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Android Pay – a service for paying for purchases from an Android phone

Which banks work with Android Pay

The owner of a mobile device running on the Android operating system needs to install the application, add a bank card, after which it will be possible to pay by simply bringing the smartphone to the payment terminal (pin-pad) at the checkout. Also, the latest version of the payment application allows you to pay for purchases in online applications.

Most large Russian banks and other financial organizations already work with the payment service:

  • Sberbank;
  • Alfa-Bank;
  • Tinkoff;
  • MTS-Bank;
  • Raiffeisenbank;
  • Russian standard;
  • Opening;
  • Rosselkhozbank.

You can also link a Yandex. Money”.

The developer calls Android Paid the safest payment service, but Russian users still do not really believe this. According to surveys, more than 44% of Android users are afraid to use the services of this system.

Android Pay - a service for paying for purchases from an Android phone

Their fears are unfounded, because the Android Pay payment service works on the principle of tokenization. A token is a unique set of symbols used to secure a specific transaction. Thanks to tokens, it is almost impossible to intercept the user’s bank card details. As for the payment process itself, it can be made secure (recommended) using a fingerprint sensor or by adding a smartphone screen lock password.

Application not installing

On May 23, when Android Pay was officially launched in Russia, some users discovered that the application was not available or did not work on their devices. The official Google support site lists smartphones that do not support Android Pay. Among them are Elephone P9000, Evo 4G LTE, Nexus 7 (2012), Samsung Galaxy Note III, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Light.

In addition to the models announced on the Google website, users of other devices from different brands encountered a problem when installing the Android Pay application. In particular, problems are observed on smartphones Meizu, Xiaomi, OnePlus and others.

Solution: for many popular devices, forum users have already compiled detailed instructions for launching Android Pay. Perhaps a solution to the problem has already been found for your smartphone. How to find out:

  • go to the topic about Android Pay and find your gadget through the search;
  • go to the topic thread about your device, open the topic of your device and see the latest messages, as well as the topic header (don’t forget about the search function);
  • go to the topic of flashing your smartphone and see the solution on the last pages or header.

Tip: even if your smartphone is on the list of unsupported devices, it makes sense to try installing Android Pay on it. For example, we personally tested the operation of Android Pay on the Galaxy S8 with the “incompatible” MyKnox function – everything worked, but before that, you need to set Android Pay as the main payment system in the device settings. In the case of other devices, go to the profile topic – it is possible that there is already a solution there.

Which phones are supported

The service supports a huge number of gadgets – not only smartphones, but also smart watches. Unlike analogues, the Android Pay system is not tied to devices from one manufacturer. The service can be used by owners of devices that meet the following conditions:

  • Android operating system version above 4.4 KitKat;
  • Device support for NFC technology;
  • Official firmware and blocked root-rights;
  • The smartphone must be certified by Google;
  • Deactivated Knox service.

Unfortunately, not all smartphones that support NFC will be able to install a payment application. The following smartphone models do not support Android Pay:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3;
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3;
  • Elephone P9000;
  • Nexus 7 (2012);
  • EVO 4G (LTE).

Android Pay - a service for paying for purchases from an Android phone

All these models, to put it mildly, are not new; they are aliens from 2012-2013. In order to install Android Paid on more modern gadgets, there should be no problems.

If you have a root or unlocked bootloader

Solution: To fix this problem, read our special news.

Instructions for rooted smartphones

A large number of Xiaomi smartphone owners have an unlocked bootloader, developer firmware and Xposed modules. For such devices, there is a separate instruction for launching Android Pay

How to make Android Pay work on Xiaomi

Problem with zip code

In a number of Google services, there has long been a problem with specifying a postal code, which is inherent in Russia. Android Pay is no exception. The essence of the problem lies in the fact that when registering, the user is required to indicate, in addition to the city of residence, the area where he is located and the postal code. It is at this stage that some users experience a hitch.

Google knows all the postal codes of Russia, but it sets priority not for the city, but for the region. For example, for the city of Moscow, if you try to enter the correct postal code, an error will occur. The fact is that Google does not accept federal cities and believes that the index should be from the list for the Moscow region.

Solution: residents of cities of federal significance can indicate the name of their city in the “City” and “Region” sections, and their real postal code in the “Index” section. For example, for residents of Moscow, you get “Moscow”, “Moscow” and “140500”.

Android Pay. Как пользоваться и популярные вопросы

There is another way to solve the index problem. As a city, you indicate Moscow or St. Petersburg, and the region – Moscow or Leningrad, respectively. Then indicate the postal code of any regional city. For Moscow it can be 140500, and for St. Petersburg – 187111.

Problems with payment

The payment terminal does not accept the card linked to the smartphone. Payment from a smartphone and the use of discount or bonus cards is possible only in those places where the terminal has a contactless payment sign or the Android Pay logo.

In practice, users encountered a number of problems:

  • contactless terminals are not yet available in all stores;
  • contactless payment in the terminal can be disabled;
  • banal failures due to the not yet debugged operation of the system.

Solution: Since Android Pay supports a huge number of banks and services, it is not surprising that such a large and complex system does not work perfectly at the very beginning. Therefore, at least for the first time, we recommend that you still carry a regular bank card or cash with you.

Pay for purchases up to 1,000 rubles without entering a PIN code. Users have noticed that when making a purchase in the amount of less than 1,000 rubles, no PIN code or fingerprint is required. You should not worry – plastic cards from MasterCard with PayPass technology and Visa with payWave work in a similar way. It also depends on the policy of a particular bank and stores.

Запуск Android Pay в России

Solution: If you lose your smartphone, contact your bank’s support service as soon as possible and block the cards connected to Android Pay so that no one can use them.

Decision: Unfortunately, we cannot influence this situation in any way. Follow our news – we will definitely tell you when the promotion starts and you can pay in the metro with a 50% discount.

Aeroexpress also offers a promotion to celebrate the launch of Android Pay in Russia. Here everything went smoothly and exactly as the organizers promised. Since May 23, 3,000 tickets purchased using Android Pay with a linked MasterCard have been sold at a 50% discount.

Solution: Buying an Aeroexpress ticket is cheaper, even if not by 50%, even now. To do this, you need to purchase it in advance through the official website with a 20% discount.

How to pay

Contactless payment is done as follows:

  • Unlock your smartphone. The payment application does not need to be launched;
  • Bring the device to the pin pad with the back face;
  • Confirm the purchase by entering the code or fingerprint. Payment confirmation is required only if the purchase price is more than 1 thousand rubles;
  • Wait for the message that the payment has been made. The message will appear on the pin pad screen.

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