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How can I withdraw money from a mts phone number

Restrictions and limits

Any transaction performed by mobile operators is subject to special conditions or restrictive measures. The procedure for cashing out money from the balance is no exception. Each method has its own limitations:

  1. For USSD team, SMS messages, the fee is 4.3%, but the minimum fee deduction must be at least 60 rubles. The client can withdraw up to 15,000 rubles – the maximum limit per day. For a month, a withdrawal of up to 40,000 rubles is available from the balance.
  2. When withdrawing cash from an ATM, the operator charges 5.95% of the withdrawal amount. The monthly quota is similar in size to the first method – no more than 40,000 rubles. But per day, as well as one-time, the system allows you to withdraw no more than 5,000 rubles.
  3. Transfer to an electronic wallet will require a considerable reward. In addition to interest, the system will write off another fixed amount, depending on the type of virtual service.
  4. The post office charges 4.2% for the transfer and 55 rubles is fixed for the fact of payment. The minimum amount to be sent is 100 rubles, the maximum is 14,000. No more than 5 transactions can be made per day, the total amount of which will not exceed the limit of 30,000 rubles.
  5. Payment systems deduct 4.3% from the balance for the transaction. For one transfer, you can withdraw up to 15,000 rubles, and you can make an operation up to 5 times a day, not exceeding 30,000 rubles.

The choice of the method depends on the funds available to the subscriber: card, virtual wallet. It is more convenient for some customers to receive cash at the nearest post office or at an ATM, so Mobile TeleSystems has also provided such options.

You won’t be able to withdraw for free. The amount of the commission varies depending on the chosen method of withdrawing cash.

For transfers through a special team, you can use an amount not exceeding 15,000 rubles per day. It can be transferred in one operation or scattered over several. In a period of 1 month, it is permissible to send no more than forty thousand rubles. It should be noted that the commission fee for such an operation will be 4.3 percent or 60 rubles.

Мобильный телефон

Limits for withdrawing money through an ATM on the maximum monthly amount do not differ from the previous case. It is permissible to withdraw no more than 5000 rubles at a time. And the commission for any transfer is almost six percent.

The commission fee for sending money to a wallet is the highest and amounts to almost 11.5 percent, in addition, a fixed amount of 10 rubles is withheld.

If a money transfer system is used for neighboring countries, then the amount of the commission will depend directly on the country in which the recipient lives. Through Unistream, it is permissible to withdraw 15,000 rubles within 5 transfers. In one day you can withdraw no more than 30,000 rubles. The commission in this case will be 4.3%.

The only unavailable withdrawal option is using a corporate phone number.

Thus, it is not possible to make a transfer from MTS without commission. But often the number of options for withdrawal allows you to safely use this option if there is a lot of money on the balance of the number.

Getting cash from an ATM

This is one of the most convenient and versatile ways, since most people have their own bank card. You can freely cash out the required amount from the card, as well as make purchases from it in the network or stores, but first you need to say about the existing restrictions for each method:

  • transfers are possible only to VISA and Mastercard bank cards;
  • after the transaction, the subscriber’s account must have at least 10 rubles;
  • daily transfer limit – 5 times with a total amount of not more than 30 thousand rubles per day;
  • monthly limit – 40 thousand rubles.


How can I withdraw money from a mts phone number

The system allows you to make a transfer directly via SMS. To do this, the user needs to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Send an SMS message in the format card XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, where instead of X’s, substitute the recipient’s card number, and replace Y’s with the amount in rubles. Don’t forget to write the recognition word first.
  2. Send this SMS to 6111.
  3. After that, an SMS with instructions will come to your phone. You need to answer it to confirm. If you are going to cancel the transfer, send the number “0”.

The subscriber will be charged a commission and funds for sending a text message according to the rates of the tariff plan.

If you do not want to pay a commission and the cost of SMS, we recommend using a service request. Dial *611*ХХХХХХХХХХ*YYYY# on the phone keypad and press call. Of course, instead of X, substitute the numbers of a bank card, and replace Y with the desired amount. Similarly to the method described above, the subscriber will need to confirm the request.

On the MTS website

The functionality of the MTS website allows you to quickly and conveniently transfer funds from your personal account to a bank card via the Internet. You will need Internet access and directly a mobile phone with a SIM card from which funds will be withdrawn. Use the following instruction:

  1. Go to the start page of the official MTS website.
  2. In the “Financial services” section, select the line transfer to the card.
  3. In the new window, enter your phone number and the amount you want to transfer. Click next.
  4. Fill in the card details.
  5. Click the get password button in the next window. A code will be sent to the phone, which must be entered in the appropriate field.

After that, you can use the card at an ATM and cash out.

There is another method of how to withdraw money from the MTS operator’s phone in cash. You can simply dump them at an ATM. You can only use ATMs of MTS or its partner SMP-Bank. The procedure consists of the following items:

  1. Send a message to number 3232 with the text RUB XXXX (where instead of X, substitute the transfer amount). Confirm actions after incoming SMS.
  2. An SMS with a PIN code will be sent to the phone, which will allow you to withdraw funds from an ATM within 72 hours.
  3. Directly in the ATM menu, activate the “Cash from phone account” option, and then go to the “MTS money” category.
  4. Enter the pin code from the message and collect the money.

If it was not possible to cash out within 4 days, the funds will be returned back to the personal account.

To transfer funds to an electronic wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Select the item cash transfer, section “Electronic money”.
  2. Specify the required wallet.
  3. Enter the number/account of the payer and the amount.
  4. Confirm the transfer via SMS. You will then see a receipt for a successful transaction.

How can I withdraw money from a mts phone number

Attention! For this method, a commission is charged from a mobile phone (11.35% of the amount and 10 rubles for the operation).

One of the proven methods to withdraw money from an MTS phone account is to withdraw it through an ATM. Withdrawal actions are performed in two blocks.

The 1st block contains actions for withdrawing savings from the owner’s number to an ATM. For this:

  • the amount is reported to the number 3232;
  • payment is confirmed by some number;
  • the sender is informed of the PIN code;
  • You receive a notification via SMS that the transfer has been completed.

The 2nd block is the withdrawal of money from the MTS account transferred to an ATM (the possibility of their withdrawal is extended for 3 days) implies:

  • access to the options “Cash from phone account” and “MTS money”;
  • communication of your number and PIN code;
  • an indication of the amount of money to be sent with their subsequent receipt and, if desired, a check.
Мобильный телефон

MTS subscribers can withdraw money from the phone balance

You can withdraw money from an MTS phone in cash without terminating the contract. To do this, just visit the operator’s website by going to the section with financial services. Here you can find a form for transferring funds to VISA or MasterCard bank cards. The form indicates the sender’s phone number and the amount.

It is also possible to transfer from card to card, for which you need to check the appropriate box in the payment form. Do you want to use the system of prompt execution of transfers to cards via SMS? Then you will need to send an SMS with the text “card card_number amount” (without quotes) to the free service number 6111.

After confirming the transfer, the money will be delivered to the specified card, and you can withdraw it at the nearest ATM. The commission for sending funds via SMS is 4.3%, but not less than 60 rubles. The payment amount can vary from 50 to 15,000 rubles, the monthly limit is 40,000 rubles. You also need to take into account the minimum balance, the amount of which is 10 rubles.

Using the money transfer system from MTS, we can send money to the following systems:

  • UNISTREAM (including to the CIS and Georgia);
  • Contact (including CIS and Georgia);
  • Anelik;
  • BLIZKO Russia.

Transfers to Russian Post offices and currency transfers to CIS countries via UNISTREAM are also available. How to withdraw money from an MTS account and send it to one of the payment systems or to the post office? To do this, you need to visit the operator’s website by going to the payment management section. Here we select the “Money transfers” item, after which we click on the selected transfer system.

How can I withdraw money from a mts phone number

In order to ensure the convenience of withdrawing money through money transfers, all details can be saved in “Favorite payments”. In order to ensure the convenience of withdrawing money from your phone to transfer systems, you can install a special payment application from MTS on your mobile phone.

Unlike Megafon or Beeline, MTS, in addition to the main withdrawal methods (SMS, application or website via the Internet), actively uses USSD commands. It is also possible to cash out the balance through the MTS card. Money that is issued at the request of the subscriber. The use of any method involves the collection of a commission, therefore, when choosing a particular method, subscribers are mainly guided by this indicator.

The MTS card is tied to the balance of a cell phone, so you can cash it out at ATMs that are available for these purposes. The commission fee will be the same as in the case of a transfer from the balance, since the issuance of the card involves non-cash payments.

Before using a special command, you should know that this method is only suitable if you intend to send money to a Sberbank card or any other Russian bank. Moreover, only Visa and MasterCard are serviced, since they have the highest degree of protection against unauthorized access.

In order to use this scheme, you need to dial the following combination in the calling application *611*numbers printed on the front of the card*amount in numbers#. If you put a space somewhere, the command will not be recognized. After a while, a message will arrive, which must be confirmed with any number from 1 to 9.

In the text of the letter, the identifier is typed in Latin letters “card”, then a space is entered and the number of the plastic is entered, the amount is also indicated through the space (without the currency symbol). Transfers are available only in rubles. In response, a message will be received, which will need to be answered in the same way as in the previous case. If the subscriber selects “0” for the answer, the operation will be cancelled.

It is not necessary to indicate the name of the bank (Sberbank). The system independently identifies the financial institution.

МТС Деньги

If you need money urgently, the company offers to withdraw the required amount directly from an ATM. The device must be owned by the operator or its partners.

  1. Open New Message on your phone.
  2. In the “text” line, enter: RUB X, where X is the required amount to be transferred.
  3. Enter 3232 in the recipient field.
  4. After receiving a response SMS, confirm the payment.
  5. Receive a message with a secret code.
  6. Find the nearest ATM.
  7. On the screen of the banking device, find the option “Cash from phone account”.
  8. Press “MTS Money”.
  9. Dial phone number, secret code and cash amount.
  10. Get the money and pick up the check.

It is important to have time to withdraw money from the MTS number: the validity period of the PIN code is limited to 3 days. After the specified time, the amount is returned to the balance, and the client will no longer be able to receive cash.

To make payments in online stores, MTS issues virtual cards. To get it, the subscriber is obliged to enter personal data in a special form posted on the company’s web resource.

At the moment, the withdrawal of money from the phone number to the MTS card is suspended. However, you can use them without restrictions when paying for goods and services.

Withdrawal of money from the current account to MTS can be made in the menu of the virtual page of the mobile operator.

  1. Go to the “Payment Management” tab.
  2. In the list, find the organization where the client has a current account and click on the icon. In this case, we are talking about a bank.
  3. Fill in empty lines: owner’s data and bank account details, transfer amount.
  4. Confirm the payment.

Receiving money via Russian Post

MTS has more ways to withdraw cash than other telecom operators. Withdrawal in most cases is preceded by a transfer procedure through a banking organization, post office or through a money transfer system.

Subscribers can withdraw money using Russian Post. In the money transfer section, select the Russian Post icon and follow the instructions. It is necessary to enter the same data as for the method through the Unistream service.

How can I withdraw money from a mts phone number

The money will arrive at the post office in 4-8 business days. Up to 5 transfers are allowed (each in the amount of 100 rubles to 14 thousand).

  1. Go to the “Money transfers” menu on the company’s website.
  2. Select “Russian Post”.
  3. In the empty lines, indicate your number and the amount needed to make the transfer.
  4. Enter the details of the payee: real full name, postal code of the place of receipt of cash.
  5. In the window that opens, click “Get password”.
  6. After receiving a message on your mobile phone, enter the code in the line provided for this.
  7. Confirm the transaction by sending a response SMS.

If the postal order is not received within 32 days, the frozen funds will be returned to the sender’s account.

A similar option for receiving cash is to issue a money transfer. From any number, the user can withdraw both rubles and currency. Payment is made through the client’s personal account:

  1. Open the “Payment Management” tab.
  2. Select “Money transfers”.
  3. Specify “Cash Transfer”.
  4. Choose the appropriate payment service and click on the icon.
  5. Fill in the blank lines: indicate the number and amount.
  6. Enter personal data about the recipient of the transfer according to the identity document.
  7. Click “Get password”.
  8. Enter the secret code in the specified cell.
  9. Confirm the transaction via reply SMS.

Of the entire list of operators offering to make a transfer, only UNISTREAM carries out currency transactions. The rest – CONTACT and BLIZKO – work only with Russian rubles.

  1. Fill out the form of the established form to terminate the contract.
  2. Decide on a way to withdraw money from a mobile phone.

The company has 45 days to credit funds, so it will not be possible to quickly receive cash from an inactive number.

The advantage of the client contacting the company’s employees directly is the absence of commission fees when fulfilling an order. The sender will only need to fill out a questionnaire, where he indicates the recipient’s phone number and his card number. Waiting for money is 45 days.

You can also withdraw money from an MTS phone via mail. Moreover, a visit to the post office is not expected at all. All you need is the internet. Strictly following the instructions that appear on the screen after activating the Russian Post, the sender promptly sends his money to its destination. Waiting for the arrival of savings is approximately a week.

We withdraw money from MTS in the office

Have you accidentally sent a huge amount of money to your number and don’t know what to do next? This situation is not a serious problem. The thing is that you can get your money back by visiting the nearest MTS subscriber service office. Here you need to write a written application for a refund and indicate the method of receiving it:

  • Transfer to another number;
  • Transfer to a bank card.

In our case, you need to choose the second method – later you can get your money at the nearest ATM. The disadvantage of this method is that it can take up to 45 days to transfer funds – you will have to be patient. Consider the following situation – suppose that you are tired of using the MTS phone number, and you want to terminate the contract.

How can I withdraw money from a mts phone number

What will happen to the money in this case? We can transfer them to another phone number (including someone else’s), or withdraw them to a bank card or bank account. To do this, you need to contact the MTS office with a written application to terminate the contract – in it you indicate the method of disposing of the funds. The term for transferring funds is up to 45 days.

Subscribers have another way to cash out funds from the phone without a commission – in the communication salon. The consultants will give you an official form. In it, you must choose where the funds will be transferred (to another mobile number or bank card). The transaction will take up to 45 days to complete.

Sending a USSD command

Using a short request, the MTS user can withdraw cash from the phone account. The main thing is that the payee has a Visa or Mastercard card. The transfer is carried out through the MTS virtual service.

  1. In the empty dialing line, enter the number combination *611*XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX*Y*call key, where X is the card number of 16 digits, Y is the amount to be withdrawn.
  2. The system will accept the client’s request, and then send a notification with payment confirmation. If you do not want to withdraw the specified amount from the account, the user must send the number 0.

For the fact of making such a request to the operator, the client will have to pay a commission, and limit himself to the amount of money transfer from a cell phone.

SMS message

Balance money management can be done via text messages. To withdraw a certain amount from the balance to the card, you can transfer via SMS messages.

  1. Go to the phone menu and open the New Message.
  2. In the “text” field, type: card X Y, where X is the 16-digit bank card number, Y is the payment amount.
  3. Enter 6111 in the “recipient” field.
  4. After sending an SMS, a response notification will be sent to the number asking you to confirm the payment. The system will ask you to send any message if you agree to the transfer, except for 0.
  5. Wait for the SMS operator to confirm the transaction.

As soon as the cash is credited to the card, the subscriber will receive a message about crediting. Funds may not be credited to the SIM card immediately. The operation takes up to 5 working days. Terms of use of the service are similar to USSD requests. There are additional charges for sending text messages only.

Withdrawal of funds to a bank card


Users can withdraw money from the account even if there is no bank card or ATM in the area. This is possible due to the availability of various money transfer systems. With their help, you can additionally convert the amount into another currency, and then withdraw money not only in rubles. For example, consider the popular Unistream system and the translation methodology.

How can I withdraw money from a mts phone number

Separate all paragraphs in the text with a space. For example, the final message should look like this: uni 300 Chekhov Anton Pavlovich Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich Passport 3424 485400 2004-06-13. Send this message to 3116.

Similarly, you can make a transfer through the MTS website:

  1. Hover over the Financial Services section and then click on Cash Transfer.
  2. Select “Unistream” among all systems.
  3. In the form, enter the payer’s phone number and the amount of money to transfer.
  4. Fill in the required information in the following form.
  5. Click on the inscription “Get password”. Enter the code received via SMS in a special field, click “Confirm transfer”.

You can pay for various services using your personal account. The MTS website has a whole section in which dozens of services are presented. You can pay for the Internet, replenish your wallet in online games, purchase books, cosmetics and much more.

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How can I withdraw money from a mts phone number

If the subscriber has an account in the MTS system. Money, he does not have to make transfers to the card in order to use funds from the phone. Many services and goods can be paid directly from the phone wallet balance.

What can be paid from MTS phone today:

  • mobile communications of the largest operators;
  • Internet services;
  • satellite TV of most companies;
  • housing and communal services and electricity;
  • online gaming accounts;
  • taxi services;
  • transport cards;
  • loan payments;
  • insurance premiums;
  • purchase of cosmetics in network companies (Oriflame, Mary Kay and Faberlik);
  • purchases in online stores Ozon and Litres, etc. .

The full list of service features is available on the operator’s website in the “Pay for services” section of the “Money” menu subsection. All possible recipients of funds are categorized there. You can find the right company either manually (by clicking on the name of the relevant category), or through the search bar at the top of the page.

My MTS or personal account

How can I withdraw money from a mts phone number

Authorization of the user on the official web resource of the company makes it possible to withdraw funds from the phone in several ways. You can get cash on a card, an electronic wallet, as well as arrange a money transfer.

  1. Enter the My MTS service.
  2. Click “Mobile”.
  3. Enter the digits of your mobile phone number and request a password.
  4. Log in using the code sent to you.
  5. In the “Payment management” tab, select the most convenient way to receive cash and click on the required line.
  6. In the window that opens, enter personal data depending on the type of payment being made.
  7. Be sure to confirm the transaction via SMS. This is required by the system when performing any financial transactions.
  8. Wait for payment notification.

For a transfer through the service or the user’s personal page, the operator charges a commission, the amount of which is similar when using the SMS method.

It is convenient to have a personal account in that it allows you to withdraw money from an MTS phone in different ways:

  • you can transfer your savings to the card;
  • top up your e-wallet;
  • transfer savings “on demand”;
  • withdraw the amount via mail.

Below we present the algorithms of actions for each of these methods.

Transfer to card

Money is transferred by sequentially executing commands to activate a number of options on the site:

  • “My MTS”; “Mobile connection”;
  • “Payment Management” (after entering a contact phone number for a password);
  • “Transfer to a bank card”;
  • “Next”;
  • “Get password”.

Upon completion of the operation, the action is confirmed, a message about the completed payment is received.

There are other ways to cash out money from an MTS mobile phone. This is an e-wallet. Contacting him involves a chain of actions: entering your personal account – transferring money to an electronic wallet – withdrawing cash. Currently, young people (and not only) are popular with such “wallets” as Yandex Money; Webmoney (WM) and some others.

How can I withdraw money from a mts phone number

When transferring money, for example, to WM, the following sections and options are involved: “Finance”, selection of “WMR wallet”, “Transfer money”, “To wallet”, indication of the addressee, selection of “Type of transfer”, “Method transaction confirmation”, “OK”.

The whole operation takes 5 minutes.

МТС Деньги

Wallet MTS Money allows you to make a number of transactions with the account

At its own discretion, the subscriber chooses a payment system operator in order to send the required part of his savings. Both an experienced and inexperienced Internet user must perform approximately the same algorithm of actions as in the case of transferring money to an ATM. The difference is that the sender needs to select an operator. Next, provide information about yourself (passport data) and about the recipient (full name).

Commission amount

The largest mobile operator cooperates with various payment systems. But the withdrawal of rubles without a commission is not provided. The only way to get cash without paying a commission fee is to close the service contract with the company and withdraw the remaining money from the MTS mobile account. Using other options involves writing off a commission and a fixed amount, depending on the size of the transfer.

All proposed methods of withdrawing savings from the phone are carried out with the condition of withholding commission. The percentage of the commission is dynamic, over time it can decrease or increase at the discretion of the operator. You can check the current surcharge on the company’s website.


There are many available ways for a client to withdraw money from a valid MTS SIM card. It is most convenient to use the personal page on the operator’s service. Made payments can be saved in favorites, which will allow you to re-execute payments without filling in the user’s personal data each time. In case of temporary absence of a computer or tablet device, the subscriber can install the official application on the phone and use it.

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How can I withdraw money from a mts phone number

The MTS mobile network provides a wide range of opportunities to fulfill customer requests. The company’s website also provides information on what can be paid from an MTS phone. It is possible to pay utility bills, kindergarten, a number of other receipts. All together ensures the demand for the services that this company provides.


You can use funds from the MTS phone balance not only to pay for cellular services. Any subscriber has the right to withdraw the required amount from the SIM card to a bank account or electronic wallet, or transfer it to the balance of another client of the company. And if the user is registered in the MTS system. Money, he can pay for many different services from his mobile balance – from utility bills to purchases in online stores.

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