favorite restaurants, they’ll gain certain recurring business while you gain loyalty points (ie reduced prices).

Bonus: parents / guardians are able to add to the app remotely so they can rest assured you’re not wasting money on JUULs haha.

try it 🙂

‎oneic bill & pay – ratings and reviews

عزيزي المشترك , نعتذر عن الاشكالية الاخيره التي واجهتها على التطبيق، سيتم إطلاق التحديث لمعالجة المشكلة. اذا كنت تواجه أي مشكلة اخرى الرجاء ارسال لنا بياناتك وذلك بدخول لصفحة ( اتصل بنا) وتعبئة بياناتك لنتمكن من الاتصال بك وحل المشكلة لمستخدمي أيفون، لمزيد من التفاصيل والاستفسار : 24991999 أو التواصل عبر الواتس اب 90999577. شكرا لك وأتمنى لك يوما سعيدا

‎popular pays – ratings and reviews


This is a tough thing to navigate and I realize this as it is very “new” for companies and such. I appreciate the balancing act that is required by all parties including yours.

However, brands take a lot of time to get back throughout the entire process. This puts the influencer at a big disadvantage on top of the obvious disadvantage to begin with (big companies versus one person).

In other words, many of these brands/campaigns simply “over-take” advantage of hard working influencers.

This facts makes this platform a low option for me and many other influencers that I talk to.

I would like to see more to encourage my usage on this platform as there are many others out there doing better.


‎tesco bank and clubcard pay – ratings and reviews

App has improved considerably since first released. However…
1. pending transactions often appear in the cleared items, or in duplicate in both pending and cleared, furthermore the available balance just doesn’t add up from the figures stated!

2. Text notifications are inaccurate, based on the wrong figures, do not send in a timely manner. Needs revamping to be useful.

3. Finally, if you have it set up to clear the full balance, and you spend most of the limit throughout the month, because of the timings of the statement and the payment dates, you end up having to make addition payments in the months to stay within the limit.

4. Cars payments to top up account: money is taken immediately but does not clear for days, come on Tescos – make money legitimately not through stealth tactics!

How can Tesco Finance expect you to effectively manage your credit card payments and spending when the information being provided is often not 100% accurate and cannot be relied upon.

Needs following figures to be stated at top of transaction page
A. Cleared Items: £5
B. Pending Items: £4
C. Balance (A B): £9
D. Credit limit: £10
E. Available to spend (D-C): £1

A few years ago approximately ⅓ of my salary went into Tesco’s coffers, via petrol, supermarkets, finance & insurances. Now less than 5%, that’s soon going to drop to 0% if they do not sharpen up.

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