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Qiwi phone support

Hotline number for active agents

You can call the customer support service by several numbers. Free communication is carried out by calling 8 (800) 555-000-5. This phone is available for making calls from the territory of Russia.

Also, for residents of Moscow and for making international calls, such numbers as: 7 (495) 231-36-45 and 7 (495) 231-36-46 are available. Calls to the numbers listed may incur charges. The cost of the call will depend on the tariffication of the telecom operator used.

For active agents of the Qiwi payment system, there is a hot lily. Agents from the regions can find out all the information they need by calling 8 (800) 200-00-59, extension 4004. The call to this number is free.

For Moscow and the Moscow Region, the phone number is 7 (495) 783-59-59, extension 4004. Calls to this number are chargeable. Call charges will vary by carrier.

Customer support is also provided on the bank’s website. To access this method of consultation, you will need to go to the official resource of the bank and go to the “Help” section. Here you will need to select the link “Contact QIWI support”. A list of questions for contacting support will appear on the page. You will need to select the required category, then specify the direction of the question, fill in the form fields and send the request.

Agents have their own support section. To access the service, you will need to go to the bank’s official resource for corporate clients, open the “Agents” section in the menu and click on the “Agent support” link. Then you will need to select the category of the appeal, fill in the form fields and send the appeal.

What is technical support and when to contact it

Qiwi phone support

To begin with, let’s figure out what kind of service it is and why it is needed. And here, first of all, it is worth understanding that the payment system has a set of mechanisms and tools through which financial transactions are performed. In fact, it is a set of algorithms and commands. And although these mechanisms are well-established and, in theory, the system should work perfectly, in fact, external factors such as an unstable Internet connection, too much request flow, program errors, and so on affect its operation.

All this may cause some failures and errors in the system. And many of them will not resolve themselves. Therefore, users have to ask for help. For this, a Qiwi wallet support service was created. Of course, the operation of the system is affected, and other factors and we will not list them. The main thing to grasp the essence is that this service works to solve various problems associated with the operation of the wallet.

When to ask for help? Here you already decide for yourself. If a question arises that you cannot handle on your own, then you just need the help of a support service.

You can contact Qiwi for help in several ways:

  1. In writing through the official website.
  2. Call the hotline number.
  3. By e-mail.
  4. Visit the nearest Qiwi Bank office.

All methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and may be relevant under certain circumstances. For example, not everyone will be able to visit the company’s office, since at the moment it is only in the Russian Federation, and not in all cities and regions. But everyone can send a letter, although in this case it will take a long time to wait for an answer. And yet, let’s take a closer look at all the options for contacting Qiwi support.

Personal appeal to the office

As mentioned above, there are quite a few reasons for seeking help from the administration of the system. Moreover, you yourself decide in what situation to contact support, and in what situation to resolve the issue yourself (if possible). At the same time, several problems can be identified that require mandatory intervention by the administration of the payment system:

  • Password difficulties.
  • Incorrect operation of self-service terminals (freezes, money did not reach, the check was not printed, and so on).
  • An error was made in filling in the details, and the money went to the wrong account.
  • The website or mobile application does not work (or there are errors in operation).
  • I do not receive SMS messages with a confirmation code.
  • The wallet is blocked.
  • Faced a scammer (these issues are resolved with the security service).

These are the main questions that the Qiwi Wallet support service will help to solve. But, this does not mean that you cannot ask for help on other issues. You can simply ask a question that interests you, and you are guaranteed to receive an answer in expanded form. However, it should be understood that there are quite a lot of users, and, accordingly, there are just as many calls. Because of this, a queue is created, and this, in turn, takes time to consider applications and you will have to wait quite a long time for a response.

Therefore, contacting support for nothing is also not worth it, so as not to create delays once again. Basic information is also on the official website. Just read the information there.

Qiwi phone support

So, let’s take a closer look at those issues that require the obligatory intervention of the Kiwi administration.

Password problems

This is one of the most common problems. The fact is that users often simply forget their password and do not know how to restore access to their wallet, which is why they immediately try to contact Qiwi Support for help.

But, this is not the best option, since it takes a long time to wait for an answer. It is much faster and easier to restore access yourself. Moreover, this does not require a lot of time and effort. You will learn how to restore access from the article “Kiwi password”.

Automatic stuck

Everything is ambiguous here. The problem is that Qiwi terminals are far from being everywhere, and often people confuse branded devices with automatic machines from partners. And those Qiwi wallet support will help only if you used a proprietary terminal. So, if we are talking about one of these devices, then in this case you need to contact the Qiwi terminal support service and call the appropriate number – the Qiwi terminal hotline: 8 800 301-11-31. Call this number first.

In addition, you should know that many devices are serviced by private individuals, the so-called Qiwi agents. These are people who have entered into an agreement with the payment system and serve a dedicated (sometimes several) terminal, receiving their own percentage from this. And sometimes it’s easier to contact an agent than with the Kiwi administration.

But, in order to reduce the risk of problems, you should read the article “How to work with the terminal correctly”.

Qiwi phone support

And if it turned out that while working with the device you encountered some kind of failure, then detailed instructions on how to act in this case can be found in the article “Kiwi terminals do not work”.

Due to the fact that the account number in this payment system matches the mobile phone number, quite often there is such a problem as an error in the recipient’s details. That is, users simply make a mistake when writing the account number. In this case, you should definitely know how to cancel a Qiwi payment.

Money didn’t come

Another fairly common problem is the phenomenon of not receiving money. That is, for example, you replenished your wallet through the terminal, deposited cash, and the device showed that everything is fine, but several days have passed, no transfers have been received on the account. This means only one thing – there was some kind of failure (with the device itself or somewhere on the server), and the money just hung at some stage. This issue is also resolved through support. More details on how to solve such complications are described in the article “Money did not come to Qiwi”.

Qiwi does not work

This question implies two directions:

  • The site doesn’t load or I can’t log into my account.
  • The mobile application does not work.

These are two different options, which need to be solved in different ways. For example, a common problem when you can’t log into your account through the official website is a problem in the browser. In most cases, this problem is related to the turbo function, which supposedly speeds up the program and your Internet.

In fact, the browser simply does not load important elements of the page, which is why problems arise. But, this is far from the only problem that can affect you. If you want to log into your Qiwi personal account, but cannot do this, then the problems may be on the side of the payment system, and your provider, and so on. Therefore, you should definitely study the question of why the Qiwi wallet does not work in all details. This will avoid many difficulties.

Qiwi phone support

If we are talking about the Qiwi mobile application, then, as a rule, the problem is in the application itself, which just needs to be updated on time. The fact is that the Qiwi server will not accept and process requests sent from outdated software. And here Qiwi technical support will not help you. Just update the software.

If you have used this payment system at least once, you should know that any changes in settings, transactions and in general any actions are accompanied by confirmation via SMS. That is, a message with a one-time confirmation code comes to the phone. This is done to improve your own security.

In the event that none of the support has been beneficial, then in the most difficult situation, you can contact the central office of this organization. The address can be found in the “Contacts” section.

Rules for avoiding difficult situations:

  • do not respond to suspicious SMS and calls;
  • not disclose your own login passwords;
  • keep payment receipts;
  • follow the safety rules indicated on the site.

It is better if the phone number of the Qiwi Wallet hotline is always in the nearest access (in a notebook, phone or on a check in a wallet). This can help in those difficult situations when you need an urgent appeal, and there is no computer nearby.

Support service on the website of Qiwi Bank

Operators inform customers about any bank services. The range of possible questions is very wide. Operators can be consulted in cases such as:

  • Bank card service;
  • Payment for services;
  • Maintenance of electronic wallets;
  • Performing translations;
  • PIN-code recovery;
  • Password recovery;
  • SMS confirmation of payments;
  • Ordering a statement of transactions;
  • Ordering payment orders;
  • Service at Qiwi terminals;
  • Acceptance of proposals and thanks;
  • Acceptance of claims;
  • Issues related to working with corporate clients;
  • Other issues related to bank services.

In which case support cannot help?

The support service of Qiwi Bank cannot always provide assistance in resolving customer issues. So, if, for example, the problem is related to the operation of third-party services, customers will be asked to contact support for this service. Also, operators cannot advise on issues related to servicing the accounts of other customers. Therefore, if the client wants to receive information on accounts, he is invited to go through identification to confirm his identity.

Security Service

Техподдержка Киви - блог Guland

So, we learned a lot about technical support. However, there are some issues that only the Qiwi security service can consider. The following topics fall under their jurisdiction:

  • Blocking and unblocking an account (wallet).
  • Cases of fraudulent activity.

Let’s look at these issues in more detail.

Qiwi’s safety is paramount. Therefore, first you need to know for what reasons you can be blocked:

  1. Exceeding limits.
  2. Suspicion of fraud.
  3. Complaint from another Qiwi Wallet customer.

In any case, if you want to challenge the decision of the administration and unlock your wallet, you will have to contact the security service. Detailed instructions on how to do this are given in the article “How to unlock a wallet”.

It so happened that when it comes to money, lovers of “freebies” appear. And the more complex the security system, the more sophisticated methods of deception will be invented. And in order to avoid trouble, be careful not to make prepayments to unverified stores and service providers and do not fall for sweet promises. To reduce the risk of being deceived, you should definitely familiarize yourself with the latest schemes of how scammers deceive.

Qiwi phone support

This will allow you to quickly recognize such a person and refuse him in time. But if it has already happened that you ran into a scammer, then you will have to contact the security service.

Now you know what Qiwi customer support is, how to work with it, when to contact it, and how to avoid many troubles. Be careful!

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