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Samsung Pay in Belarus – how to use, how to connect, which banks support Samsung Pay

How to enable Samsung Pay: basic principles

There is only one way to connect the application and link cards to it. This requires a Samsung device with an embedded NFC chip for contactless payment.

The smartphone must also have an application of the same name installed, and for smart watches, you must create a binding of the latter to the phone.

Samsung J6 is the only smartphone in its lineup that supports contactless payment. To set it up, you need:

  1. Install Samsung Pay.
  2. Launch the application and set up a pin code to verify and confirm payment.
  3. Select the type of card you want to attach.
  4. Enter information or take a photo of the card.
  5. Accept the user agreement of the bank and the payment system.
  6. Request SMS with verification code.

By entering the code, the user will connect the card to the device. Up to 10 bank cards can be added in this way.

Samsung J8

Launched in 2018, the smartphone impressed users by not having an NFC chip.

This decision surprised many, as contactless payment is available on many cheaper models.

On many modern models of Samsung gadgets, the Samsung Pay application is installed by default.

How can a phone replace a bank card?

If the information contained on the card is written to the mobile device, the devices that read the card can also read the phone.

Samsung Pay works with payment terminals using two technologies:

  • Near field communication (NFC) – data transmission over very short distances, acts like bluetooth, but in the “near field”. Accepted by specially equipped new terminals.
  • Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) – secure transmission of the magnetic field. Works with terminals that accept magnetic stripe cards (there are many of them).

Samsung Pay in Belarus - how to use, how to connect, which banks support Samsung Pay

Then the payment data is transferred to the bank, checked and become the basis for transferring money.

Samsung Pay is a program installed on your phone that uses your bank card information for money transactions. However, other phone systems and Samsung do not receive information to access card account money.

How to connect Samsung Pay on Galaxy Watch

To connect your Samsung smart watch to a contactless payment system, check:

  • the device is compatible with a contactless payment system;
  • a Samsung account linked to the phone is required;
  • Device pairing app must be installed on both phone and watch: Galaxy Wearable must be installed for Galaxy Watch;
  • watch software must be updated to the latest version;
  • Internet and Bluetooth connection required.
  1. Go to Galaxy Wearable on your watch and link your phone to it if you haven’t already.
  2. In the app on your smartphone, open the payment point and open the app, or go to Samsung Pay through settings.
  3. Look at the educational pictures offered by the company.
  4. Log in to your Samsung account and launch the program.
  5. Add a new bank card.
  6. Set up a quick payment confirmation by creating a four-digit pin code. You can supplement it with a fingerprint scanner or face recognition system, if such functions are available on the phone.
  7. Enter the required data and wait for the confirmation request. Accept the user agreement.
  8. Create an electronic signature.
  9. Open the Samsung Pay app on your Galaxy Watch.
  10. Proceed to the payment point.
  11. Read the suggested instructions or scroll through them.
  12. Add a new card on the watch by repeating the same manipulations as on the phone. On the latter, you can take a picture of the card, which will speed up the process, but on the Galaxy Watch, data will have to be entered manually.
  13. Accept the user agreement.
  14. Register the card and click done.

Read the instructions before using the application.

How to Connect Samsung Pay to Gear S3

To pair your Samsung smart watch with a contactless payment system, you need to make sure of the following requirements:

  • the watch is NFC compatible and has the same name chip in the case;
  • the linked phone must be authorized in the Samsung account;
  • Smartphone and Gear S3 need to install the Samsung Gear app to manage devices;
  • the operating system of the devices must be the latest version available;
  • there is a connection to the network and via bluetooth.
  1. Pair your watch with your phone using Samsung Gear.
  2. Open Samsung Pay on your smartphone, go to the payment point and launch the application.
  3. View the tutorial pictures.
  4. Log in to your Samsung account on your watch.
  5. Turn on the app and go to the payment section in the Samsung Pay app on your watch.
  6. Add a club or bank card.
  7. Add a four-digit pin code for quick payment confirmation.
  8. Read the instructions carefully.
  9. Scan the card with your phone’s camera or enter the information yourself.
  10. Accept the terms of use offered by the bank and the payment system.
  11. Request SMS to confirm the binding and create an electronic signature.

Samsung Pay in Belarus - how to use, how to connect, which banks support Samsung Pay

Click done and look at the instructions provided by the developers.

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