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MIR debit card, issue a free MIR bank card from MTS Bank

Features of MTS Money Premium debit card

This debit card features a full range of modern important features and low usage costs.

Visa Platinum – an offer for customers who actively use the card. In order for the annual service to be free, it is enough to always keep a balance on it that exceeds 30 thousand rubles, or pay monthly purchases in the amount of at least 15 thousand.

You can withdraw money from the card at any ATM, no commissions are charged. Payment at retail outlets can be made using the PayWave contactless method.

When issuing the card, the “Cumulative Weekend” account is immediately opened. Monthly, on the 5th, you can receive 6.5 percent of the account balance. To use this opportunity, you need to keep more than 1000 rubles on the card for a month.

An additional advantage of the offer is a five percent cashback when paying bills in cafes and restaurants, calling a taxi, and purchasing sports goods. All other purchases receive a 1% cashback.

MIR debit card, issue a free MIR bank card from MTS Bank

The offer offers to take advantage of very favorable conditions. The main feature is a discount provided to subscribers of the MTS network, which allows you to compensate for 100% of the payment for the tariff plans “MTS Tablet”, “Smart” and “Hype”. The security technology “Verified by Visa” is used, the essence of which is the confirmation of payments on the Internet by means of a code sent to the phone in SMS.

Issuing a card will cost 199 rubles, its further operation is free if the holder is an MTS subscriber.

When issuing a card, the “SMS Bank” service is activated free of charge, all financial transactions are notified in the form of text messages.

Democratic commissions guarantee that cash withdrawals from MTS branded ATMs occur without overpayments. Appeal to the operator at the cash desk involves a 0.5 percent fee of the total transaction amount, cash withdrawal at ATMs of other banks – a commission of 1 percent with a minimum amount of 100 rubles.

Non-cash transfers to MTS cards are not subject to commission, to cards of third-party banks – a commission of 1 percent, but not less than 49 rubles.

To get a discount, the amount of which corresponds to the price of “Smart” or “MTS Tablet” tariffs, you need to meet one of the following requirements:

  • Tariffs “My Unlimited”, “MTS Tablet”, “Smart Unlimited”, “Hype” – you need to make purchases in the amount of more than 10 thousand rubles per month, or maintain a balance of more than 50 thousand;
  • “Smart NonStop” and “Smart Unlimited” – purchases for 20 thousand or 70 thousand balance;
  • “Smart Zabugorishche” and “Smart” – 100 thousand balance or purchases for 30 thousand.

When determining the possibility of remuneration, the system takes into account all operations related to debiting funds from the card, paying for services and goods with its help. If transactions occurred on the last day of the month and were not taken into account by the system, they are transferred to the next month.

MIR debit card, issue a free MIR bank card from MTS Bank

Subscribers using city telephone numbers need to be aware that the discount is provided without taking into account the provision of the number.

When issuing a card, the holder will receive a whole range of services:

  • Privileges from the “MasterCard” system, in particular, the opportunity to use business class lounges without restriction, the “Priceless Cities” program;
  • Ability to pay for purchases in a contactless way through the systems “Android Pay”, “Apple Pay”, “Samsung Pay”;
  • Insurance offer from “MasterCard”;
  • Ability to call emergency services;
  • Additional card “Priority Pass”;
  • Concierge “MasterCard”.

The “Priority Pass” plastic that comes with the kit should be considered separately. It is ideally suited to the needs of people who regularly use air transport. You can wait for your flight with it in VIP lounges, regardless of the class in which the ticket was purchased.

Issuance of the card is free of charge, as well as its annual maintenance in the event that the total amount of transactions exceeds 100,000, or a balance of 400,000 is always maintained. Upon issuance, a service is issued for SMS-informing by phone, insurance and an insurance policy that is valid even when traveling outside the Russian Federation.

The map also has the following differences:

  • You can replenish it without commissions;
  • Regardless of the purchase, the cashback amount is 1%;
  • Interest on account balance – 6.5;
  • Withdrawal of funds at MTS branded ATMs, as well as other banks participating in the preferential program, is not subject to commissions. You can also withdraw money three times abroad without commissions.

MIR debit card, issue a free MIR bank card from MTS Bank

If the card is lost outside the Russian Federation, it can be replaced free of charge. There is also a free cash withdrawal service.

Regardless of the type of issued card, it will have the following advantages:

  • “3D Secure” technology guarantees safe operation, protection of personal information from encroachment of third parties;
  • Huge variety of additional services;
  • Insurance programs;
  • Special offers from MTS Bank;
  • Loyal and transparent terms of registration.
  1. If there is always an amount of at least 1 thousand rubles on the card, the bank charges 8% per annum. Accruals are made monthly, and interest is immediately credited to the card account.
  2. The possibility of obtaining a loan for up to 40 thousand rubles under special conditions upon presentation of a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. The loan is issued in 30 minutes.
  3. Various ways to manage your card account – Internet banking, Mobile banking, SMS banking.
  4. Using the card to pay for purchases in online stores.
  5. Get cash without commission within the network.
  6. Ability to use the contactless payment function.
  7. Cash-back up to 5% of the amount of payments or transfers.
  8. Withdrawing money from the deposit account without losing accrued interest.
  9. Opportunity to open a credit limit.
  10. Can be used for overseas purchases.
  11. Favorable conditions for granting a loan.
  12. With a credit limit, a grace period of 55 days is provided.
  13. A 100% discount on the subscription fee is provided for some tariff plans.
  14. Competent customer support. According to customer reviews, specialists correctly and promptly resolve any customer issues in the shortest possible time, regardless of the method of contact: online banking, bank branch, communication salon.
  15. Ability to replenish the card account from the phone balance.
  16. Bonus program for clients.
 An example of an account replenishment operation
Пример операции пополнения счета

Procedure for obtaining a card

To apply for a card, you must be a citizen of the Russian Federation at least 18 years old and with a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation apply to any branch of the Bank or an MTS communication salon, you can also place an order through the website.

 Appearance of the map
Внешний вид карты

In order to strengthen security measures, the card is issued to each client inactive. In order to activate it, you must go through a procedure confirming your identification.

  1. To activate the card, you need to call the customer support service and press the number on the keyboard in the “MTS Money” menu item.
  2. The call must be made from the phone number indicated by the contact when filling out the documents.
  3. Select the “Get or change PIN code” command by pressing key 1.
  4. At the time of paperwork, a message was sent to the phone containing a control code.
  5. According to the instructions of the autoinformer, press the keys with the control code and come up with your personal 4-digit PIN code.
  6. The autoinformer will notify you about the successful acceptance of the PIN code, after which the card will be activated and can be used for transactions.

To prevent fraud, the system may ask you to enter a few digits of the card number or CVC code.

Tariffs and types of cards

MTS Bank offers its customers 4 types of cards:

  • Cirrus Maestro/VISA Electron;
  • MasterCard Standard/Visa Classic;
  • MasterCard Gold/Visa Gold;
  • MasterCard Platinum/Visa Platinum.

Cirrus, Electron, Standard and Classic cards can be non-registered and issued within 15 minutes or registered, in which case the card will have to wait at least 3 days from the date of issuance.

Gold and Platinum cards are issued only in name.

 Card transactions
Операции по картам

All cards can be used online. The card is debit-credit, that is, initially you can store your own money, receive interest on the balance and on the deposit, depending on the services that the client uses.

If you do not have enough own funds, you can apply for a credit line with a passport at a bank branch or apply online on the website and the money will be credited to an already valid card.

 How to apply for a loan in a mobile bank
Способ оформления кредита в мобильном банке

Gold and Platinum personalized cards provide their owners with additional privileges of the MasterCard payment system.

Features of MTS Weekend credit card

The loan limit is 299 thousand 999 rubles. The cost of maintenance per year is 900 rubles, the duration of the grace period is 51 days. At the end of this period, the loan rate varies from 23 to 31.5, depending on the individual conditions set by the bank. The amount of the obligatory payment on the debt is 5 percent, but it cannot be less than 100 rubles.

The most important conditions for issuing a loan are as follows:

  • Possession of a valid passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • At least 18 years of age.

Features of the MasterCard World card

The best option for salary transfer. The possibility of obtaining a loan in the amount of up to 400 thousand is allowed, numerous bonuses are offered. When crediting funds on a credit basis, the duration of the interest-free period is 51 days. The interest rate is minimal and amounts to 21 percent.

Additionally, you can order contactless payment services, mobile banking and Internet banking.

Features of MTS UnionPay bank card

The card is serviced by the national payment system, but works anywhere in the world. It is this card that is issued to employees of Russian budgetary institutions and is used to transfer social benefits and scholarships. The issue is free, there is no annual maintenance fee.

The positive features of this offer are as follows:

  • A wide range of transactions available for execution, from cash withdrawals to utility bills;
  • Maximum security;
  • Participation in the deposit insurance program with compensation payments up to one million 400 thousand rubles;
  • Using “PayWave” for contactless payments.

The exact type of card is chosen according to the requirements of the holder, it can be both credit and debit. The offer is beneficial for travelers, as payment for purchases is allowed not only on the territory of the Russian Federation, but also in 140 other countries.

Among the advantages of the card, one can note the possibility of purchasing goods via the Internet, minimal commissions, ease of paying utility bills and other services.

This offer is specifically designed for students aged 18-24. A prerequisite for using the program is Russian citizenship.

There is no annual service fee or registration fee. Cashback on the card is three percent during the first three months of use, and one and a half percent – after their expiration.

As an addition, you can connect the services of the Internet or mobile banking, which simplifies the control over expenses, makes it possible to quickly make money transfers, pay for certain services. The “PayPass” function is provided.

Protection is provided by a reliable electronic chip.

This card does not have a physical image. In other words, this is a set of details, that is, a number of 16 digits, a code, an expiration date. At registration, all this information is sent to the client in the form of a text message to the phone.

The main function of a virtual account is to pay for various products and services using the Internet, from traffic police fines to housing and communal services.

When replenishing an account, a commission fee of 0.75% is assumed with a minimum value of 50 rubles.

Manage and use the virtual card as simple and easy as possible:

  • There is no need to dial PIN codes, information sent by text message is enough;
  • Making transactions is possible all over the world, you just need to know the details of the card;
  • The modern “3D Secure” method is used for protection.

You can deposit money into your account from a mobile number or from another open account.

Cardholders can use a specially developed mobile application and internet banking. Through these services, it is very convenient to control expenses, make payments and transfers in any convenient place.

Online bank functions are as follows:

  • Payment of bills for mobile phone, Internet, housing and communal services, traffic police fines;
  • Formation of a report on completed transactions;
  • Currency exchange at favorable rates;
  • Card blocking or unblocking.

If it becomes necessary to replenish the card, money can be made in the following ways:

  • apply to communication salons or departments;
  • use MTS Bank ATMs with cash-in equipment installed;
  • transfer money via mobile bank or internet bank from other accounts and cards;
  • replenish your account with a Sberbank card;
  • deposit money to the balance in Svyaznoy, Euroset, Beeline, Megafon stores;
  • arrange a transfer through the Russian Post;
  • in Eldorado, M. Video, Technosila stores;
  • through terminals of Eleksnet and Qiwi systems;
  • top up via e-wallets;
  • make a transfer from another bank using details;
  • at Kari stores.

SMS service allows you to manage money on your accounts from your phone or tablet 24 hours a day. This is an important function, for example, in the absence of the Internet, it will help not to wait for the network to appear or replenish the balance.

The advantage of SMS service is ease of use. To connect SMS-banking you need:

  1. Contact a bank branch and activate the service with the help of a specialist.
  2. In the personal account of the MTS mobile bank in the “Settings” section.

After activating the service, the phone will receive messages about changes in account balances and notifications on the payment schedule if there are loans, mini-statements on cards, information on bonuses.

The service is connected at the request of the bank. The cost of the service depends on the package for which the client is served.

 Payment confirmation
Подтверждение платежа

To disable SMS-banking, just contact the Bank branch or use the “Settings” menu in your personal account.

 SMS notification example
Пример СМС-уведомления

The MTS card involves participation in the bonus system. On Gold type cards, 1 bonus is accrued for every 15 rubles spent on purchases in the Russian Federation and 2 bonuses abroad.

Bonuses can be used to get discounts in partner stores, purchase books and music CDs.

An MTS card is a universal tool that helps you accumulate your own savings, and, if necessary, can turn into a credit card.

The main advantage is convenient and simple conditions for receiving and using the card and good loyalty programs for customers.

Bank card MTS money. 5 cons. Cashback for everything

Cash back – buy and earn

Cash back is a popular feature, as it allows you to receive a discount on goods in the form of returning part of the money spent back to your account.

To use this function in MTS Bank, you must additionally connect the option “Mobile”, “Shopping” or “Travel”.

Cash back applies to all purchases in trade and service enterprises and is no more than 3%. M TS Bank independently determines the categories for which the percentage of return is increased to 5%, for example, now these are nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, sports shops, taxis.

How to get cashback using MTS cards?

Cashback means a refund in the amount of a certain percentage of the purchase amount paid by the card.

According to the bank’s policy, funds are returned weekly, on Friday. When calculating the amount, only purchases made between Monday and Sunday of the previous week are taken into account. Cashback does not apply to operations related to cash withdrawals, transfers, and some purchases. The maximum monthly cashback amount is limited to three thousand rubles.

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