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How to disable Paypass on a Sberbank card

How to connect PayPass to a VTB card?

If you have a plastic card that does not have contactless technology, you will not be able to install PayPass on it. The client can order the production of a new card with a chip that allows you to pay with one touch of the POS-terminal.

If you are not sure whether it is possible to issue a contactless card, check this information with a specialist by contacting VTB Bank or by calling the call center.

To cancel the contactless payment function, you need to delete the application on your phone. But before that, it is worth deciding whether to abandon the contactless payment service completely, or temporarily block it.

To reactivate the contactless payment function on your smartphone, you must:

  1. Enter the main menu of the device.
  2. Select “Settings”, then “Advanced Settings”.
  3. Select “Wireless Networks” from the list of functions.
  4. Opposite the NFC module, move the slider to enable the function.

How to disable Paypass on a Sberbank card

Sberbank contactless cards look like ordinary Visa or MasterCard, differing from them only in a special icon located next to the logo. This is an icon depicting diverging waves (similar to the Wi-fi icon).

You can pay for purchases with a contactless card at each terminal, which is marked with the same symbol. With MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave, you can pay with one touch for goods and services in chain supermarkets and smaller stores, in some types of public transport, in catering establishments.

The functions of contactless cards are no different from a set of familiar debit cards. This is:

  • withdrawal and replenishment in cash and non-cash way;
  • money transfers and transfers of funds from one owner’s account to another;
  • account management using the “mobile bank” and “personal account online” services.

Using the contactless payment function with your smartphone is quite simple. All you need is a Sberbank credit or debit card and downloading a special application. Despite the convenience of the service, users sometimes wonder how to disable NFC on the card. Consider the options for deactivating the service.

If a Sberbank client has decided to disable the contactless payment service, this can be done in the smartphone settings section. Disabling NFC in the phone settings allows you to temporarily disable the feature. If you wish, you can restore the service at any time and continue to use your smartphone as a payment instrument.

You can disable contactless payment from a Sberbank card through your smartphone settings in the following way:

  • in the settings menu, you need to find the “Wireless Networks” tab;
  • in the “NFC” column, set the slider to an inactive state or uncheck the box (depending on the smartphone model).

It is necessary to disable NFC on all devices where the application for linking bank plastic is downloaded.

You can pause the function several times in one day. For example, when visiting a shopping center, if you are worried about the safety of funds, turn off the NFC chip.

You can use your smartphone as a payment instrument only if you install a special application. The well-known Android Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay services allow you to make payments.

The choice of application depends directly on the model and manufacturer of your mobile device. For iOs devices, the Apple Pay app is downloaded. Samsung smartphones are compatible with the Samsung Pay app. For other Android-based smartphones, the Android Pay mobile application has been developed.

It takes a little time to install the application and link the card. Instructions for linking cards to a smartphone can be found on the Sberbank website, or by visiting the official pages of application developers.

You can turn off contactless payments in a radical way – by deleting the application that was used on your smartphone:

  • select the application icon for your smartphone model;
  • click on the “Delete” icon;
  • clear the cache of the device.

If you decide to disconnect in this way, then reactivation is possible only if you install the appropriate application and rebind the card to the service.

презентация по Бесконтактной оплате картой

In some cases, simply pausing the application is sufficient. In the settings menu, find the “Stop” tab and send the application to sleep. Sometimes the software crashes and the app becomes active again. To avoid unpleasant situations, it is advisable to disable NFC on your phone.

Sberbank cards with the contactless payment function have a special chip built into them. It is he who ensures the making of payments without the need to insert plastic into the POS-terminal and enter a PIN code.

It is impossible to disable the contactless payment function with a Sberbank debit or credit card, since the chip cannot be suspended. You can only disable contactless payments using your smartphone.

If you need to disable PayPass on your card, you should contact the nearest branch of Sberbank and leave a request for a card without contactless payment service support.

In case of mechanical damage to the chip, access to the plastic touch payment service is also terminated. However, a damaged card may become unusable for any debit transactions, and the client will have to spend time and effort to restore it.

After making a purchase or payment, the cardholder receives a customer account. However, payment instrument data is not recorded. All technical information goes into a common storage database for user security. If you encounter any problems or problems, it is recommended to contact the technical support of Sberbank.

How to disable Paypass on a Sberbank card

Since it is impossible to disable the built-in wireless module, it is necessary to replace the card with a “classic” version. To do this, log in to the personal account of the credit institution. Go to the appropriate section to receive a new card and confirm the action. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

If you cannot use the account, contact the nearest branch of Sberbank to replace the card. Ask an employee to issue a “classic” payment instrument without contactless payment support and write an application. Soon you will receive a new card that does not allow you to pay remotely.

The need to replace the card is also faced by users who accidentally damaged the plastic. A broken electronic node does not allow paying in stores, so further use becomes impossible. When applying for the restoration of a banking product, be sure to choose the appropriate payment method – classic contact or innovative remote.

Paypass contactless payment is a convenient payment method. However, users are advised to follow the safety rules.

  1. Buy a case. A cover with a special metallized layer will limit the radiation of radio waves, so attackers will not be able to write off funds or get personal information. You can also make an accessory yourself from ordinary wrapping foil.
  2. Close the program after payment. After making a payment, close the corresponding application on your phone. This will significantly protect against the actions of intruders seeking to take possession of the money.
  3. Limit the action of the module. When you do not use contactless payment for a long time, it is advisable to turn off the NFC radio module. Open the settings of your mobile device, go to the “Wireless networks” section and move the switch opposite the corresponding item.

Using the phone as a means of payment has numerous advantages. The user is no longer required to carry plastic cards. In addition, the security of payments is significantly improved. Fraudsters are able to write off funds from a regular card, and on a smartphone, it is enough to close the application in order to protect yourself from the actions of intruders as much as possible.

Naturally, the listed features are not suitable for some users. Many customers prefer to continue using “classic” cards. That is why Sberbank provides a choice. You can always abandon the traditional payment instrument by switching to contactless payment. Or vice versa, get regular plastic instead of using NFC payments.

Safety rules for contactless payments

To prevent attackers from gaining access to your finances, your mobile phone must be password protected. Moreover, if the device supports the multi-stage protection function: for example, a graphic code and a retinal scan, both options must be used at once.

You can protect the funds on the card:

  • when using a special case. Special aluminum covers have gone on sale that prevent the establishment of an NFC connection. Even if the card is in close proximity to the terminal when paying for the purchase, the connection will not be established and the money will not be debited;
  • ordinary food foil will become an obstacle to establishing communication between devices. Wrap the card in foil in one or more layers, and access to contactless payments will be suspended;
  • by lowering the limit for debiting money without PIN confirmation. The bank sets a limit of 1,000 rubles, by default. If desired, you can leave the amount up to 300-600 rubles;
  • if there is no protective cover on the card, it is necessary to keep the plastic in the compartment of the bag, purse or inside pocket of clothing so that when establishing a connection, the money is not accidentally debited from your account. Given the short range of the NFC connection, the ability to write off funds from another card is reduced to zero;
  • activate the SMS notification service in order to receive timely reports on completed debit transactions;
  • not transfer the card to third parties;
  • keep the secret password secret;
  • if the card is lost or stolen, it must be immediately suspended. This can be done in the personal account of Sberbank Online, via the “hot line”, in the “Mobile Bank” or a branch of Sberbank.

If a contactless payment application is installed on the smartphone, it is necessary to protect the phone with a secret password, it is advisable to choose multi-stage ones. In this case, if the mobile device is lost or stolen, attackers will not be able to access your money.

How to disable Paypass on a Sberbank card

When paying for purchases by another person, do not bring the smartphone close to the screen of the terminal to exclude the possibility of erroneous data transmission.

Contactless technologies are becoming more and more popular in Russia. The services are most actively used by young clients, for whom gadgets are not only entertainment, but also a way to simplify a number of operations.

When paying by touching a card or smartphone, be sure to follow the safety rules. If necessary, you can disable the function on your smartphone temporarily or permanently at any time.

Speaking very briefly, without going into unnecessary subtleties that are uninteresting to an ordinary person, then: this is a chip card that needs to be attached for payment (you don’t need to insert it anywhere, swipe it).

The downside is that small amounts (up to 1,000 rubles) do not require a pin code. Accordingly, if such a card is in the hands of a fraudster, he can easily pay with it for buying food at Pyaterochka, new sneakers from an inexpensive brand, and so on – until you call the bank and block it.


When completely disconnected from the phone, the application must be completely removed. It can be Android Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. To do this, select the application icon on the display and drop it into the trash.

The second way: open the smartphone settings, select the “Accounts” section. In the list that opens, find the application “Android Pay” or similar, click “Delete”. Here you can also drag the icon to the trash with your finger.

How to disable Paypass on a Sberbank card

You can temporarily block the operation of the application through the main menu of the device:

  1. Select Settings, then Advanced Settings.
  2. In the list that opens, find and open the “Wireless Networks” tab.
  3. Disable the NFC module by moving the slider next to it.

All: contactless payment service blocked!

Temporary blocking of the NFC module in the smartphone

Does your Android or iOS smartphone support NFC? Even with a fingerprint scanner and Face ID, do you continue to worry that if the device falls into the wrong hands, they will be able to pay with it?

  • First, there is nothing to worry about. Top notch security system.
  • Secondly, large payments also require a pin code.

Thus, we are gradually approaching the fact that you will have only two options for disabling contactless payment:

  1. COMPLETE restriction of access.
  2. Temporary restriction of access.

The complete solution is that you either delete the application that is responsible for this type of payment, or delete the bank card itself from there. Since in a number of devices the application is standard and is not deleted. In the second scenario, it is enough to block the provided service.

If you lend your smartphone or for some other reason decide to block the ability to pay via NFC, you can do the following:

  • Go to the section with smartphone settings;
  • Open the “Advanced settings” subsection;
  • Tap on the “Wireless Networks” tab;
  • Look for NFC and move the slider (uncheck).

ATTENTION! Item names may differ depending on the manufacturer of the device.

Other ways to disable contactless payment: do they exist?

Как узнать бесконтактную карту

At a minimum, you can always call the hotline to your banking organization and ask the employee on the other side of the wire to turn off this service. The same action can be done by contacting one of the branches in person. The main thing – do not forget the documents!

By the way, there is another funny way, if the permanent disconnection of the service does not suit you. Recently, small covers for cards with a metal layer have gained popularity. Plastic is not demagnetized, but payment does not pass through this layer either. That is, it can be called a certain protection.

Paypass is not disabled: what to do?

The longer this technology is introduced; the more it is used by ordinary people, the more difficult it is to turn off contactless payment. Unfortunately, even now you can find cards where there is simply no way to turn it off.

In any case, if you have any questions on this topic, you can always call the hotline to the bank or contact the branch to get answers to them.

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