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Nfc payments Sberbank

Making a payment by phone

To date, the NFC chip has been added by Apple to all iPhone models, starting from Iphone 6. That is, Iphone: 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR , XS Max, XS.

The ability to pay using NFC is provided by a special Wallet program developed by the company. This application is essentially an electronic wallet, where the user can add not only Visa and MasterCard bank cards, but also various coupons, cinema tickets, discount and club cards.

To pay for purchases through a one-touch POS terminal with an iPhone, there is no need to additionally install the application on the device. By default, the above Iphone models are already equipped with an electronic wallet. You may also be interested in knowing in detail what an NFC module is.

The answer to the question “how to connect NFC for payments with a Sberbank card to iPhone owners?” simple: add the desired plastic to the Wallet wallet.

Wallet setup instructions:

  1. Log in to your wallet, and if necessary, enter the password to access your Apple Id account.
  2. Click the “ ” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Then click “Next”.
  4. Select a bank from the list or “Add another card”.
  5. Then scan the card or add the required data manually (full name and plastic number).
  6. Check that the information you entered is correct, click “Next” and add your CVV.
  7. Confirm that you agree with adding the card to the wallet with the “Accept” button.
  8. Following the instructions of the program, select the method of checking the card for registration and in the next window enter, for example, the code from SMS and “Next”.
  9. Now you can use your card to make purchases in stores via iPhone.

NFC remote payment technology works similarly on all Apple devices that support it.

On gadgets with the Android operating system, it is possible to figure out how to connect nfc for Sberbank payments through the Google Pay program or a mobile application provided by the bank. To do this, you need to get a smartphone with a built-in NFC chip. On such phones, Android OS is usually at least 4.4.

You can check if your phone has NFC near field technology in the following ways:

  1. Through the phone settings: select the menu item “Settings”; go to “Connections” or “More” depending on the model; if the phone supports this technology, then NFC will also be in the list of available connections.
  2. Look for the emblem on the back of the smartphone or the inscription on the battery: open the back cover of the device; find the text Near Field Communication on the visible side of the battery. This means that the desired technology is present in the phone.

If you find signs of the presence of an NFC communication chip in your smartphone, proceed to the next step. Now you can download and install the Google Pay wallet on it. Like any application on the Android OS, it can be found in the Play Market. Download and installation of this program is possible free of charge in a standard way.

To add a card to Google Pay you need:

  • open the application;
  • select “Add to Android Pay”;
  • enter the required plastic data: sixteen-digit number; CVV code (from the combination of numbers on the back of the card – the last three);
  • fill in the address fields;
  • enter mobile phone number;
  • clarify the method of unlocking the phone before making a payment;
  • confirm your choice by pressing the “Confirm” button;
  • wait for the bank to check the information about the added plastic and SMS with a digital code;
  • enter the password in the field on the screen;
  • if the information is entered correctly, the program will display a message that the card is ready for payments through the application.

You can link all Sberbank cards to this service, except for Maestro.

How to connect Sberbank NFC – contactless card payment function, through the Sberbank Online application? This is done in several steps.

Connection instructions:

  1. If you don’t have the Sberbank Online app on your smartphone yet, download and install this app via Google Play. It’s free. It is important to choose the right one: Sberbank of Russia.
  2. Open the program and log in using the login password received from the bank.
  3. In the main menu, in the list of cards, find the required card account.
  4. Open map information.
  5. Select “Add to Android Pay”.
  6. The card is ready for contactless payment.

Payment process

Nfc payments Sberbank

The procedure for making a payment is different on iPhones and Android smartphones.

To make a payment with Iphone, do the following:

  • unlock and bring the smartphone to the POS-terminal with the function of receiving contactless payments (the antenna icon must be present on the terminal, this can also be checked with the cashier);
  • hold the device at a distance of less than 5 cm for 5-7 seconds;
  • confirm the payment with a fingerprint or PIN, if required;
  • wait for the “tick” to appear, which means that the payment is in progress.

When making a payment via Google Pay, you need to:

  • wake up the phone;
  • bring it to a distance of about 5 cm from the terminal;
  • wait for the “tick” to confirm the payment.

ATTENTION! If only one card is linked in the application for such payment, then the payment will be made to this account. If more than one card is linked, then the payment will go through the one that is set for payment by default. Please select the required card before paying.

In 2019, there are 3 payment systems (PS) operating on the territory of the Russian Federation that support the described technology:

  • Apple Pay;
  • Android Pay;
  • Samsung Pay.

Nfc payments Sberbank

Let’s study each in more detail.

Apple Pay

Apple couldn’t stand aside because its latest devices support contactless payments. This is:

  • iPad;
  • Apple Watch;
  • iPhone starting from the 6th.
Important: Sberbank is the only bank in Russia whose payment instruments support the application.

Apple’s NFC has all of these benefits. In user reviews, you can also read about such shortcomings:

  • payment confirmation can only be made by scanning a fingerprint;
  • works exclusively at specialized terminals;
  • devices that support the utility are expensive;
  • a meager number of partner financial institutions.
Important: Terminals equipped with the paypass function have a special icon.

Android Pay

Developer by Google. The service operates only on smartphones with the Android operating system. Among the advantageous features:

  • also works on devices without a fingerprint scanner;
  • promotions are held regularly;
  • there is a binding of all discounts and bonuses;
  • many financial institutions supporting the service, including Sberbank.

Samsung Pay

The service is provided by the Korean manufacturer Samsung. High-performance service successfully competes with the above companies. The benefits are:

  • the largest number of partner financial institutions;
  • there is a magnetic stripe imitation, which allows the technology to be used on legacy terminals;
  • moderate cost of devices that support the technology.

They also note a minus – confirmation of the operation with a fingerprint.

Nfc payments Sberbank

To use a mobile phone instead of Sberbank cards, you need to connect the NFC module. The algorithm is:

  1. Unlock the device.
  2. Go to the “Settings” section.
  3. Open the “Wireless networks” section.
  4. Click on “More”.
  5. Find the line “NFC”.
  6. Click on the power on command.

Contactless is a payment, during which the card is not needed at all. It is enough to download the necessary mobile application, “attach” a card to it and present the smartphone to the bank terminal. An audible signal sounds about the end of the transaction (connection speed 1 second).

All this is possible only if the phone has a built-in NFC module with a connected application. Internet for payment is not required.

Difference from regular transaction:

  • you can not use the card;
  • faster operation (no lengthy identification and hanging communication with the bank);
  • no PIN required;
  • is only possible in terminals with contactless technology.

NFC (stands for and translates as short-range contactless communication).

Nfc payments Sberbank

You can link any number of cards to one smartphone and pay for purchases contactlessly from any card account. You can’t set up NFS. The chip is either located on the back of the phone, or not. It only needs to be turned on.

Separately, you can purchase tags with different memory capacities, which can be written to different information and used to perform different tasks (different programs are used for recording, for example, NFC Tools or NFC Tasks). With the help of NFC, you can not only pay for purchases, but also automatically turn off WI-FI, alarms, sound, get directions, and much more.

The advantages of this technology, which has existed since 2003, is that money is debited instantly and safely, and the application saves all discounts and accumulated bonuses, which often affect the price of goods. You will have to turn on the phone at each payment.

Payment via NFC in a Sberbank phone is only possible if the client has a VISA/MasterCard card (except for Maestro and Visa Electron cards). For making payments, you can also use the cards of the MIR, Aeroflot, Molodezhnaya, Podari Zhizn payment systems. The cost of issuing most of these cards at Sberbank is minimal, and sometimes completely free. The exception is cards for VIP clients of the Gold, Platinum and higher levels.

Now payment for goods or services can be made using a smartphone in a few easy steps:

  1. Bring the smartphone closer to the contactless terminal (1 cm).
  2. Wait until confirmation of the transaction appears on the screen.

    If necessary, complete the identification task (enter password, pattern, fingerprint).

  3. Wait for a message about the successful completion of the transaction.


The article describes how to set up the Sberbank NFC Android function on your device and perform financial transactions. The execution time, as a rule, does not exceed 10 seconds, and the owner gets the opportunity to check the history of his transactions through the bank’s mobile service or Android Pay.

Contactless payment by Sberbank phone is based on NFC technology. It is based on the principle of wireless communication with a short range. To activate it, devices that have a similar function must practically touch. In this way, complete security of the payment transaction is achieved, since the signal is almost impossible to intercept.

как настроить nfc для оплаты картой сбербанка
The mechanism for making contactless transactions is extremely simple

What is a smart bracelet with built-in NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. This is a relatively young technology, the essence of which is that it provides communication between devices at a high frequency and over short distances. Thanks to NFC technology, it became possible to wirelessly transfer information in a secure mode, provided by a limited range. Transmission and reading of signals is carried out within a few seconds.

Nfc payments Sberbank

The signal cannot be intercepted. Its contents do not contain information about the media, which ensures complete confidentiality of the process.

Contactless payment technology can be used by users who own mobile phones with a built-in NFC module. It is provided in the latest generation of smartphones. To make sure that your device is open for synchronization with the Sberbank card, you can do this:

  1. Open the “Settings” section of the device.
  2. Go to the “Wireless networks” subsection. It can also be the “More” section.
  3. Studying the list of functions. If it has NFC, your device supports the technology.

It makes sense to switch to the option, as it has a number of important advantages:

  • is provided free of charge;
  • there is no need to wear bonus plastic, as information about discounts is available in the application;
  • payments are safe and secure;
  • transactions are completed in a fraction of a second.

NFC technology is beginning to be adopted by consumers. It is suitable not only for contactless payment. With its help you can:

  • pay for public transport;
  • manage electronic devices;
  • “pair” gadgets via Bluetooth;
  • open locks, etc.

Near field communication (NFC) is the technology of the future. Its capabilities are much wider than the small potential that humanity currently enjoys.

Outwardly, the bracelet from Sberbank resembles an electronic watch with a modern youth design. It looks presentable and, thanks to high-quality manufacturing materials, is not afraid of moisture penetration and shock.

Фото 2

Inside the bracelet from Sberbank, a chip is mounted, similar to those that are built into plastic payment instruments. The device storing information has a high degree of protection, therefore it is safe to use it for making various payments.

Important: The reader module does not require recharging. For its full functioning, the electromagnetic field emitted by the human body is sufficient.

The size of the gadget is easily adjusted to the user’s hand. The universal design allows both women and men to wear the device.

These accessories are a safe and easy way to make contactless payments, but this is only their only function. The potential of NFC technology has no limits, with its help you can control your smartphone and other equipment with a single touch, as well as pay for public transport. This direction is actively developing and the list of directions is constantly updated.

In appearance, the bracelet looks like a wristwatch, but much more comfortable and expressive. It is made of materials resistant to moisture and shock. A special NFC microchip is built into the design of the gadget, only with its help the user can make payments using contactless technology.

The transmitter module can be easily removed from the internal cavity, and its main advantage is that it does not require recharging. The device has enough external human electromagnetic field for full-fledged work. This is a very comfortable accessory ideal for both women and men, the size can be easily adjusted to fit the wrist.

Consider the main advantages of such a device:

  1. For an affordable price, the user gets high quality.
  2. Materials that do not cause allergies and irritations are used for manufacturing.
  3. It’s convenient. With it, you can make payments in any store, open doors, control your smartphone and pay for public transport. For the transaction, you only need to wear a bracelet on your hand, neither a mobile phone nor a bank card is needed.
  4. Interchangeability. If necessary, the microchip is removed from the slot and it can be replaced with another one.
  5. Made of durable materials that are resistant to physical impact.
  6. Significantly saves your time. Payment occurs instantly.
  7. High level of security. The NFC chip is activated and operates only at a small distance of a few centimeters, which greatly complicates the reading of personal data by fraudsters.
  8. Does not require constant recharging from the network. At its core, it is a perpetual motion machine that feeds on the external field of a person.

Фото 3

New technology failed to avoid shortcomings:

  1. Accessory can be easily lost. And in case of theft, attackers can make purchases from it without your confirmation. Therefore, in case of loss, it is advisable to block the bank card immediately.
  2. Only one credit card can be attached to a microchip, although this is enough for most.
  3. A limit has been set for payments without entering a security password. If the purchase amount is more than 1000 rubles, you must enter the pin code at the terminal. On the other hand, this is implemented for your safety, so that fraudsters are not able to write off a serious amount from the account.


As already noted, the range of use of the chip built into the bracelet from Sberbank is immensely wide. Smart development can be applied in the following areas:

  • contactless payments;
  • as a travel card for all types of urban and intercity transport;
  • as a pass to enter a business, apartment, garage, etc.
  • as a “smart” button to control the functions of a smartphone or tablet;
  • to send messages, etc.

The bracelet from Sberbank is designed to fulfill one purpose. If necessary, it can be reprogrammed. The number of task change cycles is unlimited.


NFC-bracelet from SB will function correctly if 2 conditions are met:

  • the presence of an NFC chip in the smartphone;
  • mobile phone firmware must be licensed with the latest software version.

The smart accessory can only be synchronized with the latest mobile phones.

A bracelet with an embedded chip is a universal technology. It can perform a huge range of functions and opens the door to the world of the future for the consumer. Consider the main areas for the application of smart development:

  1. Contactless payment transactions. It is enough for the owner to attach a certain bank card to the bracelet using a special application.
  2. A unique pass for public transport. With it, you can pass through the turnstiles in the subway.
  3. The device can be turned into a work pass, a garage, an apartment.
  4. The bracelet can be turned into a smart button for a mobile device. Program it to turn off the sound, launch certain applications, unlock the screen and much more. After bringing the gadget to the smartphone, the latter reads the signal and performs the assigned function.
  5. Instant messaging. Record any message on the microchip and transfer them to other phones with one touch.

Please note that only one specific action can be attached to the bracelet. But there is nothing to worry about, you can rewrite it at any time, and the number of programming cycles is unlimited. This device is perfectly synchronized with any smartphone and operating system. Conditions for the correct operation of the device:

  1. The main condition is that your mobile device must be equipped with an appropriate NFC chip. Without it, you will not be able to program the bracelet to perform certain actions. Contactless technology appeared relatively recently, so this module is installed only in modern devices.
  2. Smartphone must have licensed firmware and latest software installed.

How to choose a payment system?

Three of the world’s largest contactless payment systems have already been launched in Russia: Apple Pay, Android Pay and Sumsung Pay. They are very similar to each other: their technologies, payment methods and security systems are almost the same. At the same time, each of them has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages associated with the policy of smartphone manufacturers. If you are in the process of choosing, then you need to consider the features of all services.

Android Pay

Android Pay is a Google payment system built into Android smartphones.

бесконтактная оплата телефоном сбербанк андроид
Android Pay is specially designed for Android mobile devices

Distinctive advantages include:

  • a huge number of banks connected to this payment system;
  • the presence of a built-in link to the application of bonus cards;
  • receiving additional bonuses when paying for goods or participating in various promotions;
  • no scanner is required in the smartphone, identification and security is achieved by entering a PIN code or a graphic password.

There are certain restrictions:

  • you can pay at special terminals with contactless technology;
  • is not supported on rooted phones.

Samsung Pay

Today, the Korean company is a significant competitor to other developers. This is due to a number of advantages that may be the main reason for choosing Sumsung Pay:

  • 6 contactless models, more than others;
  • relatively affordable price for mobile devices;
  • the developer allows the chip to be used for different applications;
  • there is support for simulating a magnetic stripe, which allows the device to be used in traditional terminals;
  • more choice of partner banks.
оплата через nfc сбербанк
Sumsung Pay is a system developed by the corporation of the same name for its devices

The only minor disadvantage is that the transaction is carried out with a fingerprint scanner. In fact, the advantages of Sumsung Pay are not in the features of the system itself, but in the great possibilities of the manufacturer’s models. The key advantage is the ability to pay for purchases and services in terminals of any type.

Sberbank Online is the only banking application in the Russian Federation that allows you to directly link your card to Sumsung Pay.

Apple Pay

In the Russian Federation, Sberbank was the first bank to start working with the Apple Pay service, and is still the only bank with which the developer company cooperates. The payment system is used only in flagship iPhone models, starting with version 6 (5.5S and 5C already have significant limitations), as well as in other devices from the manufacturer. Of the minuses, the following can be noted:

  • restriction on cooperation with partner banks;
  • high price of mobile devices supporting the service (even the cheapest model is much more expensive than the model of the Korean manufacturer);
  • only 4 models can be linked to the system;
  • binding to a certain type of terminals that can read NFC chips;
  • the device manufacturer prohibits the use of chips for “foreign” applications;
  • obligatory presence of a fingerprint scanner.
оплата через телефон nfc сбербанк
There is a payment platform for apple gadgets — Apple Pay

There are three main contactless payment systems: Apple Pay, Android Pay and Sumsung Pay. You can choose an application for Sberbank contactless payment based on the brand of your smartphone (except for Android Pay), as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each system. Applications can be connected for free.

Apple Pay

The payment system only applies to iPhone, starting from version 6.

Requires the latest version of iOS and an Apple ID. Accordingly, not every client of Sberbank will be able to afford such support. In fact, only 4 iPhone models can be tied to the system. A fingerprint scanner is usually required to complete a transaction.

Фото 5

To set up you need:

  • select Wallet on your phone and add it;
  • add a card (you can add up to 8-12 cards);
  • wait until the end of the check by the bank.

The peculiarity of the system is that it can be used even with Apple Watch and iPad. Apple Pay works wherever there is a corresponding image – the Apple Pay logo. With Touch ID technology, you can also pay with one touch.

Android Pay

This is a Google payment system built into Android smartphones. Perfect for Android phones or other gadgets (not lower than KitKat 4.4). The advantage is the binding to the application of bonus cards, participation in promotions.

  • go to Google Play and download the Android Pay app;
  • activate NFC in the phone;
  • link a bank card.

Samsung Pay

Sumsung Pay works with more than 60 banks in Russia and Belarus.

The system uses a chip for many applications and supports magnetic stripe for card reading in the usual way. Payment via Sumsung Pay is carried out with a fingerprint scanner. Sberbank allows you to directly link the card to this payment system.

  • create an account in Sumsung Account;
  • verify your fingerprint or enter your PIN;
  • select Sumsung Pay on your phone, launch it and add card details.

Samsung also has a cashback service (getting money after every purchase made in partner retail stores). You can find out about it by going to the application.

Samsung Pay

Setting up on IOS

At the moment, Sberbank itself does not release bracelets with an NFC module, while they are in development, but you can use any other one by synchronizing through the application.

The ability to pay for purchases from a Sberbank card account without the presence of plastic from an iPhone depends on the phone model.

Through the SB application, you can synchronize with the bank any device manufactured within the framework of the described technology.

To connect, you need to come to the office of Sberbank. The goal is to link a Sberbank account to the gadget. After the procedure is completed, it will be possible to use contactless payment technology for settlements in stores.

You can set up a link without visiting the bank. For this you need:

  1. Buy a smart bracelet.
  2. Register in Sberbank Online Internet banking.
  3. Order the issuer’s payment instrument if you do not use it.
  4. Go to “Settings”.
  5. Go to the appropriate section.
  6. Enter gadget ID.
  7. Agree to the processing of personal data.
  8. Wait for the synchronization of the device and the card.
  9. After finishing the process, go to the store for testing.

During use, the user can change the firmware of the chip. You can do this using applications that are freely available in software stores.

Learn more about using NFC bracelets

The functionality of the described devices was mentioned above. Let’s take a closer look at some popular functions among the population.


Фото 6

Smart devices are suitable for those who are a supporter of a healthy lifestyle. They can be used for:

  • accounting for lost calories;
  • sleep control;
  • calculation of distance traveled and steps taken;
  • reminders that it’s time to rest;
  • heart rate measurements;
  • use as a clock, stopwatch or alarm clock;
  • archiving sports achievements, etc.


The device can become a replacement for a traditional pass for identifying persons entering closed facilities. They can also be used as electronic locks for cabinets and doors.

The technology is used by fitness clubs, swimming pools, entertainment centers and other organizations.

Most often, devices are used to pay for purchases. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Attach the capsule with the chip to the reader. Distance no more than 1-2 cm.
  2. Wait until the completed operation is displayed on the monitor.
  3. Wait for confirmation.
  4. If necessary, get a receipt.

The procedure takes 10-20 seconds.

Advantages and disadvantages

According to consumers, NFC wristbands have the following advantages:

  • multifunctionality;
  • comfort of use;
  • speed of payment transactions;
  • security;
  • high quality workmanship;
  • acceptable price;
  • no need to recharge.

Users also note a number of drawbacks of the gadget:

  • without entering a password, you can make a purchase for no more than 1,000.00 rubles;
  • binding to one device of one card is allowed;
  • easy to lose.

How to connect NFC?

To start contactless payment, you need to go to your smartphone settings and activate NFC. Please note that this technology is not supported by every phone. Next, you will need to open (if not available) a card of Sberbank of the Russian Federation.

Фото 7

Step by step user guide:

  1. Step 1. Check for the presence of the NFC module and activate it.
  2. Step 2. Download the desired application.
  3. Step 3. Add the data of the Sberbank card or cards to the selected payment system.
  4. Step 4. We pass a check at the bank with the introduction of an individual code.
  5. Step 5. After the card appears in the list, proceed to the procedure of paying by phone.

In the system, you will need to enter the card number, its expiration date, as well as the last name, first name of the holder, security code (CVV). The card can be scanned with the smartphone’s front camera directly in the application. Next, a verification code from the bank will come in the form of an SMS, which you will need to enter.

To pay, it is enough to unlock the smartphone screen and bring it to the terminal that accepts contactless payment. Setting up Near Field Communication does not require special skills. It is enough to study the detailed instructions and follow them clearly.

NFC tag for payment via Sberbank can be purchased separately. In this case, the connection procedure is the same, but you can use the tag with a chip to carry out the operation.

Please make sure your phone is NFC compatible before installing the dedicated app. It is worth studying the sections “Settings”, “Wireless networks”, “NFC” or “NFC and payment”. When you find the feature you want, turn it on. Check the automatic activation of Android Beam.

You can pay for the goods immediately after downloading the card data. Problems are possible if the phone has root access or the factory settings have been modified.

Direct installation

There are two ways to install the program: by downloading the application or directly through the Sberbank-Online service. The difference is that the bank service already has all the information about the card and its holder, and you will not need to enter its details or take a picture of the front part. Accordingly, the activation procedure is faster than usual.

How is payment made?

Payment using the described service is very simple:

  1. Go to the checkout.
  2. The cashier reports the amount.
  3. Name the payment method – mobile phone.
  4. The cashier activates the reader on the cash register.
  5. Bring the phone to the reader.
  6. Confirm payment by fingerprint or other method, depending on the device.
  7. Wait for the transaction to be approved by the system.
Important: after completing the transaction, always check the amount in the check and the account balance.

Фото 8

The amount will be debited from the card that is active at the time of purchase. If there is a need to activate another card, you should not confirm the payment. Wait for the list of payment instruments to appear on the screen, and click on the one you need, and then confirm.

If the purchase amount is more than 1,000.00 rubles, the system will require you to enter a pin code. If we are talking about spending on a large scale, you will also need to indicate the 4 final digits of the plastic number. To see them, you need to click on the “i” icon.

Purchases can be made both in regular stores and on trading platforms operating on the Internet.

To pay, it is enough to unlock the smartphone screen and bring it to the terminal that accepts contactless payment.

There is no need to open the application. When paying, the back panel of a smartphone or other gadget should be parallel to the display of the terminal.

Basically, this technology is convenient for paying in stores. It is most likely impossible to withdraw money from ATMs using your phone, because most of them do not support such a function. The procedure takes only a few seconds. The phone must be woken up from sleep mode and unlocked.

How is the balance replenished?

The balance can be replenished by transfer from card to card, at the terminal or bank cash desk. You can also transfer funds from an electronic wallet.

It is easy to pay for a purchase by phone, it is no less easy to replenish the balance of the device. There are several convenient ways to deposit money into your account:

  • by transfer from Yandex virtual wallets. Money, WebMoney, Qiwy, etc.;
  • through the cash desk of Sberbank and other financial institutions.
  • via terminal;
  • by transfer from another payment instrument.

The NFC option is designed to make life easier, and it does the job with ease.

Security question

When switching to new technologies related to money management, users are always interested in how safe the new service is, whether scammers can hack it.

Buying with your mobile phone is completely safe. The reason for this is the limited range of the signal. It cannot be intercepted. As noted earlier, the transmitted signal does not contain information about the card and the user. Assuming that it is nevertheless intercepted, they still cannot be used. You don’t have to worry about data privacy.

Keys relevant for transactions are not stored in the memory of the mobile device.

NFC браслет от Сбербанка

Contactless transactions are safer than regular payments using the card’s magnetic stripe.

The virtual account number is used for identification. not personal data of the client. All information is encrypted using SSL technology and stored on servers.

Contactless payment provides:

  • unique transaction code;
  • individual smartphone number;
  • payment keys are not stored in the phone’s memory;
  • confidentiality of transactions.

Impossible to copy card data and steal money for contactless payments. Even if you lose your smartphone, you can lock the device or use it remotely. For security, you can use your fingerprint or PIN. Naturally, when paying on the Internet, you must comply with all security rules (do not transfer card data to other persons, etc.).

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