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The function of paying with bank cards through a smart watch with NFC or how to pay smartly in stores?

What do you need to know about VTB contactless payment?

Let’s start by looking at the key aspects. So, currently there are two contactless payment systems for goods and services: PayPass and PayWave. They are supported by international payment systems MasterCard and Visa. This technology appeared in 2007 and quickly gained popularity around the world. In particular, according to VTB statistics for 2018, over 112,000,000 transactions were made in the contactless payment mode.

The competitive advantage of contactless technology is the ease with which purchases are made. In particular, a bank client does not need to carry a fan of debit and credit cards with him, remember PIN codes and enter these data in payment terminals.

It is enough to bring the card to the reader, and the required amount will be automatically debited from the personal account. Cards that support this technology have an icon of 4 curved lines on the front side, reminiscent of the Wi-Fi symbol.

Now contactless payment cards can be synchronized with mobile devices and other “smart” gadgets. For this, built-in chips and special applications are used. Consider how the contactless payment technology is implemented.

RFID Module

The function of paying with bank cards through a smart watch with NFC or how to pay smartly in stores?

This abbreviation stands for Radio Frequency Identification. In fact, we are talking about a radio frequency identifier integrated into a plastic card.

Such a system consists of two trace elements:

  1. Embedded chip.
  2. Transmitting antenna.

The module works very simply. The chip generates radio waves, and the antenna transmits the signal to the reader or payment terminal. This technology is used in banking, agriculture, at metro stations, bus stations.

NFC module

In fact, this is a reduced and upgraded version of the RFID module. If we turn to the decoding, then NFC is defined as Near Field Communication, or a near field communicator. It is this technology that is used for the interaction of bank cards with mobile devices.

The built-in chip operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, the range is /- 10 centimeters. Due to its functionality, the module is able to provide two-way or one-way communication.

Note that today many smartphone manufacturers integrate the NFC module into their products.

If the contactless payment chip is not included in the basic package of the gadget, it can be installed later.

If there is no NFC?

Despite the possibility of integrating a contactless payment module into a mobile device, this technology is not supported by all smartphone models. In most cases, we are talking about flagship models released in the last 5-7 years.

However, if the smartphone does not support this function, you can use other devices with electronic filling to pay for your purchases contactlessly.

As an alternative solution, you can use:

  • microchips embedded in key fobs, smartphone cases and clothing;
  • SIM cards supporting NFC technology;
  • external transmission modules – are installed under the rear cover of the phone.

Consider the most common gadgets that VTB recommends to its customers for making contactless payments.

NFC ring with which you can pay

This is a rather stylish accessory, made in the form of a massive ring with an imitation of a precious metal: silver, platinum, gold. The diameters of the device are different, so the “smart” ring is suitable for people of various sizes.

A feature of such devices is the microscopic size of the NFC module. The transmitting device is built into a certain area of ​​the gadget, this area is usually marked with several stripes.

It should be noted that when making purchases, the ring is applied to the reader exactly in the marked area. The transmitting power of the chip is small, so if you put the ring on the other side, the finger will simply block the signal, and the payment will not go through.

Consider the basic characteristics of smart rings. We note right away that manufacturers do not adhere to a single standardization in the manufacture of such devices, so the values ​​u200bu200bgiven below may differ.

  • moisture resistance – corresponds to the protection level IP68;
  • operating temperature range – average -50/80 degrees;
  • wall thickness – no more than 3 mm;
  • signal frequency – 13.56 MHz;
  • supported module – NFC;
  • signal transmission radius – about 1.5 cm.

Let’s add that you need to purchase smart rings only from trusted manufacturers. In particular, the incorrect location of the chip will certainly cause difficulties with contactless payment: you will have to look for the right position so that the reader reads the signal.

Basic settings

After the purchase, such a ring is additionally programmed: the payment identifier is “sewn in”.

The function of paying with bank cards through a smart watch with NFC or how to pay smartly in stores?

This is done by bank specialists (the service is not available in all VTB branches) or at a service center.

Then an application is downloaded to the smartphone, which synchronizes the gadget module with the owner’s bank card.

The utility works correctly with Android devices, version 4.4 and older.

You can set up basic settings and synchronize devices by yourself by following the prompts of the application.

Despite its modest dimensions, the smart ring can perform several useful functions:

  • payment for purchases or travel in public transport;
  • electronic key mode;
  • mobile device screen lock;
  • fast download of applications on your smartphone.

NFC modules are not multifunctional, so one chip can only provide contactless payment or electronic key mode. However, the accessory can be equipped with several transmitter modules.

ICD ring

The function of paying with bank cards through a smart watch with NFC or how to pay smartly in stores?

An example is the MKB ring, a Russian development released by the Moscow Credit Bank in order to improve the quality of service for its customers. The gadget is synchronized with a debit or credit card, allows you to make contactless payments anywhere in Russia.

Given the popularity of this device, other banks are also adopting the development. Unfortunately, VTB is not yet one of them.

Contactless payment bracelets

Externally, such a bracelet looks like an ordinary watch strap, but instead of a dial, a monolithic case is installed here. The device is made of polyurethane or silicone, the device is absolutely hermetic, so the bracelet can not be removed from the hand even in the swimming pool.

Bracelets are selected according to the size of the wrist, adapted for men and women of various body builds. The color performance is quite diverse, so the device can be matched to any style of clothing, harmoniously combined with other accessories.

Inside the case, there is a transmitter module built using NFC or RFID technology. Here it is necessary to clarify that the chip is removable, so if desired, the module can be rearranged to another device, for example, a smart watch. All devices that support contactless payment technology interact with identical readers, so they are actually interchangeable.

How does it work?

If a VTB client has previously used devices that support contactless payment technology, then he will easily figure out how the bracelet works. In general, all such devices work according to an identical scheme.

In particular, after purchasing the bracelet, the buyer is given a mini-tag. This is a microchip that resembles a SIM card for a smartphone. The module is inserted into a slot specially designed for this, located under the back cover of the bracelet case.

Despite the obvious similarity with a SIM card, the mini-tag is not adapted to work on mobile devices. Therefore, even if a person decides to install the module on a smartphone, there will be no sense from this.

The bracelet works simply. It is enough to bring your hand with the accessory to the reader, and the required amount is debited from the account of the linked bank card. The card itself is not required for this. It should be clarified that without a PIN code, you can make payments, the amount of which does not exceed 1,000 rubles. Using the bracelet, you can make purchases in hypermarkets, pay bills in restaurants, buy travel tickets at bus stations and metro stations.

The function of paying with bank cards through a smart watch with NFC or how to pay smartly in stores?

Bracelets are sold in many large retail outlets and specialized stores selling smartphones and related products. It should be noted that similar contactless payment devices are sold on AliExpress, but you should not be tempted by low prices. Let’s explain why.

The fact is that the bracelets assembled by hardworking Chinese do not have the necessary certification, therefore, they cannot be used for financial transactions in VTB and other banks. At the same time, the device supports NFC technology and even comes with a corresponding label.

However, tags are noticeably inferior in terms of security to standard mini-tags, therefore they are not used by Russian and international payment systems. Therefore, when buying a bracelet on AliExpress, a person receives a stylish device, but not suitable for contactless payment.

Bracelets for children

As you know, many children are not distinguished by accuracy and thrift, so they may well lose the money given to them for school breakfast or spend it on some trinket. A bracelet with a contactless payment function will help to avoid the problems listed above.

Such devices work according to the standard principle: they are applied to the reader, after which the required amount is written off. An accessory is selected according to the child’s wrist, the bracelet is adjustable, presented in several colors.

The function of paying with bank cards through a smart watch with NFC or how to pay smartly in stores?

However, there is one distinctive feature here: the gadget is synchronized with the child’s name card. Now many banks, including VTB, offer special cards for children. Such products are tied to the card of one of the parents, and it is the “parent” card that determines the limits of financial expenses.

It looks like this. Parents determine exactly how much they are ready to give out to their child for pocket expenses, and monthly credit this amount to the child’s card. To simplify the operation, you can create a template or use the Scheduled Payment service. The child, in turn, can only make non-cash transactions: replenishment of the balance and withdrawal of cash from children’s cards is not provided.

Information about expenses is sent to the Personal Account of the owner of the main card.

BePay bracelets

This is an alternative way to make contactless payments. The BePay system is built on the basic principle of contactless payment, but is supported only by bracelets. Therefore, such accessories are sold only on the official website of the system, the cost varies within 1,000 rubles.

To pay for purchases with BePay bracelets, the owner registers in a special application through which the balance is replenished and spending limits are set.

Which smartwatches support Google Pay to set up NFC payments on smartwatches

In terms of external design, such products differ little from traditional chronometers. It has a strap and a dial. However, in addition to its main function, smart watches allow contactless payment due to the NFC module integrated into the case.

The function of paying with bank cards through a smart watch with NFC or how to pay smartly in stores?

Not enough, unfortunately. We’ve been calling for smartwatch and wristband payments to become a standard feature for a long time, and the idea has started to take over Fitbit and Garmin, but Android Wear is lagging behind.

You will need an Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch with NFC. So far, the Fossil Group has provided most of the Android Wear options, but the company told us that it has been hesitant to move to Google Pay until all territories can offer it, as it doesn’t want to launch features that only some users can take advantage of.

The LG Watch Sport is still the best Android Wear watch you can buy.

Instead of building on the success of the original Huawei Watch, the company went out and turned the sequel into the less impressive LG Watch Sport. It’s still a good watch, don’t get us wrong, but we can’t help but think about what could have been.

Security Options

The security level of contactless payments is at a very high level. A number of important points can be noted here.

The function of paying with bank cards through a smart watch with NFC or how to pay smartly in stores?

For example:

  1. Inability to intercept the signal. The distance between the reading reader and the transmitting module is no more than 10 centimeters. This nuance acts as a guarantee that attackers will not be able to read the signal and gain access to the card balance.
  2. Limits. The maximum amount that can be debited without a PIN code does not exceed 1,000 rubles. Therefore, even if fraudsters can take possession of the device, they will not be able to immediately empty the card account.
  3. SMS informing. The option is connected in the application, and after each financial transaction, a corresponding message is sent to the owner’s phone. If the withdrawal of funds is unauthorized, you should immediately contact the VTB technical support service and block the card.

Let’s consider the security parameters in more detail.


In most cases, a person sets the maximum amount of daily financial transactions independently. Above this limit, it becomes impossible to withdraw funds even under conditions of authorized access.

SamsungPay and ApplePay are exceptions to this rule. The fact is that such mobile devices have additional security systems in the form of a fingerprint scanner.

There is no protection against such devices yet. These are small scanners that read RF signals at close range. Given the signal transmission radius, the interceptor should be at a distance of no more than 10 centimeters. Therefore, such scanners are used in crowded places, for example, in public transport.

IMPORTANT!!! It should be clarified that interceptors are used to write off small amounts or make a duplicate card.

Here we can single out the use of unique identifier codes that are assigned to a specific financial transaction. In particular, such an encoding is valid only for paying for a specific product here and now.

The function of paying with bank cards through a smart watch with NFC or how to pay smartly in stores?

In addition, alternative number technology is sometimes applied to contactless payments. The essence of this proposal is that the radius of action is limited for the card. For example, a ban on purchases in certain stores is established.

The security of such transactions is usually compromised by the introduction of malware into the software. At the same time, installing even a high-quality and advertised antivirus does not provide absolute protection at all.

Therefore, the developers took over the security of the transaction. In particular, a unique token is generated for each operation, which blocks access to card data. In addition, the service is designed in such a way that when the smartphone screen is locked, data on financial transactions performed are automatically erased.

Top 7 Key Features

Initially, Smart watches were developed with the aim of carrying out contactless banking transactions. But in order to make them comfortable to wear, and the devices did not cause unnecessary suspicion, it was proposed to disguise the device as a watch.

Their abilities are as follows:

  1. Possibility to make payments in a contactless way.
  2. Linking all cards in one place.
  3. The embedded operating system replaces the tablet (i.e., you can view video photos and listen to music).
  4. Linking a gadget to a smartphone.
  5. Support for well-known payment systems.
  6. Support for other electronic devices (such as PC or laptop).
  7. One gadget replaces several devices.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any device, a smart watch has its advantages and disadvantages. The data is collected regarding the opinions of users of forums and social networks.


  • does not take up much space;
  • operates with many accounts;
  • replaces multiple devices;
  • stylish and pleasant accessory;
  • does not attract too much attention;
  • many companies have a wide choice of appearance;
  • allows you to pay for any product through the terminal;
  • contactless payment method;
  • the ability to use a gadget instead of a phone;
  • the device can be used even if the hands are full;
  • in one device there are many functions of a smartphone (photo and video shooting);
  • the presence of a GPS-navigator;
  • Wi-Fi receiver support;
  • the ability, as in the phone, to download applications from the Internet;
  • you can link your smartphone to the gadget.


  • too expensive accessory;
  • the battery runs out quickly;
  • no headphone output, because of this, the sound quality is lost;
  • screen too small;
  • typing a message turns into a real nightmare because of the small print.

5 most popular smartwatch models that can be used to pay in stores in Russia

Apple Watch

This model is in a leading position among other “Smart Watches”.

The function of paying with bank cards through a smart watch with NFC or how to pay smartly in stores?

The manufacturing company allows the buyer to choose the design he likes on his own.

It all depends on the client’s lifestyle. Two cores make it possible to use internal resources to the maximum in order to quickly make payments through terminals.

Gear S3

The gadget is a direct competitor of Apple.

Its strong point is its design and excellent synchronization with smartphones (Android and IOS).

The size of the device is 46mm. There are several design options to choose from. Payment is made through the Samsung Pay app.


In Russia, they were the very first devices that made payments “by air” (PayPass MasterCard).

This is a domestic brand that is becoming popular abroad. The production of the gadget takes place in Austria (Lask company), but the entire assembly belongs to China. A SIM card and a MasterCard bank card are included with the device. Unlike other devices, Watch2Pay is considered the most reliable.


This is the very first NFS watch in the world. The model is based on the Seiko movement.

The technology supports the ability to make payments through terminals in a contactless way.

The function of paying with bank cards through a smart watch with NFC or how to pay smartly in stores?

The operating system already has an application that connects the device and a bank card. The security system is debugged impeccably. If the amount exceeds 1000 rubles, then the program asks for a pin code. After each operation, the system is turned off so as not to carry out repeated transfers.

Michael Kors

Considered an elite and very expensive model. The first thing that catches your eye is the design.

It is worked out to the smallest detail. All watches look very bulky and solid, but are worn very easily.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 210 processor is mounted inside. The Android Wear operating system runs on the base. The classic version has many elements. But the customer can supplement them with various dials or straps.


Contactless payments are a convenient and secure way to pay for goods and services. The only drawback of the system is that not all mobile devices support this technology. However, given current trends, almost all mobile device manufacturers integrate such modules into all smartphones: elite and budget lines.

Smart watches with NFS allow you to make payments without touching the terminal. All operations are carried out through different applications. Each manufacturer maintains its own system, but they all perform the same function – conducting finance through terminals.

Gadgets are very convenient and do not differ from wrist watches, which is much more convenient and solid than bulky phones. Moreover, devices perform all the same functions (video, audio, photo). Only with sound, so far, problems and sensible headphones have not yet been invented for them.

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