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Home Credit: how to pay a loan online via the Internet

Via Home Credit Bank

An easy way to repay a consumer loan issued by Home Credit Bank is to visit any branch of a credit institution and use the help of an operator at the checkout. He will not only accept money for payment, but also, if necessary, will advise on issues of interest to you.


  1. Come to any branch, office or representative office of Home Credit Bank.
  2. Tell the operator the number of the loan agreement and provide a passport.
  3. Transfer the amount to be credited.
  4. Receive a receipt confirming the deposit of funds.

Please note that the money is transferred to the account within 2-3 days.

How to call Home Credit Bank free of charge from a mobile phone?

For clients, a modern financial institution uses high-quality functional services. They allow around the clock to help and support customers on issues that arise in all categories of activities.

High-quality and at the same time uninterrupted, continuous operation of the installed contact phones is very important for all categories of banking consumers. This is an important form of communication, because despite the rapid development of Internet capabilities, many users still prefer to resolve issues through personal communication and getting help from the operator.

It is not difficult to find out the official numbers. They are indicated on the company’s resource, in the loan agreement, if one is in hand. The official website indicates two contacts:

  • Standard hotline.
  • Dedicated technical support.

Home Credit: how to pay a loan online via the Internet

Indicating two contacts for completely free and maximum prompt communication allows you to quickly get through to an employee, identify a problem, ask a question and immediately receive professional assistance in the process of constructively resolving various difficulties that have arisen.

All 24/7 technical support phones can be easily reached from home, work and mobile devices. To do this, you need to dial one of these contacts – Home Credit hotline 8 800 – 700 – 80-06 – free or 8 (495) 785-82-22.

If the bank’s client is located outside the Russian Federation, he will be able to contact the specialists using one of the numbers. The main condition here is the presence of connected roaming.

The process of communicating with professionals in a convenient telephone mode will help you easily call the operator and get free help, having received answers to all your questions. Among the main services and assistance options that can be obtained through telephone communication for clients, it is worth noting the following important points:

  1. Obtaining information on the work of banking units in St. Petersburg. It is possible to find out the work schedule of each inpatient department, as well as its exact address. It is worth noting here that the bank’s representative offices are present in all regions and settlements of the Russian Federation without exception. More and more new office premises and stationary departments are constantly being opened. By contacts it is allowed to find out all the information on them.
  2. Cash movements made on the account. By contacting the professionals directly by numbers, it is possible to carry out a complete blocking or verification of the card. It is allowed to find out the current state of the current account, receive data on the card, according to the status of the expected or already completed transfer. In telephone mode, you can calculate the monthly payment together with employees around the clock. The official line 8 800 operates on a system of special sections, you can navigate here through special operator prompts.
  3. Restoring access to banking, personal account, as well as to the plastic card itself. If such a problem occurs, simply call the bank employees and follow the step-by-step instructions presented to your attention. If there is a suspicion regarding the use of the card by fraudsters, if it is lost, stolen, it is required to block the account as quickly as possible. It is also allowed to do this at the Home Credit Bank official website hotline phone for free.
  4. Apply for a quick loan. By phone, a potential or regular user applies for a card. Specialists will ask all the necessary questions, quickly provide information on the package of all required documents. After a positive preliminary decision is made, the client will be invited to the bank’s office to fill out a more extended questionnaire and sign the contract.
  5. Solving technical issues. Contacts can be used in the presence of certain technical problems. Here you can follow the voice menu presented to your attention from your mobile, and if this does not help, achieve a solution to the problem in the process of a personal conversation with the operator.

All of the above questions and problems can be solved without leaving home and without visiting the office. Contacts work around the clock, and experienced call center specialists are always ready to answer all your questions, you just need to call.

Through FSUE Russian Post

Contact one of the branches of the Russian Post enterprise. The main thing is that it works according to the electronic program and the CyberMoney database, through which the amount is sent to a credit account registered with Home Credit Bank.


  1. Visit the branch of the organization, fill in a small form (payment document).
  2. Hand over the funds to the cashier.
  3. Take the receipt confirming the payment.

Please note that the duration of the transfer can be up to 5 days.

From salary

Borrowers of Home Credit Bank have the right to direct funds from their earnings directly to pay for the loan. In this way, it will be possible to use customers who receive income on a card or in cash through accounting.


  1. Specify Home Credit Bank details.
  2. Submit an application to the accounting department at the place of official employment, according to which part of the funds from the salary will be sent to pay off the loan every month. In the application, be sure to indicate the amount to be sent and the details of the Home Credit bank.
  3. If the application is made correctly and accepted by the accounting staff, then the money will be transferred automatically (without your participation).

If wages are not paid in cash, but transferred to a card, then submit a corresponding application to the bank that issued the card.


Both the early payment of the loan and the monthly installment can be made through ATMs with the cash-in function (cash acceptance). For replenishment, you can choose Home Credit Bank ATMs or “foreign” terminals, but you will need to pay a commission determined by another bank.


  1. Find a Home Credit Bank ATM to deposit funds without additional fees.
  2. Select the section “Loan repayment” in the menu.
  3. Enter the agreement number.
  4. Deposit money.
  5. Take the receipt.

A list of ATMs with exact addresses can be found on the official website of Home Credit Bank.


The home credit bank hotline in St. Petersburg is able to provide maximum convenience, as well as efficiency in the process of receiving answers to various questions that arise. All problems related to present on hand or processed financial products can be solved in just a few minutes.

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