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Apple Pay does not work: on iPhone phones, does not work with a world map

To start

In addition to software, there are some other factors that can affect the performance of contactless payments using iPhone. These include:

  • Case. It is clear that an ordinary plastic or silicone pad is unlikely to interfere with Apple Pay. But if you use some kind of ultra-protected case from an unknown Chinese brand … it’s better to take it off.
  • Malfunctions in the operation of the terminal, bank, card. In this case, you should at least try to pay in another store, and at the maximum, call the bank and find out “are they all right?”.

Not so much, right? But you shouldn’t forget about it. If that doesn’t help, move on.

Apple Pay is not working – what is the reason for the failure?

In order for the official contactless payment service to work correctly and without interruption, it is necessary that not only the operating system, but also the NFC chip itself function correctly. It is important that the smartphone supports the function of contactless payments, and there are no problems with a bank card.

There are several reasons why you may experience problems connecting Apple Pay. Below we will study the issue and solutions in more detail.

Why doesn’t Apple Pay work? Your phone may not support contactless technology. Not all iPhone models have an NFC chip. For example, in older versions of the smartphone – before the iPhone 5, the presented technology did not exist yet. N FC began to be actively used in further models, starting with the iPhone 6, 6 S, SE.

It is worth noting that the operation of the payment service is slightly different on the iPhone X. To confirm the payment, you need to double-click the button located on the side, look at the front camera, and then bring it to the payment terminal. This procedure is related to the Face ID feature.

Телефоны, поддерживающие NFC платежи

If your phone does not support this technology, then it will not be possible to fix it. Additionally, the module will not be embedded. The only solution is to get a phone with NFC.

If the program is compatible with the device, but it periodically freezes, slows down, crashes, then a failure in the system is most likely to blame. Users also note that the phone stops noticing the payment terminal, or loads information for a long time, and as a result rejects the money transaction. It is necessary to check the health of the operating system and the application itself.

Card problems

If Apple Pay suddenly stops working¸ the problem may lie in the bank card. In this case, the device will be detected, the system will not slow down, but the payment process will be refused. Check if there is money on the account, perhaps you have exceeded the daily limit, or the account has been blocked.

Checking the terminal

In fact, there are quite a few reasons, but the most common is the wrong payment process. To successfully pay contactless with your smartphone, you must:

  1. Bring the phone up to two centimeters away from the terminal;
  2. Double-click the home button or otherwise open the payment card selection;
  3. Choose the one you need;
  4. Wait until the payment screen appears on the terminal;
  5. Keep your finger on the scanner for identification to occur;
  6. A check mark should appear indicating that the purchase has been made.

At first, you need to carefully follow all the points, in order to avoid situations when Apple Pay does not see the terminal, then it will be easier. To link your card to Apple Pay, go to the Apple Pay Wallet app. There, using an intuitive interface, you can attach any bank card for further payment.

The next reason is that the phone case is too thick. For successful communication between the terminal and the smartphone, they need good contact. Maybe the case is in the way. Try removing it and try again.

There is a possibility that your NFC chip, which is responsible for contactless payment, has failed. It will not be possible to fix this problem on your own. Contact the service center. They will diagnose and fix problems.

Apple Pay does not work: on iPhone phones, does not work with a world map

6 S is the first model from the Apple smartphone line to support contactless payment using an NFC chip. Therefore, it often happens that users have an iPhone 6S and they have various problems, sometimes the terminal does not see the apple pay. There are several reasons why this may happen, but the main ones are below.

Initially, you need to upgrade your operating system to the latest version, since older versions do not support this function. Also check the reasons already mentioned in the article. It is also necessary to highlight the following:

  • The terminal is out of order. In this case, the problem should be solved in the store;
  • Operating system hangs;
  • You incorrectly added a card for payment;
  • Lack of money on the card for payment;
  • You changed the PIN code for the card and did not display it on your smartphone.

Check everything. You can try rebooting the device – this may fix the situation if you have already eliminated all the indicated causes.

These are the most reasons why Apple Pay does not see the terminal. There may be exceptions, but for this you will have to contact the service center or call the hotline for advice.

In addition to general settings, it is important to remember that to make purchases using Apple Pay, you need terminals that support contactless payments – PayPass, PayWave, NFC. These devices have an icon for any of these services (or ask the cashier if such a system is supported in this store). The purchase procedure consists of only two steps:

  • put your finger on the Touch ID sensor and bring the smartphone to the terminal display;
  • the payment is made automatically, just don’t release your finger.

NFC chip failed

One of the common problems is the malfunction of the NFC chip. The only way to fix the damage is to replace the part with a new one. Contact the service center if you are not sure from your own experience. Specialists will check by disassembling the device, and then install a new chip.

Apple Pay does not work: on iPhone phones, does not work with a world map

A bracket mounted on the top of the case is responsible for signal transmission. If Apple Pay refuses to connect, then the antenna may be damaged. It is necessary to remove dirt from the transmitter and tighten the bolts holding the bracket. If it does not help, then contact a specialized repair.

It is not recommended to start disassembling the smartphone on your own. iPhones have a high-quality assembly, which is why an inexperienced user can cause additional damage and create new damage when trying to disassemble the phone. Remember – if the device is under warranty, then its self-disassembly will automatically void the warranty period.

Apple Pay on iPhone uses an NFC chip. This module rarely fails. Most often, the contact between it and the antenna of the smartphone is trite. The bracket, which is responsible for signal transmission, is located in the upper right corner of the case. It is a small jumper.

This jumper often has poor contact with the antenna body and because of this, the payment service refuses to work. It is enough to tighten a couple of screws tighter and the problem is solved. Sometimes clogged dust or debris interferes with good contact, you need to completely unscrew the jumper, clean the contact, blow it out and install the part in place. In some cases, the clutch is interfered with by a drop of glue or plastic, which was carelessly left during the assembly of the device.

You can find the part in service centers and workshops that buy iPhones “for organs”. You can order a jumper on AliExpress. There is nothing super-technological in it, it is not necessary to chase the original.

Apple Pay does not work: on iPhone phones, does not work with a world map

If it doesn’t exist at all, it’s a sure sign that the iPhone has been rebuilt. It could be sold under the guise of restored or even new. This often occurs at unauthorized points of sale, when buying from the hands or when ordering an iPhone abroad.

Perhaps the device was repaired and there on purpose or accidentally forgot to screw on a “useless” part. In any case, no luck, it remains only to fix the problem so that everything works.

Apple pay doesn’t see iphone 6s terminal

Because in all models up to 6 iPhones there is no NFS module, thanks to which communication with the payment terminal is established. And then a little trick comes to the rescue for the owners of the iPhone 5-5c or 5s: you need to buy an Apple Watch as well (if you wanted to do this for a long time, perhaps now is a very favorable moment, because after the release of more modern models, the corporation reduces prices for the previous ones) . By the way, it will be cheaper than buying a new iPhone.

For the sake of savings, some people buy phones not in official stores, but from their hands or in various services where they restore broken smartphones. When buying a refurbished device, you run the risk of acquiring not a mobile phone, but a “block of wood”. No one will give guarantees for the correct operation of all systems and components in the phone.

Such gadgets may be missing important parts or have a different operating system installed. For example, today you can order the 10th iPhone, where Android is installed instead of IOS. Therefore, if contactless payment does not work, then the phone probably does not have an NFC chip and other important components for contactless payments.

We treat iOs glitches

As many have noted, iOS is far from being as stable and “bug-free” as it used to be. Perhaps the reason for this was the constant addition of new features, perhaps something else … but the fact remains – it used to be better.

So, in order to exclude the fact that Apple Pay malfunctions are caused by operating system failures, we need to perform the following steps:

  • Force and hard reboot the device.
  • Erase network settings (Settings – General – Reset – Reset network settings).
  • Reset network settings in iPhone
  • In the Wallet app, delete and then relink the card.
  • Change the region (Settings – General – Language and region) to any other where Apple Pay is supported (for example, to the UK). Changing the region – Apple Pay can start working
  • Reinstall firmware via DFU mode. After that, check the operation of contactless payments without restoring the phone from a backup.

Apple pay откатывается работать, как исправить?

As you can see, nothing complicated. The hardest thing is to constantly run and check if the system is working? Although you can always use Macdonalds and its self-service terminals.

Ways to correct errors

Instructions for correcting the problem depend on the cause of the problem. Let’s learn how to solve errors:

  • Reboot phone.
  • Reset network settings to default by going to “Settings” – “General” – “Reset”.
  • Try deleting the linked card and re-adding it to the app.
  • Change the region on your phone.

If the program does not work, then try to rearrange the firmware by activating the DFU mode, which is provided for fixing system problems. Instruction:

  1. Enter iTunes after connecting your mobile phone to PC.
  2. Turn off your smartphone.
  3. Simultaneously hold down the two buttons – Power and Home.
  4. After 10 seconds, release the Power key, but keep holding the Home key.
  5. As a result, the gadget will start recovery.

When it loads, check the operation of the application for contactless transactions.

Some users are also wondering if a slow Internet connection can affect the functioning of Apple Pay? No, the program works without online. The signal is transmitted through an identification key stored in your smartphone.

If nothing helps

Most likely, you will be unlucky and restoring the firmware will not work. In this case, you need to carry the iPhone to a service center. When the device is under warranty, there is nothing to worry about, but if the device was purchased by hand without documents or the warranty period has expired, you can get into an “expensive repair”.

Depending on the arrogance of the master, they can request from one and a half to five thousand rubles for fixing the problem, and this is not the limit.

Some “serious” service centers may even refuse such repairs.

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