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Android Pay without NFC – does it work

Why do I need an NFC antenna for a smartphone

The abbreviation NFC expands and translates as near field communication. This is a new technology in the digital world and is a wireless and non-contact communication at a high frequency and with a short range. With its help, you can transmit and receive information from another device at a distance of no more than ten centimeters. Currently, such chips are being introduced into mobile devices and are widely used in the financial sector.

Almost every new smartphone comes with an NFC microchip. The main direction of use is contactless payment for purchases in stores. It is enough for the user to take a mobile phone with him on a grocery shopping trip. But this is only one function of such a module. At the moment, it can be used to pay for public transport, open doors and control smart equipment. There remains only one condition – the receiving party must also be equipped with a special chip.

Unfortunately, not all mobile phones have a special NFC microchip, which means that it is impossible to make a payment from such devices. Usually these are quite old models that were produced back in 2014-2015. Now all manufacturers are trying to implement this breakthrough technology in their product.

But do not rush to give up. If you do not have such a module, you do not need to purchase a new expensive smartphone; for such purposes, special antennas and NFC tags are sold on the market, which are attached directly to the phone case. At its core, the antenna compensates for the contactless information exchange module.

Advantages and disadvantages of NFC

The main advantages are:

  • low price;
  • small dimensions of the device;
  • high transfer rate;
  • support on almost all mobile devices.

It is worth highlighting the cons:

  • relatively small range;
  • Not all devices are equipped with an NFC chip.

So, thanks to these notes, you have learned quick and easy ways to test your device for the ability to transmit information and interact with other technical means using Near Field Communication. By following the simple instructions in this article, you will also be able to find out for yourself if your smartphone has this technology, you will be able to integrate NFC into your phone and transfer the necessary files at high speed.

This technology opens the door to the future for users. It has the following benefits:

  1. High data rate. Payment by phone payments occurs almost instantly.
  2. One microchip can replace a bunch of credit cards, cash and change, which greatly relieves the user’s pocket.
  3. Opens a wide range of options for the user. If you use external tags, you can save time and nerves on the routine settings of your mobile device. For example, at the entrance to the house, install a label on the module and attach the function of turning off the sound of the call behind it; after returning from work, just touch it and the sound is turned off.
  4. High security, only when using official apps.

Failed to avoid shortcomings:

  1. Not available on all mobile devices. Only modern models of well-known brands are equipped with a chip.
  2. Small range. In the future, I would like to significantly increase the coverage, which would play a serious competition for Wi-Fi.

Android Pay without NFC - does it work

From the article we learned how to install the NFC module in a smartphone if it is not initially in the assembly. This will not bring you serious cash costs; for such purposes, special antenna devices, tags and SIM cards have been created that cost a penny. But they will not be able to open the full range of possibilities for you, so the ideal way out is to purchase a new upgraded smartphone.

Checking the device for NFC

Would you like to try the technology in practice, but don’t know if this is possible on your device? Let’s check.

To do this, carefully open the back cover of a smartphone or tablet, in a situation where it can move away without damage and inspect the gadget’s battery.

In the presence of NFC development, you will see this abbreviation there. If the cover of the phone/tablet is not removable, then the corresponding icon or abbreviation will be located on the outside.

If for some reason you do not want or cannot remove the cover, you can make sure that such a communication method is available in the device settings.

Find the “Wireless networks” tab, then “More …” and if NFC is available on the device, then there will definitely be a corresponding item.

NFC activation

If you found it on your device, you must also activate access to NFC technology. You can do it like this:

  1. go to the “Settings” section and then “Wireless networks”, “More …”, where earlier you could make sure that NFC is available;
  2. confirm by clicking on the item “Allow data exchange when combining {amp}gt; device name {amp}gt; with another”;
  3. Android Beam is immediately activated on an Android smartphone. If this does not happen, click on it and select “Yes” so as not to disrupt the system;

What should I do if the device does not support NFC?

Don’t worry if you don’t find the built-in function, there is a way to connect NFC to your device. But you can only do this if the panel cover on the back and the SIM card slot on your smartphone/tablet are removable. Installing NFC in this case is not difficult.

The best solution is to install a special module – an external communication device. It is compatible with almost all smartphones, easy to use and gives you access to NFC without buying a new phone.

Android Pay without NFC - does it work

Main types: chips, SIM cards, external devices, stickers. The last of them are of two types: passive – which do not allow data to be exchanged, and active – use Bluetooth and Wi-fi communication channels for transmission, which significantly increases energy consumption.

These stickers are attached to the outer shell of the phone, which is also not very practical.

The most popular are the following:

  • NFC SIM. Now available for purchase from most mobile operators. You can find out about the availability of such a SIM in the communication salon. You only need to install the finished card in your phone or tablet. This type of module is the most affordable and easy to install.
  • NFC antenna. The second way, for which you will need to purchase an NFC antenna. You can do this in the communication salon. Next, the antenna is attached to the SIM card and inserted into the device.

As you have already seen, installing the module is quite simple and safe: you do not need to download additional applications or programs. However, these services do not completely replace the Android Pay app, but are just some of its many features.

An NFC tag is a miniature device in the form of a chip that can be attached almost anywhere: from the phone to being inserted under the skin!

Что делать если в телефоне нет NFC модуля

We will not use such radical methods, but it is worth noting that contacts, settings, a URL and other data and commands can be placed on the chip. All gadgets can support the tag.

In order to read data from such a device, you need to find a specialized official application on Google Play and then, after installation, you can give the tag various commands for execution.

Data exchange via NFC

The technology can also be used to transfer files.

To transfer data, you need to do the following steps:

  1. make sure that you have completed the activation of NFC and Android Beam;
  2. unlock the device, exit “sleep mode”;
  3. check device detection with each other;
  4. connect;
  5. transfer data between devices;
  6. a specific beep will sound at the end.

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