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How to set up Tinkoff contactless payment

Contactless payment with a new Tinkoff card

This financial structure is included in the rating of the most popular and demanded in Russia. The reliability rating is high, which indicates loyalty to customers, a wide range of offers, a sufficient limit and an increased level of comfort.

It should be noted right away that contactless payment in Tinkoff does not work on iPhones, but it is possible to connect on Android.

Tinkoff Bank operates exclusively remotely, without its own ATMs and office branches. This allows you to receive a bank card via the Internet / phone call. Operations to replenish / repay debts are carried out with the help of bank partners, electronic wallets and other services. In most cases, the operation takes place without an additional commission fee.

The appearance of such a structure on the market immediately aroused interest from future customers. However, contactless payment with a Tinkoff card brought the bank to a new level, clearly demonstrating the organization’s commitment to continuous growth and development. Despite the fact that the company is constantly working to expand existing offers and programs, it is this addition that is considered the most successful.

Contactless payment is carried out on the Android platform. A card is not needed, the client simply brings the smartphone to the payment terminal and the operation takes place to debit the funds from the account.

First of all, it is worth noting the level of protection that was announced by the organization. According to experts, it is presented at a modern level and customers do not have to worry about the safety of funds.

In addition, contactless payment by phone with a Tinkoff card protects against a second procedure, that is, paying for one purchase twice by mistakenly pressing the payment button will not work. The application independently blocks the transaction, thereby saving the funds of an inattentive client.

This approach allows making the settlement procedures more comfortable and faster, in addition, the plastic carrier can be kept at home, in a safe place, which significantly increases the level of security of the client’s funds.

Contactless payment on xiaomi mi5 Tinkoff

I would like to summarize the information about the problem of payment via NFC, so as not to raise this topic again. In principle, in order for payment via NFC to work, the phone must necessarily support HCE technology, which stands for Host-based Card Emulation (there is an alternative payment method via NFC on phones that do not have HCE, but more on that below).

Luckily, our phone supports HCE. Unfortunately, in the process of updating stable firmware, the developers either accidentally turned off this technology on purpose, which led to the inoperability of payment via NFC by applications based on HCE technology.

As we found out, in the latest developer firmware, including the global developer firmware, there is a menu item in the NFC section called “Security element location”, in which there are two options: “Integrated security element” and “Security element on the SIM card. By default, the first item is naturally selected (which seems like a logical thing, knowing that HCE should be built in), but that was not the case. We just need point number two. Turn it on and enjoy contactless payment.

We wonder how our NFC HCE is related to such a setting in our phone, because we don’t have any security element on the SIM card, and HCE technology does not need a SIM card, wherever it is located. A SIM card with a built-in security element is a slightly different, older branch of the development of contactless payments using NFC.

What do we end up with? Original menu items in English: “Select Wallet” / “use xiaomi wallet, could use MI Pay and transit card” / “using HCE wallet”

Menu items when setting in the Russian language settings: “Location of the security element” / “Built-in security element” / “Security element on the SIM card”

Бесконтактный Платеж на Xiaomi Mi5 Тинькофф

As you can see, the translation error is on the face, and the logic of the translation is not clear. In total, we use NFC HCE payment on any new developer, after setting the correct setting (“using HCE wallet”) and waiting for this miracle setting to appear on stable firmware.

Android Pay is a modern technology introduced in 2015 by Google and gradually gaining popularity around the world. Its main task is to make purchases in stores without the traditional use of plastic cards. How does it all work and how to set up Android Pay on Xiaomi?

A bit of history

In general, contactless payment technology is not new. Visa has payWave and MasterCard has payPass. In the event that your plastic card supports contactless payment, and the terminal in the store is configured to accept it, all you need to do is, while the terminal is waiting for the card, attach it to the reader module for a few seconds and wait for authorization with the payment system server. In some cases, depending on the settings of the terminal, you may need to enter a pin code.

That’s how it worked until Androd Pay came along. In fact, it only takes your card details (even if it is not equipped with a contactless payment module) and transfers them to the terminal using its own means. The main requirement from a smartphone is the presence of an NFC module. It is thanks to him that data is exchanged between devices.

How to set up Android Pay

Бесконтактный Платеж на Xiaomi Mi5 Тинькофф

It is worth noting that Android Pay is not supported on Xiaomi budget (and sometimes mid-range) segment, which do not meet certain rules:

  • operating system Android 4.4 and above;
  • there is an NFC wireless module;
  • you must have a Google account;
  • the smartphone must not have root rights (administrator rights);
  • you live in the country where this service operates.

For example, it is impossible to set up Android Pay on Xiaomi 4x precisely because of the lack of an NFC module, although the smartphone is quite good and very popular in Russia. The same applies to the popular Xiaomi Mi 5x and Xiaomi Mi A1 models. But if all the points are fulfilled, go to Google Play and download the Android Pay application.

After that, you need to configure the device for the correct operation of the program. First of all, go to the smartphone settings and in the “Advanced settings” section, activate the switch next to the NFC item.

After that, the element “Location of the security element” will become available. We make sure that the item “HCE Wallet” is selected in it.

The next step will be to grant all accesses and maximum permissions to the application. To do this, go to the smartphone settings and in the “Permissions” section, click on the “Autostart” item. Among the available applications, we are looking for Android Pay and activate the switch next to it.

In the same place, in the “Permissions” section, click on the “Other permissions” item and select the Android Pay application in it.

A list of all required permissions for the program will open. Click on each of them and give full access.

Бесконтактный Платеж на Xiaomi Mi5 Тинькофф

The last thing left to do on the smartphone settings is to make some changes to the power section. We are looking for the item “Battery and performance” and select “Application activity” in it.

Next, click on “Choice of applications” and select the Android Pay program.

In the list that opens, select “No restrictions”. This will allow you not to save the energy used by this program in the background, and therefore keep it always ready.

At this point, the smartphone setup can be considered completed. Now we launch the Android Pay program, log in with our Google account, accept the agreement and add our plastic card details. If there are several of them, select one of them as the main one.

After that, you can start trying to pay for purchases in stores and other establishments. To do this, you just need to turn on the smartphone screen (wake it from sleep mode without the need to unlock it) and attach it to the payment terminal for a few seconds.

Бесконтактный Платеж на Xiaomi Mi5 Тинькофф

If everything went as it should, the authorization process will start and money will be debited from the linked card.

Android Pay on Xiaomi Mi5: full setup

And this is due to the fact that if your device does not support the NFC system, then it simply cannot make contactless payments.

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Find the section at the very bottom of the list: “Permissions” and click on it.
  3. Going further, click on the button “Additional permissions”.
  4. After that, here you will find the program you need, and check the boxes next to all the items presented.
  1. Run the utility « Security ” and open ” App activity “.
  2. Then find “Android Pay” and click on “ No limit “.
  3. After that, confirm your actions and exit to the desktop.
  4. Now run ” Settings ” and open ” Additional functions “.
  5. In « Contactless payment » select the desired medium.

Tinkoff contactless payment not working

Despite all the positive aspects of the new service, a number of clients face difficulties. In particular, this is due to the fact that contactless payment by phone does not work. In most cases, the root of the problem that the connection was lost is an inappropriate version of Android (below 4.4), a disabled mobile bank, a lack of funds in the account, and other similar nuances.

If contactless payment does not work on your Android, check if all the technical conditions are met on your part for the smooth operation of the service, and also if fraudsters have gained access to your card.

Often the key to the problem is a payment terminal that does not read information the first time, this is especially common with outdated devices designed only for card payments. Also, do not forget about possible technical problems within the system. In any case, if the connection is lost and contactless payment by Tinkoff phone does not work, you should contact the customer support center at: 8 800 555-25-50 or contact the managers via the Internet.


Tinkoff contactless payment is a new step in the development of the banking system not only in Russia. Abroad, many banks can boast of such functionality, however, in the Russian Federation this is truly something new, taking Tinkoff Bank to a new level. Customers who can afford to enable this functionality should at least temporarily opt out of card payments and take advantage of the best banking feature in the field of cashless payments – contactless phone payments.

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