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Money transfers – Golden Crown

Tracking Options

Clients of the service are provided with three ways to track the money transfer “Zolotaya Korona”:

  • via SMS;
  • contact the payment system support service;
  • check status online.

Send SMS

Informing via SMS is available only to the sending party. The service is free and is connected if the sender has written a corresponding application with a request for notification via a cell phone. The status of the payment until the payment to the addressee will be available to the user with each change.

If SMS messages do not arrive at the specified mobile number, and it is impossible to check the status through the phone, the circumstances may be as follows:

  • the amount of the shipment is less than 50 euros, US dollars or 2,500 rubles;
  • incorrect contact details;
  • this service is not provided by a specific partner institution.

How to find out the amount of money transfer “Zolotaya Korona” by number?

Only the transaction status can be clarified by the payment number. To find out the amount of the transfer, you will need to visit the nearest issuing office with a passport, provide a nine-digit identifier.

is not only a convenient, but also a safe service for transferring money to your relatives and friends. However, if you​ send money to an unfamiliar recipient, you risk becoming a victim of fraud. This section was created specifically to warn you and tell you how to protect yourself from fraud and theft of your money. Please read carefully and share with your loved ones our tips and tricks for protecting against fraud.

Be very careful, most likely you have encountered scammers if strangers tell you by landline or mobile phone, via SMS, email or regular mail, in other ways that you urgently need to make a money transfer, because:

  • Your relative/close acquaintance has had an accident (accident, prison, traffic accident, etc.) and you need money to help him.

    Tip: be sure to contact this person who supposedly needs help to be sure of what happened. If this is not possible for some reason, then specify the details of what happened as much as possible (the full name of the victim, details of appearance and other information that can be known only to a narrow circle of people);

  • You have won a large material/cash prize and in order to receive it, you must first pay a certain amount of money (taxes, fees or other payments).

    Tip: specify the name of the organizer of the lottery, the reason for recognizing you as a winner, find independent information and reviews about him on the Internet. Remember, in most cases there is no upfront payment for the prize.

  • You are entitled to material / monetary assistance from the state, a charitable foundation or other social organization, and in order to receive it, you must pay a certain amount of money (taxes, duties or other payments).

    Tip: be sure to contact the department or organization on behalf of which you are offered assistance, and clarify the information.

  • You have received a request to transfer a charitable contribution to help a sick child or adult injured in an accident, etc.

    Tip: be sure to check the official website of the charitable organization that is applying for help – there should be full contact information, details, statutory documents. In most cases, verified charities do not use money transfer systems to collect donations.

  • You are offered goods (including medicines) or services for which you need to pay in advance, before receiving them.

    Tip: Before paying for such goods and services, check the information about the seller and supplier on the Internet. If something makes you suspicious – refuse a dubious purchase.
  • There may be other grounds/reasons for which you are asked to make a money transfer in respect of an unknown recipient.

Be sure to check and clarify the information received. Before transferring your money, consult with relatives / close people.

Remember that employees of the Golden Crown – Money Transfers service or participating organizations themselves do not initiate calls, letters and other requests to customers in order to clarify any personal data or other clarifying data on the transfer. If such an appeal occurs, we advise you not to provide any information, you must immediately call the Service’s call center and clarify.

Money transfers - Golden Crown

If the employees of the point where you send the Zolotaya Korona money transfer ask for some additional data (code word, card PAN code, payment card PIN, one-time transaction confirmation code, etc.) or offer to enter false data (phone number of the recipient or sender), perform other actions that make you suspect of committing fraudulent activities, then you need to contact the call center of the Service on the spot and report it.

In the event that you nevertheless become a victim of fraud, you need to contact law enforcement agencies as soon as possible. It is also necessary to immediately contact the Service call center 7 (495) 96-00-555 (around the clock), perhaps the transfer has not yet been paid and there is a possibility to temporarily block the payment. You should keep all payment documents that you received after the transfer of funds (receipts, checks, etc.).

Zolotaya Korona – Money Transfers and RNKO “Payment Center” as the settlement center of the System will be able to provide law enforcement agencies with comprehensive assistance in identifying and catching fraudsters.

*Calls are charged according to the rules of the operator.

Payment statuses

Money transfers can have one of the following statuses:

  • In progress. This means that the payment has not yet been sent. It is currently being processed by the payment system.
  • Sent to the bank. The transaction was successful and the payment came to the bank. If, with this status, the funds are not credited to the account, you need to call the bank’s technical support service. This is important, especially if the system is used to pay off a loan.
  • Will be returned. The payment failed and will be returned to the sender. There are many reasons why you need to contact the bank to clarify the details.
  • Returned. Payment returned (see previous paragraph).
  • Rejected by the bank. The bank declined the payment.

If the payment status does not appear when entering the identification number or the system reports that the number is incorrect, this means that errors were made when entering it.

Checking the status of the transfer by last name

To receive the transferred money, you need to provide a passport and a unique payment number. Not only the identifier must match, but also the last name, first name, patronymic of the recipient. If at least one letter differs, the issuance of funds may be prohibited. According to the rules of the payment system, it is impossible to clarify the status of a transfer by last name.


Thanks to convenient information, the sender does not have to worry about whether his funds were credited or not. Convenient SMS notifications and push notifications allow you to quickly track the status of your payment in Zolotoy Korona.

Obtaining information regarding the status of a financial transfer does not require significant costs. The sender can learn about the progress of the operation via SMS – each change is displayed in the message. To clarify the information, the addressee will initially need to obtain the sending number. Informing about the status of sent funds is free of charge.

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