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NFC tap

Technology features

– reading mode, in which the phone reads the passive tag, for example, for interactive advertising;

– card emulation, in which the gadget is able to “pretend” to be a card, for example, a payment card or a pass;

– P2P mode, which pairs two phones for data exchange.

Most often, NFC technology assumes that the carrier of the chip is a mobile phone, which is as much a mass device as it is an individual one, and at the same time it is completely inseparable from its owner. In this case, it can be used as a means of payment, which is acceptable if you have a virtual wallet, a key, a means to identify the owner, a travel ticket, a bonus card, and much more.

Method of implementation and development prospects

Contactless payment technologies have now become very advanced, and this has led to the emergence of cards such as MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave, which have built-in antennas and NFC functionality. This market has become so developed that now companies such as MasterCard, Google, Sprint, Citibank and First Data have formed a service called Google Wallet installed on a number of Android smartphones.

NFC technology is implemented in the form of a chip operating in passive or active mode. The first option involves using the device as a pass or subway card, and the second – receiving information from passive devices, as well as sending it. At the moment, one can observe not too intensive distribution of this technology, but everything is already ready to conquer the world.

NFC tap

In modern society, there are very bright prospects for using this technology to use mobile devices for contactless payments. It is quite possible that in a few years one smartphone will replace the user with a whole range of devices and devices.

What to do to scan marks

Tags in this case are small programmable information zones built into billboards, posters or on shelves with products in retail stores. If you touch any of them, you can get some additional information in the form of web addresses, maps, or movie commercials.

The process of working with labels involves a certain sequence of actions to obtain the information embedded in them.

First, make sure your phone’s NFC function is enabled and its screen is active. Place your phone above the tag so that the NFC detection area touches it. Next, your device will scan the tag, and then display the content received from it. You should touch the content, and then you will open the label.

How to transfer a music file using NFC

To begin with, you should make sure that the necessary function is enabled on your phone and the recipient’s device, and that the screens of both gadgets are active. You can open the music player by going to the main screen, where the “Multimedia” item will be selected, and after it the “Music” icon. If the latter is not displayed, then touch the “Apps screen” symbol, and after it – “Music”.

To open the media library, you need to visit the “My Music” tab. After selecting a music category, you can proceed to select a track that will be sent to a friendly device. You should touch it to play, and then click on the pause. Broadcasting occurs only when the track is playing or paused.

The transmitting and receiving phones must be turned back to each other so that their NFC recognition zones touch. When the connection is established, both devices will vibrate, and then the broadcast will begin. After vibration, the devices should be moved away from each other. This prevents attempts to reconnect, which could interfere with the transfer process.

Important moments

Что такое NFC

So, if we talk about what NFC is, then we should also say about the presence of certain moments that can be called the “dark side” of this technology. While NFC can make many everyday tasks easier, sometimes it makes life a lot more difficult when you look at it from a security point of view.

This technology only works at close range. If you do not use NFC, then for complete protection and to ensure your safety, you can turn it off. In this case, all its convenience simply disappears, but this allows you to use other methods. It all depends on the individual settings of the smartphone.

It is worth imagining such a scenario as the loss of a phone or its theft. Then the person who found or stole it will be able to use all payments and functions. However, it’s worth being realistic here, because you can lose the keys to your apartment or car or wallet, which is fraught with the same danger. That is, NFC is only as secure as the user decides.

First devices

NFC support first appeared in the Nokia 6131, released in 2006. However, such a function turned out to be completely useless and unclaimed, since at that time there was no infrastructure. The NFC module is currently equipped with a serial smartphone Sony Xperia S. This device is equipped with a dual-core processor and a 43-inch HD screen.

It runs on an operating system from Google. Android-NFC is no different from a similar function in other platforms. This device comes with two NFC tags called XPERIA SmartTags, which allow you to program the launch of certain operations in the device within their range, for example, turning on the navigator or turning off Wi-Fi.

Intel has already addressed issues related to the integration of NFC chips into next generation ultrabooks, and only this can guarantee that this technology has a great future.

The birth of the future

So, if we consider NFC technology (how to use it is already a little clear), then it is worth saying about who or what it owes its appearance to. In 2002, companies such as Sony and Phillips teamed up to develop an entirely new radio standard, which was given the name.

Prior to this, attempts were repeatedly made to form technologies of this kind: Phillips created the MIFARE technology, and Sony had a similar development called FeliCa. Despite the fact that these technologies had a lot in common, they turned out to be incompatible with each other. The created standard was intended to absorb all the advantages of past developments, as well as open up opportunities for its application in practice.

Speaking about what NFC is, it should be mentioned that since its inception and development, this technology has been focused on the implementation of interaction between different electronic devices, between which there is no wired connection. As examples, it is appropriate to indicate personal computers, PDAs, mobile phones, video cameras, and other gadgets.

NFC в телефоне что это

We can say about such a feature of the implementation of the interaction of devices working with the support of this technology as the rapid initiation of communication between devices after they are brought close to each other at a fairly close distance. After the connection is established, an attempt is made to transfer data between the devices.

For example, if you bring a working camera to the TV, provided that the NFC module works in both gadgets, the image transfer process will immediately begin. If a mobile phone or PDA is in close proximity to a personal computer, this will allow you to immediately start synchronizing the address book or some other documents.

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