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NFC technology in a smartphone: what is it and how does it work?

Budget phones with NFC

Price: 11,670 rubles

Opens the rating of cheap phones with NFC – Samsung Galaxy J4 (2018). This is one of the few successful models of the company in 2018. If we talk about its merits, then I immediately want to mention a screen with a diagonal of 6 inches and a resolution of 1480 by 720 pixels. Despite the fact that the matrix was made using IPS technology, and not AMOLED, it gives the user a detailed picture with a high level of contrast and rich colors.

The features of the smartphone include face unlock. This technology is gradually replacing the fingerprint scanner, and the fact that it can be found in a solution for such a price cannot but rejoice. It works clearly, although in a dark room the face of the owner of the front camera may not be recognized.

Sony Xperia L2

Price: 12,350 rubles

One step away from winning the top of inexpensive phones with an NFC chip, the Sony Xperia L2 model stopped. In addition to the corporate angular design, thanks to which Sony smartphones are known, it offers its user a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels. Despite such a low resolution for 2018, the image on the display is quite juicy and bright, and the colors are saturated. In terms of compactness, the gadget significantly outperforms most modern “shovels”. Dimensions Sony Xperia L2 – 78x150x9.8 mm

The MediaTek MT6737T entry-level processor and 3 GB of RAM can handle all daily tasks, but it has no headroom for the future. The main disadvantage of the model is its autonomy. This is a little strange, since a 3300 mAh battery should be enough to support simple hardware and a low-resolution screen without any problems.

NFC technology in a smartphone: what is it and how does it work?

Sony Xperia L2

Huawei P Smart 32GB

Price: 12,530 rubles

Huawei P Smart is the best budget phone with NFC. The gadget was equipped with a bright 5.65-inch display with a resolution of 2160 by 1080 pixels. Due to the fact that it has a natural color reproduction, the picture pleases with its quality in any work scenarios, from everyday use to watching videos and playing games.

Huawei P Smart is strong with its speaker. Even at maximum volume, when playing music, you will be pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. By connecting a high-quality headset to your smartphone, even spoiled audiophiles will be satisfied. There were some drawbacks, but for their price they are not so critical – the lack of Wi-Fi 5 GHz and a slippery case.

Huawei P Smart 32GB

Ways to use NFC

Perhaps one of the most common ways to use NFC is contactless payments. The user can attach a bank card to his mobile device, with which he will pay in the future, for example, if the card is left at home. In this case, the possibility of intercepting data is extremely small due to the small range of the interface; a lost or stolen unlocked smartphone poses a great danger.

To make a payment via NFC, you will need:

  1. Bank card marked paypass.
  2. Application of the respective bank.
  3. Find NFC in the application menu.
  4. Attach the card to the back cover of the phone for reading.
  5. Remember the password for making payment transactions, sent in an SMS message.

The next way to use technology is to share data. With Android Beam, you can transfer various files from one mobile device to another. However, the transmission speed is very slow, so this function is more suitable for sending small text messages and links.

1. Activate NFC – check the box next to this item in the “Wireless Networks” menu, unlock the smartphone and turn on the screen.

Middle price segment

Huawei P20 Lite

NFC technology in a smartphone: what is it and how does it work?

Price: 16,390 rubles

Huawei P20 Lite is a real find in terms of wireless interfaces. Not only is there an NFC module, but Wi-Fi supports a / b / g / n and even ac standards, while it is still capable of operating in two frequency bands – 2.5 and 5 GHz. If only a small number of consumers appreciate it, then the 5.84-inch display with a resolution of 2280 by 1080 pixels will appeal to everyone. It pleases with natural color reproduction and bright colors.

Huawei P20 Lite is equipped with face unlock, while the developer has not abandoned the fingerprint scanner. Apparently, for those who will not like the new technology. Considering that both scanners work perfectly, choosing the best one is quite difficult. The advantages of the model include a rich set of functions, which is presented in the interface of the proprietary firmware.

Huawei P20 Lite

Yandex. Phone

Price: 17,990 rubles

Yandex. A phone is a smartphone with which our IT developer decided to debut in the respective market. However, the device turned out to be ambiguous and the launch cannot be called successful. The main advantage of the gadget lies in its shell from Yandex, namely in the voice assistant Alice. It works even when the phone is in a locked state, while using it you can set an alarm or find the nearest cafe. The 5.65-inch display with a resolution of 2160 by 1080 pixels turned out to be quite good. It has excellent detail and rich colors.

The disadvantages of a smartphone are weak hardware and autonomy. So, the Snapdragon 630 processor is already noticeably outdated and is only enough for simple games and everyday processes, and the 3050 mAh battery barely lives all day. However, these disadvantages cannot be compared with the work of cameras.

Not only does the second module not perform any of the usual functions here, but when shooting, the image is replete with blurry frames and insufficient dynamic range. Given all this, many Chinese phones with NFC look preferable to Yandex. Phone, but the features of the firmware allow the device to take second place in the ranking of smartphones up to 20,000 rubles at the beginning of 2019.

Smartphone Yandex. Phone

Honor 8X


Price: 16,990 rubles

Honor 8X is the leader in the ranking of smartphones with an NFC chip in the middle price range. The gadget has a memorable appearance – the back panel is made of 15-layer glass, thanks to which the smartphone stands out from most of its competitors. The device is based on the Kirin 710 processor. This is not the top-end chipset in Qualcomm’s arsenal, but its performance is enough for stable work in instant messengers and browsers.

Front – 6.5-inch display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels. It not only occupies 91% of the entire front of the smartphone, but is also able to please the owner with an image with rich and bright colors, as well as a high level of detail. True, it also has a minus, which is an insufficient supply of brightness. Because of this, using a smartphone in the sun is quite problematic.

Honor 8X

Best flagships with NFC

Xiaomi Mi8

Price: 24,990 rubles

If we talk about the best smartphones with an NFC module, we can’t help but mention Xiaomi Mi8. The gadget is equipped with a 6.21-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2248 by 1080 pixels. All the features of the matrix are on the face here – natural color reproduction, maximum viewing angles and high image detail. Pleased with the presence of the Snapdragon 845 processor, which is the most powerful on the market at the moment.

Xiaomi Mi8 is good in terms of cameras, the back turned out especially well. It is represented by two modules of 12 MP. Due to the presence of optical stabilization, optical zoom 2X and an aperture value of F / 1.8, the pictures are obtained with the correct color balance and are quite sharp. If it seems to you that the colors in the photos are not saturated enough, then you can always turn on the intelligent shooting mode, which will fix this. The disadvantages of the model include only the similarity in design with the iPhone X, as well as the lack of a 3.5-mm headphone jack.

Логотип технологии NFC

Xiaomi Mi8

Samsung Galaxy S9

Price: 37,770 rubles

The flagship of a well-known company will appeal not only to fans of the NFC module, but also to those who appreciate the photo capabilities of a smartphone. The main camera of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is represented by a single sensor with a resolution of 12 MP and an aperture of F / 1.5. It is also equipped with optical stabilization, which together leads to the fact that the pictures on it are juicy and detailed, so you can safely take the Samsung Galaxy S9 with you on vacation and then enjoy the footage.

Exynos 9810 is a processor that will give you amazing performance. With it, you will not encounter any problems either when solving everyday tasks or when launching games – even in PUBG, you can safely set the maximum graphics settings. The model has disadvantages, though they are not too significant.

Samsung Galaxy S

Apple iPhone XS Max

Price: 85,990 rubles

If you like premium smartphones with an NFC chip, then the best option for you is the Apple iPhone XS Max. The top representative of the latest generation of iPhones is equipped with the most powerful Apple A12 Bionic processor. At the moment, there is no such work scenario in which he would use his full potential.

Apparently, in the next couple of years the situation will not change and you will be able to run all games at maximum settings. You will enjoy them on a 6.5-inch display with a resolution of 2688 by 1542 pixels. Its matrix is ​​made using AMOLED technology, and therefore the viewing angles here are maximum, and the color reproduction is natural. All this is complemented by rich colors and a high level of contrast.

For lovers of photography, Apple iPhone XS Max is equipped with a dual camera with a resolution of 12 MP for each sensor. The rear camera has rich functionality – optical stabilization, optical double zoom and a set of intelligent scene detection. Thanks to all this, the Apple iPhone XS Max is able to capture any moment of your life with high quality. The disadvantages of the model include the lack of an adapter from 3.5mm to Lightning and native charging with a power of 1 ampere.

Пассивная метка NFC

Apple iPhone XS Max

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