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How to fill in the index field in the play market

How to fund your Google Play account

Usually, you need to enter the index when filling out the registration form in Google Wallet, when you link a bank card to the Play Market. How to do this, we will consider below.

You can use the “Settings” menu to create or sync a new account with your device. Find the “Accounts and sync” sub-item in it, then the “Add an account” section and the “Google” sub-item. You will need to choose after clicking the “Next” button what to do, “Create” (if you have not created mail yet) or “Login” (if you already have Google mail).

Just go to the desired application in the “Play Market”, and then click on the “Buy” button. The Google Wallet menu will appear. Check all data. Click on the “Accept and Buy” button. The download will begin immediately, and a receipt with information about the money withdrawn from the account will be sent to the mail.

Of course, you need to fill in all the points very carefully. But if you correctly entered the card number, CVV code, full name, address and postal code, but Google Wallet still did not confirm the registration, reporting an error related to entering the index, you need to look for a solution. This message often appears among Play Market users, while a single solution to the problem has not yet been formed, so we will tell you about the most popular ways to get around this error.

Entering an index involves various subtleties, because in the USA, for example, the index is 5-digit, in Russia it is 6-digit, and in some CIS countries it includes letters. Sometimes your index is not suitable for unknown reasons, because you entered everything correctly, and Google still does not want to accept the information.

Those who are interested in buying applications on Google Play have come to the right place. The popularity of Android devices since its official launch in 2007 has spread like wildfire in a toilet paper factory, reaching over one billion sales in 2014.

Since you are reading this article, we conclude that you also became the owner of a brand new Android (congratulations), and now you are wondering how to buy an application in the Play Market (Google’s official app store).

How to fill in the index field in the play market

We will help you make virtual shopping and tell you in detail how to buy a game in the Play Store.

There are only three of them:

  1. SIM card companies
    « MegaFon
    ” or “ Beeline
    “. In this case, you can use the funds available on your mobile account.
  2. Plastic (bank) card
    . For such a payment, you need to purchase it from any bank (if you do not have it yet), after consulting whether it is possible to pay electronic payments from the selected card.
  3. Virtual card
    . To receive it, you can use the services of the payment system “ QIWI
    “, “ Yandex. Money
    “, “ PayPal
    ” or “ WebMoney
    “. Creating such a map is extremely simple. All actions come down to filling out a questionnaire on the selected site and, literally within a few seconds, you will receive your account number, which will be your means of payment.

There are several ways to deposit a balance to buy applications and games in the Play Market:

  • Through payment terminals.
  • Through bank branches.
  • By transferring funds from your account.
  • By transferring money from a mobile phone.

Specify the transfer scheme on the official website of the payment system you have chosen.

The account has been replenished, now it’s time to figure out how to buy the application and games in the Play Market. To do this, open the Google Play application, go to the page of the desired application. If it is free, then just click the “Install” button. A few minutes of waiting, and the necessary software will be installed on your device.

How to fill in the index field in the play market

Register a Google account and Gmail.

How to buy games and applications in the Play Store

If payment is required for the selected program, then touch the field with the declared price, after which a list of requested permissions will appear (you can accept them only if you are confident in the decency of the developer).

Then “Google Play Market” must issue the payment amount, taking into account commissions, taxes, exchange rates. We check the correctness of the entered data, click “Buy” and, to make a purchase, confirm the password of your account.

If you decide to pay from another card account or mobile phone, then in the upper part of the window that appears, click the “Change payment method” item and select the desired source.

Now you have learned how to buy a paid game or application on the Play Store.


I would like to believe that you have spent your time reading this article to your advantage and will be able to easily buy a game or program for yourself. But, if you still have any difficulties, please contact us, we will be happy to help.

We all know that everything good costs money, and mobile apps are no exception. Many of the games and programs in the Google Play Market are paid, and even free applications often require material investments already in the process of use (the well-known “donat”). Therefore, after buying an Android smartphone or tablet, the first thing to do is to enter payment information into your Google account. We will talk about how to do this in this article.

Virtual cards for purchase in the play market

If you don’t want to issue an official plastic card at a bank just to make purchases in the play store, you can use the very convenient service offered by Yandex. Cash or Qiwi wallet. The latter allow you to quickly and easily create virtual cards in MasterCard Prepaid and Qiwi Visa Card formats.

How to fill in the index field in the play market

Paying with a virtual card is exactly the same as paying with a regular deposit or credit card, i.e. will require entering the same information: verification code, card number, expiration date, etc.

How to download and download apps from Google Play.

In this annotation, you will learn how to use the most popular app store Google Play

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