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Is there nfc on iPhone 6s

Where is the NFC module in the iPhone SE

The NFC module in the iPhone SE is located at the top, and therefore it is better to bring the reader to the side of the gadget where the “apple” logo is located. The transmission distance can only be 2 cm, so the correct position of the phone matters. Sometimes the signal is transmitted even at 10 cm, but too strong a signal is undesirable for privacy reasons, do not allow fraudsters to intercept payment information.

NFC technology does not need additional activation. The fact is that the chip is able to automatically generate and receive signals when the device is brought to the payment terminal. This greatly simplifies the process of making a purchase.

Which iPhones have this option? Apple began to build chips with similar technology in all smartphones, starting with version 6. In addition, there is an option on the iPad and smartwatches.

You can check the availability of a contactless purchase on your phone yourself. To do this, open the “Settings” section and go to the “Wireless networks” tab. If there is no function in the menu that opens, then the phone you are using does not have the feature presented.


Is there nfc on iPhone 6s

Smartphone review shows that new models starting with iPhone 6, including iPhone SE, can be used for mobile payments.

What happens with personal data, with information about bank accounts when paying? You can be calm: confidentiality is preserved.

In order to pay for purchases by touching the payment terminal with your phone, you need to attach bank cards to the device.

  • Linking a card does not mean storing details in the device’s memory.
  • The card number is not stored in the iPhone, nor on the servers, nor in the seller’s computer.
  • In the process of attaching a card to an iPhone, a hexadecimal combination of numbers (token) is created, and this number works when making a payment, it is a “bridge” between a bank account and a terminal that accepts payments.

How to use Apple Pay

If payment fails during NFC testing, one of the reasons that could cause this problem should be suspected:

  • Faulty terminal. Before thinking that your smartphone is to blame for the inability to pay for purchases, it should be assumed that it is the cashless payment terminal that is faulty. You can check this by trying to make a purchase in another store.
  • Conflicting accessories. If your iPhone uses a hard case, magnetic holder, or other accessory, it is recommended that you remove everything completely, as they can easily prevent the payment terminal from picking up the signal from the iPhone.
  • System failure. The operating system may not work correctly, and therefore you cannot pay for the purchase. Just try restarting your phone.
    Read more: How to restart iPhone
  • Card connection failed. The bank card could not be attached the first time. Try removing it from the Wallet app and then relinking it.
  • Incorrect firmware operation. In more rare cases, the phone may need a full firmware reinstall. You can do this through the iTunes program, after entering the iPhone into DFU mode.
    Read more: How to put iPhone into DFU mode
  • The NFC chip is out of order. Unfortunately, this problem is quite common. It will not work to solve it on your own – only through contacting a service center, where a specialist can replace the chip.

With the advent of NFC to the masses and the release of Apple Pay, the life of iPhone users has become much more convenient, because now there is no need to carry a wallet with you – all bank cards are already in the phone.

We are glad that we could help you solve the problem.
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Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.

In order to use the contactless payment service, the following conditions must be met:

  • purchase a device that supports the option;
  • to issue a bank card from program partners;
  • update your phone to the latest version;
  • install the Apple Pay app (free download).

Next, you should bind the card to the gadget you are using. Moreover, each device has its own procedure. See below for details.

Via phone

In this case, you first need to purchase an iPhone 6 or later. Next, use the following instructions to add a card on iPhone:

  1. Launch the Wallet program (installed by default).
  2. Click the “ ” icon.
  3. After that, you will be asked to connect a card that is already linked to iTunes or add a new one. In the first case, you only need to enter the security code.
  4. When choosing the second option, the user will be required to provide information about their plastic (number, expiration date, CVV / CVC codes from the card and the name of the owner).
  5. Once the verification of the information is completed, click “Next”.

Как проверить NFC на iPhone

This completes the binding. After that, you can successfully make purchases using your phone. To do this, you will only need to bring the phone to the terminal and confirm the transaction through the fingerprint scanner.

With watch

Owners of a device such as Apple Watch can also use this option. To do this, they only need to add a card. The binding procedure in this case is as follows:

  1. Access Apple Watch from your iPhone.
  2. Open the My Watch tab.
  3. Then go to Wallet and A Pay.
  4. Activate the card via iTunes by dialing the security code or add a new one by entering the requested information.
  5. Wait for the specified information to be processed.

Once the verification is completed, you can start using the service.

NFC technology allows you to make purchases using your phone. It is available on all modern versions of the iPhone, starting with the 6 series, as well as on smart watches. To use the service, you need to set it up on your iPhone (connection instructions are presented above).

Is NFC software required for iPhone SE

No additional software is required to use the NFC features of iPhone SE. Everything is ready to go.

And for models earlier than the iPhone SE and iPhone 6, the installation of special software is required, but this is a topic for another article. It was said above that users assume that the iPhone 5 SE has NFC, confusing the SE and 5S models.

In order to use all the conveniences of using the NFS, you need to buy an SE model or newer.


Get your iPhone SE ready for NFS payments. To do this, you need to attach a card. Open the Wallet app, scan a card, or enter a number. After that, the card will be verified by the bank. After verification, the inscription will appear: “The card is activated.”

The payment function on iPhone smartphones does not require activation, it works by default on all models. If you are afraid that intruders can take advantage of your data and want to turn off the module, then simply erase payment card data and bank account numbers from the device’s memory. These actions will be enough, you do not need to remove and separately configure the chip.

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