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Nfc savings bank android pay

Which Sberbank cards support contactless payment?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. This is a relatively young technology, the essence of which is that it provides communication between devices at a high frequency and over short distances. Thanks to NFC technology, it became possible to wirelessly transfer information in a secure mode, provided by a limited range. Transmission and reading of signals is carried out within a few seconds.

The signal cannot be intercepted. Its contents do not contain information about the media, which ensures complete confidentiality of the process.

Contactless payment technology can be used by users who own mobile phones with built-in NFC module. It is provided in the latest generation of smartphones. To make sure that your device is open for synchronization with the Sberbank card, you can do this:

  1. Open the “Settings” section of the device.
  2. Go to the “Wireless networks” subsection. It can also be the “More” section.
  3. Studying the list of functions. If it has NFC, your device supports the technology.

It makes sense to switch to the option, as it has a number of important advantages:

  • is provided free of charge;
  • there is no need to wear bonus plastic, as information about discounts is available in the application;
  • payments are safe and secure;
  • transactions are completed in a fraction of a second.

Nfc savings bank android pay

The following will explain the application and NFC connection methods.

In 2019, there are 3 payment systems (PS) in the Russian Federation that support the described technology:

  • Apple Pay;
  • Android Pay;
  • Samsung Pay.

Let’s study each in more detail.

Apple Pay

Apple couldn’t stand aside because its latest devices support contactless payments. This is:

  • iPad;
  • Apple Watch;
  • iPhone starting from the 6th.
Important: Sberbank is the only bank in Russia whose payment instruments support the application.

Apple’s NFC has all of these benefits. In user reviews, you can also read about such shortcomings:

  • payment confirmation can only be made by scanning a fingerprint;
  • works exclusively on specialized terminals;
  • devices that support the utility are expensive;
  • a meager number of partner financial institutions.
Important: Terminals equipped with the paypass function have a special icon.

Android Pay

Nfc savings bank android pay

Developer by Google. The service operates only on smartphones with the Android operating system. Benefits include:

  • also works on devices without a fingerprint scanner;
  • promotions are held regularly;
  • there is a binding of all discounts and bonuses;
  • many financial institutions supporting the service, including Sberbank.

Samsung Pay

The service is provided by the Korean manufacturer Samsung. High-performance service successfully competes with the above companies. The benefits are:

  • the largest number of partner financial institutions;
  • there is a magnetic stripe imitation, which allows the technology to be used on legacy terminals;
  • moderate cost of devices that support the technology.

They also note a minus – confirmation of the operation with a fingerprint.

Currently, most Android and iOS smartphones released after 2013 are equipped with NFC modules. Please note that it is the majority, and not all in a row. It is quite easy to check if this option is supported.

Just do the following:

  • Enter setup menu;
  • In the general list, find the MORE item;
  • Go to the opened section.

If there is an NFC item in the list of wireless connections and mobile networks, then the smartphone can be used for contactless payment.

Speaking of manufacturers, the following brands can offer this option:

  • Xiaomi;
  • Samsung Galaxy;
  • Huawei Honor;
  • iPhone;
  • Meizu;
  • Asus;
  • LG;
  • Sony.

It should be noted right away that among the listed options, not all models support contactless payment.

To implement NFC technology, a device must have three main characteristics:

  1. Operating system: from Android 4.4 or IOS from 8.0;
  2. Compliance with Google certification;
  3. Lack of third-party firmware (non-rooted smartphones).

Nfc savings bank android pay

If the mandatory requirements are not met, when you try to install the application, it will appear that Android Pay is not supported on this device.

At present, almost all issued cards support this technology. This applies to Visa, MasterCard and MIR cards.

It should be clarified here that Maestro Visa Electron cards with NFC modules do not work.

How to pay for metro rides?

Now it is not at all necessary to carry a Sberbank card in your pocket, because you can pay for purchases with a smartphone. All that is needed for this is to connect the Android Pay service in the Sberbank Online mobile application. This service is absolutely free. In addition, this payment method is completely safe – the smartphone does not store your card details.

In fact, Android Pay technology is a digital analogue of a contactless card. And if you are worried about the theft of your smartphone, then the easiest way is to order a Sberbank contactless card. This payment method is available on almost all modern phones since 2016 on the Android platform equipped with an NFC module. When you buy a smartphone, the box of the phone says whether it supports this function or not.

No problem. Moreover, contactless payment is possible on all types of public transport. However, here you need to remember that such a service is supported only in large Russian cities.

The advantages of this method include discounts on fares and the absence of the need to purchase travel tickets.

On the territory of Moscow, this service is called “Mobile Ticket”. To connect to this system, you need to purchase a SIM card that supports NFC technology. After installing a SIM card in a smartphone, the subscriber receives a request to activate the service.

Nfc savings bank android pay

To connect to the system, enter the number 1 in the response message. To disconnect: send 0 to the short number 3210. The service is supported by all Big Three operators.

The fare is paid according to the standard scheme of all contactless payments.

To do this, you need to perform only three steps:

  1. Unlock the screen of a mobile device;
  2. Bring the phone to the reading reader;
  3. Wait for funds to be debited.

Please note that on some gadgets, you will need to put your finger on the fingerprint scanner to confirm the operation.

Note that in order to perform such transactions, you need to activate the NFC mode on your smartphone and install an application for contactless payment.

Nfc savings bank android pay

To provide the user with access to NFC in the absence of a chip slot, mobile operators have developed special SIM cards. They integrate a module for contactless payment. With their help, the owner of the smartphone can pay in stores.

You can get a SIM card from most mobile operators, if this is not prohibited for any reason. The initiator of blocking SIM cards with NFC may be the government. In some cases, certain cards cannot be connected to them, which is due to a ban on the part of bank employees or the payment system used on the linked card.

To pay by phone without NFC, you need:

  1. Visit the operator’s sales salon and ask about the possibility of buying such a card.
  2. Find out the conditions for using the SIM card and accept them.
  3. Pay for the purchase and get the module.
  4. Install the SIM card in the appropriate slot.
  5. Download the application to pay from your smartphone.
  6. Set up the program and link a bank card.

This simple algorithm of actions will allow you to use contactless payment on almost any device.


Payment without using NFC is available even on outdated low-cost devices and in the absence of a chip slot. You don’t need any skills to install a SIM card.

будет ли работать гугл пей без nfc

As with modern devices, user data is protected from theft. When setting up the card, you must specify a pin code or create a graphic password. If fingerprint scanning is available or there is a face identification system, the user will be able to protect the device much better.


The main drawback of SIM cards with a built-in module is instability. The chip installed directly into the device is much more reliable.

In addition, an NFC SIM card is not easy to find. And even with a successful installation, its performance is not guaranteed. Some banks do not allow users to pay with NFC received using a SIM. In such a situation, it is necessary to obtain the relevant information from a particular bank.

Most modern smartphones use a slide-out tray for SIM cards. In some cases, the chip may not work. Obtaining and installing NFC in the absence of built-in is a long process that requires the user to obtain a lot of information. Although you need to purchase a phone with a built-in chip to work correctly, you can also use an older device.

How to connect and set up?

To use a mobile phone instead of Sberbank cards, you need to connect the NFC module. The algorithm is:

  1. Unlock the device.
  2. Go to the “Settings” section.
  3. Open the “Wireless networks” section.
  4. Click on “More”.
  5. Find the line “NFC”.
  6. Click on the power on command.
  1. If you don’t have the Sberbank Online app installed, download it on Google Play.
  2. Open the application, in the main menu, find the desired card and open detailed information about it.
  3. You will see the line “Add to Android Pay” – click on it and follow the prompts

You can also connect a Sberbank card in the Android Pay app itself

How to pay for metro rides?

  • Unlock the screen of your smartphone and bring it to a terminal that accepts contactless payment.
  • You will see the inscription “Done” on the screen and hear a sound signal – the payment was successful!

Many people ask about the limit of payment via Android Pay. Well, as in the case of a contactless card, payments for purchases in the amount of up to 1000 rubles inclusive are made without entering the PIN code of the card. If the purchase is over 1000 rubles, then after applying the smartphone to the payment terminal, you will additionally need to enter a pin code.

как оплачивать телефоном без nfc


  1. If you don’t have the Android Pay app installed, please download it from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and add your Sberbank card.
  3. Confirm card information.

Payment with a Sberbank card via NFC is carried out the same way for all devices:

  1. The owner chooses the application and card for payment;
  2. Scans a fingerprint or enters a PIN code;
  3. Puts the smartphone on the screen of the terminal;
  4. After a short beep or vibration, the payment is made.

How is payment made?

Payment using the described service is very simple:

  1. Go to the checkout.
  2. The cashier reports the amount.
  3. Name the payment method – mobile phone.
  4. The cashier activates the reader on the cash register.
  5. Bring the phone to the reader.
  6. Confirm payment with a fingerprint or another method, depending on the device.
  7. Wait for the transaction to be approved by the system.
Important: after completing the transaction, always check the amount in the check and the balance on the account.

The amount will be debited from the card that is active at the time of purchase. If there is a need to activate another card, you should not confirm the payment. Wait for the list of payment instruments to appear on the screen, and click on the one you need, and then confirm.

If the purchase amount is more than 1,000.00 rubles, the system will require you to enter a pin code. If we are talking about spending on a large scale, you will also need to indicate the 4 final digits of the plastic number. To see them, you need to click on the “i” icon.

Purchases can be made both in regular stores and on trading platforms operating on the Internet.

Why is Android Pay good?

android pay без nfc

In addition to a bank card, you can also link all your discount cards to the Android Pay service. Yes! Now it is not necessary to carry a wallet full of cards – all of them will be securely stored in the phone. More often, Visa and MasterCard, together with major banks, hold numerous promotions that encourage paying for purchases using Android Pay.

The process of accruing bonuses for such a purchase is very simple – you buy goods under the terms of the promotion – after successful payment, part of the money for the purchase is instantly returned to your account. Payment via Android Pay is now supported in a variety of applications, such as Uber, Delivery Club, OneTwoTrip and Rambler. Cash register.

The only difficulty will arise if you often pay with different cards. Then you will have to go into the application every time and change the card for payment by default.

Why is Android Pay bad?

The first big disadvantage of Android Pay is the situation with the return of goods. The fact is that when buying through a payment terminal, a unique token is created (a unique digital combination that identifies your purchase), which remains behind the payment terminal in which you paid. Therefore, you can return the money only through the terminal through which you paid for the purchase.

The operation simply will not go through another terminal. Therefore, for large purchases, we advise you not to be lazy and pay for goods using a regular bank card. Payment via Android Pay is stored on Google servers, so if the phone does not have Internet access, then you can make 1-2 purchases at most, after which the smartphone will ask for Internet access. Otherwise, further purchases will not be possible. This is a big minus compared to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Absolutely all Sberbank cards, except Maestro.

Instead of your personal data and card information, a virtual account number is used. User information is encrypted using SSL technology and stored only on Google servers. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can change your password, lock your devices, or remove all personal data from your phone using Android Remote Control.

Thousands of organizations in Russia already support Android Pay, including such popular ones as Magnit, Perekrestok, Starbucks, KFC and Rosneft, and their list will continue to grow. And, great news for those whose discount and bonus cards no longer fit in their wallet. Android Pay lets you store their data right on your phone.


можно ли платить телефоном без nfc

When switching to new technologies related to money management, users are always interested in how safe the new service is, whether scammers can hack it.

Buying with your mobile phone is completely safe. The reason for this is the limited range of the signal. It cannot be intercepted. As noted earlier, the transmitted signal does not contain information about the card and the user. Assuming that it is nevertheless intercepted, they still cannot be used. You don’t have to worry about data privacy.

Keys relevant for transactions are not stored in the memory of the mobile device.

Is Android Pay right for you?

The Android Pay wireless payment feature is suitable for you if you pay for purchases with one card all the time and do not often buy large amounts. In addition, mobile Internet must always be connected to your phone, otherwise the payment will not go through. Well, at least it would not hurt to always have a PowerBanka with you to recharge your smartphone – after all, if the phone sits down, then you won’t be able to pay through it. This payment method contains both pluses and minuses – to use or not to use it – it’s up to you.


NFC is a comfortable and secure service that holds the future. The main obstacle to its widespread use is the lack of technological equipment. Stops the process and the high price of mobile devices that support the technology. To date, they are not available to everyone.

Contactless payments are firmly established in our lives. Now more and more manufacturers of mobile devices are equipping their gadgets with NFC modules. Readers are installed not only in stores.

Как настроить NFC для оплаты картой Сбербанка?

The system operates in cafes and restaurants, public transport and other establishments. Paying with one touch of a smartphone is becoming as familiar as sending SMS.

Accept payments with Apple Pay

The introduction of the NFC — Near Field Communication system has led to the emergence of applications for contactless payment for purchases from mobile devices. The introduction of the technology has provoked various questions regarding its capabilities and uses.

Programs like Google Pay work solely due to the presence of an NFC chip in devices. The latter acts as an analogue of contactless modules of bank cards. Accordingly, it is used to pay for purchases from a smartphone. In the absence of a chip, payment at terminals becomes impossible. You can purchase and install the module manually, but some devices do not have a suitable slot.

Contactless payment technology is implemented by installing NFC modules. This abbreviation stands for Near Field Communication, which means close communication or short range.

In fact, we are talking about a microchip that can be integrated into almost any medium.

In particular, banks were among the first to appreciate the advantages of this technology and began to issue contactless payment cards. On such plastic, a stylized radio wave icon is depicted, on the front side there is an inscription PayPass or PayWave. When paying for a purchase with such a card, the amount up to 1,000 rubles is debited without confirming the transaction with a pin code.

Given the compact dimensions of the NFC module, it can be integrated into any mobile gadget: smartphone, fitness bracelet, smart watch. In any case, this chip is synchronized with a bank card and becomes an independent payment instrument.

To make a payment, just bring the gadget to the reader. Mandatory condition: the distance between the module and the reader should not exceed 10 centimeters.

Как настроить NFC для оплаты картой Сбербанка?

In general, such a system is very convenient, and despite its apparent simplicity, it is equipped with multi-level protection, which prevents the card details from falling into the hands of intruders.

Purchases with a smartphone are paid in the same way as with a bank card. To make a payment, you need to go to the application menu and attach the gadget to the cash register reader.

If the purchase price does not exceed 1,000 rubles, the funds will be debited by default. In situations where the purchase price exceeds the established limit, you will have to enter a pin code. There is no commission for such transactions.

Sberbank offers its clients this opportunity. Acquiring connects to points of sale and online stores. Activation takes only one day, valid throughout Russia. Payments are accepted through online cash desks, instant messengers and social networks. The service is available only for legal entities.

To connect the service, you need to fill out an application on the Sberbank website, meet with the manager and sign a service agreement.

Is it possible to pay with Google pay without NFC

Here is a short instruction on how to set up payment by Android phone for Sberbank cards. As mentioned above, this is only possible if the mobile device is equipped with an NFC module.

If this requirement is not met, contactless payment apps will not work even if they can be downloaded.

If there are no contradictions, there are two ways to make contactless payments through Sberbank cards.


This system application of the bank allows you to set up contactless payments.

Как настроить NFC для оплаты картой Сбербанка?

To pay Sberbank payments with your Android phone, you need to do the following:

  • Log in to the system using personal identifiers or a one-time password;
  • Select a card from which payments will be made;
  • In the menu that opens, select the DETAILED INFORMATION item;
  • Among the available payment methods, the CONTACTLESS PAYMENT item is selected;
  • The operation is completed by pressing the ADD button,

Google Pay

NFC setting rules

It is not difficult to do this. To perform the operation, you need to go to the smartphone settings menu, and go to the WIRELESS NETWORKS section. Here you need to turn the checkbox to the ON position. This scheme works for all mobile devices without exception.

After that, you need to install an application for contactless payment on your phone or use the system functionality from the developer. If specialized software is chosen, let’s talk about the settings of such applications for various mobile devices.

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