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Samsung Pay – Money transfers

Samsung service centers

The Service is an electronic payment made through the company’s mobile devices. Most smartphones and tablets support this option.

The service appeared in August 2015, after a Korean manufacturer bought a small company LoopPay in February.

She developed and implemented a new opportunity for the banking industry. The novelty is as follows.

The program creates a virtual magnetic strip, which is used on electronic means of payment when paying by terminal.

Смарт-браслет с NFC-чипом

The technology is called Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST). It creates an emulation of a magnetic field, as a result of which the terminal takes this virtual field for a magnetic strip and performs a reading operation.

MST is completely related to another NFC technology. Translated from English means “near field communication” (Near field communication). It appeared in 2004, but has not yet received proper distribution.

Thanks to the Samsung Pay service, NFC has become more popular, since contactless payment only works when NFC is enabled. The range is no more than 8 centimeters, which is the optimal value for paying by phone.

After the option began to be actively used in the Russian Federation, the vendor organized an advertising campaign in support of its new technology.

Many services and goods were much cheaper when paying through Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay - Money transfers

For example, a ride on the Moscow metro was half the price if the client paid using contactless payment technology.

The contactless payment function is not supported by all Samsung smartphones. Earlier versions do not have this capability.

The list of the most popular models is as follows:

  • Galaxy S8;
  • Galaxy S7;
  • Galaxy S6, but there are some restrictions;
  • Galaxy A3;
  • Galaxy S9;
  • Galaxy A5.

The S6 series does not have built-in MST technology, which means that models in this category can only work with modern electronic payment readers.

Here is a short instruction on how to pay using the contactless payment system.

  1. The customer goes to the store’s checkout and waits for the employee to enter payment data into the terminal;
  2. After the cashier announces the final amount of the purchase, the owner of the smartphone swipes his index finger across the screen from the bottom up to activate the Samsung pay application;
  3. In the next step, the user brings the mobile device to the payment terminal and waits until an inscription confirming the payment operation appears on the screen;
  4. The client puts the communicator in his pocket and takes the purchase.

Information about service centers can be obtained on the official website of the company.

Samsung Pay - Money transfers

By going to the site, the visitor indicates his device with which he had a problem.

List of Samsung devices

Next, he chooses the option he needs and clicks on it with the left mouse button. A list of mobile devices will be displayed on the screen.

List of service centers in Moscow

Search uses special filters. The visitor can choose which SCs he is interested in: direct from Samsung, partner authorized centers, or both.

Detailed information is provided for each company. Worth a five-star rating. The more stars, the more customers liked the SC.

Below is the official address of the portal and contact phone numbers for more information. Some service centers have recommended visiting hours.

SC loading time during the working day

There are two links at the very end of the line. By clicking on the first one, the client will be shown the location of the service center on a schematic map, and the second one will help to get directions using the Yandex. Cards”.

Take the opinions of mobile device owners about the contactless payment service from the Otzovik website.


It’s 2017, and cash, although not completely out of circulation, is noticeably losing ground compared to plastic cards that almost everyone has. We receive a salary, a stipend, sometimes even a pension on the card. Going to a supermarket near the house and paying for purchases by bank transfer is part of our daily routine. In Moscow and St. Petersburg last year, terminals appeared even at the subway ticket offices.

Sources: CBR, Visa, Sberbank, Ipsos Comcon, AC{amp}amp;M-Consulting, J’son {amp}amp; Partners Consulting

The next stage after the transition to cards is contactless payment, which is also gradually becoming familiar. With its help, you can pay by simply attaching a bank card to the terminal and, if necessary, entering a password (depending on specific security settings). For example, in the Moscow metro, this technology was equipped with terminals at the entrance, which allows you to touch the turnstile with a card or smartphone, on which the number of paid trips is recorded, and go through without buying a material ticket or travel card.

How useful is Samsung Pay?

The service is convenient because you can pay by bank transfer using only your smartphone.

Phone owners no longer have to look for a bank card to pay through the terminal. You just need to activate the application and make a payment. The action will take no more than one minute.

Such a service will save time on shopping, you will no longer have to stand in lines, waiting for sellers to find change for the buyer. Payment is instant.

There is a function of saving payments. All financial transactions that are made using Samsung Pay are stored in the application.

At any time, the owner of the communicator can open the history, and track the history of purchases.

Samsung Pay - Money transfers

The application can store an unlimited number of payment cards. Thus, the client can load all his cards into the program and no longer carry them with him.

Will you use contactless smartphone payments?

With Samsung Pay, you can link your bank card to your smartphone and get rid of the need to constantly carry “plastic” with you. The service works both with contactless terminals (NFC) and with terminals that accept cards with a magnetic stripe or a chip (this technology is called Samsung MST – Magnetic Secure Transmission).

Samsung Galaxy* smartphones that are compatible with Samsung Pay and support MST technology may emit a magnetic field similar to the magnetic stripe of a credit card. It happens that the sellers themselves do not know that this is possible in their stores – and payment works fine. Terminals where there is no contactless payment technology are common: in fast food chains, coffee houses and restaurants, supermarkets and regular grocery stores.

To carry out a transaction, you do not need to connect your smartphone to the Internet – the terminal itself, to which you apply the gadget, exchanges data with the bank. In general, the principle of payment is the same as for cards with PayPass or PayWave. The only difference is that the card itself is not needed for payment, you can create an electronic copy of it in your smartphone, and leave the plastic one at home.

Lyricist: Alexandra Mitroshina

Technology safety

When using Samsung Pay technology, many smartphone owners have a question – “How safe is it to use such a function?”.

The Korean vendor has set the following three rules to help protect data during payment and prevent hackers from gaining access:

  • Tokenization. During the payment operation, a one-time security token is received from the mobile device, which can only be accepted by one terminal. It is generated randomly. Its main purpose is to hide the bank card code, all data inside it is encrypted. Thus, the transfer of payment details to the terminal is fully encrypted, and excludes the possibility of hacking;
  • KNOX. A special technology that was developed by Samsung to protect their data. The technology is a “sandbox”, that is, it is an isolated virtual space in which all financial transactions or any other user actions take place. Using KNOX allows you to reliably protect the data of smartphone owners from intruders;
  • Confirmation of debiting funds from a means of payment passes either by a fingerprint or through a PIN code. The restriction only works when paying more than 1000 rubles. Accordingly, the withdrawal of funds will not occur without the permission of the user.

How to install, configure and use

Samsung Pay - Money transfers

According to the Central Bank, there are more than one and a half million payment terminals in Russia. Of these, two hundred thousand support NFC technology, and the rest work with magnetic plastic cards. Samsung Pay supports payments in any terminal thanks to MST technology (except for S6, S6 edge smartphones – they only work with NFC terminals).

The advantage of this technology is not only its prevalence, but also its availability. Samsung Pay works on the Galaxy A5 (2016) model, the cost of which in Russian retail is about 18,000 rubles. Galaxy A7 (2016), Note5, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge , S7, S7 edge and new Galaxy A3, A5, A7 (2017) are also supported. Simply put, users have plenty to choose from, focusing on their wallet.

How to register in the application?

After the application has been installed on a mobile device, launch it and go through registration. Two options are possible. The first case is when the client already has an account on the Samsung domain, and the second is when the user purchased a mobile device from a Korean company for the first time.

Let’s first look at how to create an account name on the Samsung portal. If the owner of the smartphone already has it, go to the next step.

  1. On the mobile device, open the “Settings” menu, go to the “Accounts” section. Next, click “Add an account”;
Section “Accounts”
  1. In the window that opens, select the line, as shown in the screenshot below;
Selecting a Samsung account
  1. In the window that opens, select the item “Create an account”;
Create Account Menu
  1. The main window with registration information will be displayed on the communicator screen. We begin to fill in the following.
New user registration form

First, the client comes up with an account name. It can be arbitrary, as long as it is easy to remember and unique.

In the next two lines, enter the password and its confirmation. It should be designed according to the recommendations below.

To check the entered data, the user can activate the “Show password” option. The screen will display the data specified in the corresponding fields.

Next, fill in the information about the year of birth, indicate the full name of the owner of the phone. This information is necessary so that if the mobile device is lost, the owner can get it back.

Which banks support Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay

A complete list of supported banks can be found on the official website. It is highly likely that you already have the card you need (for example, a salary card) and there is no need to get a new one. Among the major banks cooperating with Samsung Pay are Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, VTB24, Tinkoff Bank, Raiffeisen Bank and others.

The main payment system is MasterCard. There is Visa support, but only in Alfa-Bank, VTB24, MTS Bank, Raiffeisenbank and Tinkoff Bank. This list is expected to expand in the future.

No, you don’t need to visit a bank branch. First of all, you need to make sure that your bank and card support the Samsung Pay service. Then activate the Samsung Pay app and be sure to set a fingerprint or PIN to unlock the screen – this way you will confirm purchases in the future.

You add a card to the application itself: you can either scan it or enter data manually. For security reasons, the received images in the application cannot be screened. If the card is suitable, the application will ask you to accept the Samsung agreement and the bank agreement. After that, a one-time code will be sent to the phone number that you indicated when opening an account in SMS, with which you need to complete the registration.

Up to ten bank cards can be added to one smartphone, at the same time, one card can be added to a limited number of mobile devices (depending on the requirements of a particular bank).

You can also register a virtual card in the Samsung Pay software. The principle of registration is similar to the process for standard bank cards, but there are some differences.

Всё о Samsung Pay

First, the details of the payment instrument are generated by the vendor, without the participation of the user. This guarantees a high level of reliability of the generated data.

Secondly, the service of such a card is completely transferred to the side of Samsung. That is, the user no longer needs to change it, contact the representatives of the financial institution in case of any problems.

Thirdly, the virtual payment instrument will allow the client to secure his payments in the global network. If he suspects that he has been hacked, just go to the Samsung Pay program and block the current virtual card.

Most financial structures are ready to work with Samsung pay technology. From their point of view, this is a new technology that will completely replace the standard payment method in the near future.

List of famous banks:

  • Sberbank;
  • Alfa Bank;
  • Gazprombank;
  • Tinkoff;
  • VTB24;
  • Rocketbank;
  • Russian standard.

Separately, I would like to mention the payment card of Sberbank – MIR. This is a new system that was developed in Russia. Mostly used by government agencies.

Всё о Samsung Pay

In 2017, a decision was made to launch a pilot project involving several banks from the list above. They introduced the possibility of using the MIR payment system for contactless payment via Samsung Pay.

After successful testing, the project was approved, and in 2018 the service became widespread. Today, most banks work with the MIR payment system as well as with others. Bank card holders can easily pay for purchases.

Can scammers steal money?

On the Internet, every now and then there are horror stories that you can write off money from a card or smartphone by bringing the terminal to your bag or pocket. Distrust of users is natural – in order to get used to the new technology, it takes time. In fact, security issues are worked out from and to.

First, a tokenization system is used, which means that after adding a bank card, the Samsung Pay service always uses only a token instead of a card number – a special digital code generated randomly. Personal information during payment is not used and remains secure.

Secondly, to confirm the operation, you need to log in with your fingerprint or PIN code. Even if you lose your smartphone, those who find it will not be able to use Samsung Pay – especially if it is protected by a fingerprint. With a PIN code, of course, you have to be more careful. Especially in crowded places where he can be spied on, so be careful.

Thirdly, Samsung Galaxy smartphones have a built-in Samsung KNOX security system that protects the gadget from malicious attacks and continuously monitors possible vulnerabilities. In addition, even if something threatens the device, the KNOX system ensures data protection.

Before registering the card, the KNOX system checks the firmware of the smartphone. If Root is detected on the smartphone, viruses or firmware is modified, the card cannot be registered. If a virus enters the smartphone, Samsung Pay will be blocked.

In the next article, we will tell you in detail about the ways to protect Samsung Pay and why scammers will not be able to steal money.

One day with Samsung Pay: sharing impressions

Всё о Samsung Pay

The very idea of ​​combining a smartphone and a wallet is very interesting. Quietly leave money and cards at home and go to the mall: buy groceries at the supermarket, get a couple of new things at the store, drink a cappuccino at a coffee shop and have a snack at fast food. In large shopping centers, payment by smartphone works almost everywhere, and during the day of use, I never had to get cash. It turns out that even if you lose the card, you can continue to use it using Samsung Pay (depending on the requirements of a particular bank).

It was unusual to pay with Samsung Pay for the first time, but it was very simple – first we unlock it with a fingerprint, then we apply it to the terminal.

In the Russian capital, people do not perceive an attempt to pay with a smartphone as a miracle – apparently they are already used to it.

Plus, Samsung Pay is fast and convenient. The smartphone is almost always at hand: we launch Samsung Pay, touch the fingerprint scanner and apply the smartphone to the terminal. You can set up Samsung Pay in such a way that it will turn on with a simple swipe from the bottom up even when the smartphone screen is off.

Samsung Pay is accepted not only in hipster coffee shops. You can also pay at a regular food court.

Definitely, paying with Samsung Pay is faster than the traditional way. For those who do not know how to save, this is even a disadvantage: they are tempted to buy something else.

Using Samsung Pay, it is easy to make unplanned purchases – it will be important, for example, at lunchtime, when you leave the office without taking a bag with money or a jacket with you.

On the way to work, passing by a cafe, you can literally grab a coffee and a sandwich on the fly, and not delay the queue. Payment is faster than by card or cash – until they count, until they give change.

Всё о Samsung Pay

At the Danilovsky market, sellers of vegetables and fruits shrug their hands at the question not only about Samsung Pay, but also about cashless payments in general – so far they only use cash. But the emergence of new technologies in the realm of fresh fruits and other gifts of nature is only a matter of time. At the same time, absolutely all power points nearby support this technology.


The main advantage of Samsung Pay is the ability to pay for a product or service using a smartphone, forgetting about plastic cards and a wallet with cash. You don’t have to worry if you forgot money at home. The service is supported by all major banks, and thanks to the unique magnetic stripe imitation technology, Samsung Pay works not only with NFC terminals, but also with ordinary ones.

Why isn’t Samsung Pay working?

There may be different nuances during the payment process. Here is some of them.

  • If the total amount is more than 1000 rubles, the user will have to confirm the payment: put a finger on the sensor on the phone or enter a PIN code;
  • From time to time, terminals lose contact with the financial structure, which, as a result, leads to a delay in confirmation of payment or refusal by banks. In such cases, it is recommended to try again in a couple of minutes to make a payment;
  • There are not enough funds on the linked card. In this case, first of all, it is recommended to check the current balance of the client. And then try to use other cards, since by default only one card is used in the settings of the Samsung Pay application;
  • The customer purchased the phone from other than authorized Samsung partners. That is, he acquired a “gray” mobile device. In such situations, when registering in the Samsung system, the user will receive a message stating that the smartphone does not support the contactless payment option;
  • The firmware of each phone needs to be updated periodically, which contains the necessary data. It is recommended to regularly update the operating system and applications used to maintain relevance and new features;
  • From time to time, the NFC adapter stops working properly. You just need to restart your mobile device to check its status. If it still does not work, then it is recommended that you contact an authorized service center to resolve the problem.

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment system of a Korean company. Its main feature is the ability to make payments through terminals equipped to interact with magnetic tape cards that are familiar to many. To do this, in modern Samsung smartphones that support working with the service, MST technology is implemented.

With its help, the phone generates an alternating current, thereby creating a field that can change dynamically. It operates approximately at a distance of 8 centimeters from the reader. At the same time, the terminal is sure that the payment is made with a conventional magnetic card, so there is no need to re-equip it.

The owner of a Samsung smartphone with service support adds credit card data to the application, which subsequently enters Samsung Knox and remains there in encrypted form. Before making a payment, he selects the desired card, gains access to it by providing his fingerprint or entering a PIN code, brings the device to the terminal and waits for the transaction to complete.

During payment, the smartphone does not send the card data to the device for payment, but a 16-digit code called a token, so attackers will not be able to intercept them during the “communication” of the mobile device and the terminal. If they manage to get hold of the token, then they are unlikely to be able to do anything with it, since the system will immediately block it when reused.

Пример проведения платежа с помощью Samsung Pay

An example of making a payment using Samsung Pay

Всё о Samsung Pay

You can now pay with Samsung Pay on one of the following Samsung Galaxy models: S7, S7 Edge, A3(2017), A5(2016/2017), A7(2016/2017), Note 5, S6 Edge , S6 Edge and S6. Interestingly, on the last two devices, payment is made only using NFC technology. Versions of Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 2015, as well as S5 and Note 4, the service is not available.

Перечень устройств, поддерживающих Samsung Pay

List of devices supporting Samsung Pay

Samsung provides full access to the payment system only to owners of its smartphones. Owners of mobile devices from other manufacturers cannot use it. At least for the reason that their firmware lacks Samsung Knox technology, which stores all credit card data in encrypted form.

Приложение Samsung Pay недоступно для устройств без обновлённой версии прошивки и для смартфонов других производителей

The Samsung Pay app is not available for devices without the updated firmware version and for smartphones from other manufacturers

Samsung support

If a user has problems with a mobile device or Samsung Pay technology, he can contact the vendor’s contact center.

The subscriber dials the number and talks about his problem. If a contact center employee can solve his problem, he tries to help the client. For example, to advise how points are awarded for the Gold status when buying through Samsung pay.

If the issue cannot be resolved immediately, then the subscriber is addressed to the next support line. The company’s employees are highly qualified specialists, and always try to help users solve the current problem.

You can also contact the contact center in other ways. Let’s talk about each in more detail. There is a link to the chat on the official website of the vendor.

Chat with a call center.

User clicks “Start Chat”. A new workspace will open in which you need to fill in the following lines

Registration window

The client enters in the “Nickname” field the name that will be displayed in the chat. The following two fields to fill out are optional, but they can speed up the response in case of a problem with a technical device. It is recommended to specify parameters.

After that, the user accepts the agreement, and clicks “Start”. He will have access to an online dialogue with a support staff member.

The second way to contact the call center is by e-mail.

Support email

By clicking on “Write a letter”, the visitor is sent to the site with a choice of one of two categories: general or technical. After activating one of the options, the user gets access to the form for sending a letter through the vendor’s website.

Form for sending e-mail

The client specifies the type of request, and then enters his name. As means of feedback, you must specify an e-mail and a contact phone number.

The second part assumes that the client provides detailed information about the problem that has occurred.

Detailed information entry form

The top field serves as the heading of the letter, and in the message the user talks about the problem that has occurred. If the client needs to upload screenshots, then you should use the appropriate field below.

After that, the user optionally confirms his consent in the fields below, and clicks “Submit”.

Всё о Samsung Pay

The answer will come within a few days. If necessary, the client will be contacted at the specified phone number.

Samsung also has social media accounts.

Social media profiles

The user follows the link and asks his question in private messages. Operators are almost constantly online and are ready to provide a detailed answer to the question asked.


Here are the positive aspects of using Samsung Pay compared to other similar services:

  1. Samsung developed this technology to support not only bank cards with a chip, but also old-generation magnetic stripe payment instruments. MSD technology generates a virtual field identical to the magnetic one, as a result of which the terminal accepts it;
  2. Samsung’s unique development called KNOX is a virtual isolated space that can protect the user when using Samsung Pay. This technology conducts all financial transactions in its environment, and, in case of suspicion of hacking by an attacker, simply blocks access to other smartphone functions;
  3. When using contactless payment technology, smartphone owners receive bonus points in partner stores or from participants in promotional programs. Accumulated bonuses can be spent in the official Samsung store;

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