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Why doesn’t Samsung Pay work on Samsung Galaxy S9,S8,S7,S3

Can I use Samsung Pay abroad?

With Samsung Pay, you can add a maximum of 10 bank cards on one device.

Samsung Pay does not have a card that is used for making purchases by default. The user selects a card for payment before making a payment. You can add a card to Samsung Pay in the “Favorite cards” menu, which is opened by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

You can customize the name of the card that is convenient for you, which will be displayed in the application. To do this: 1. Open Samsung Pay. 2. Select a card. 3. Press “Options” (key with three dots).4. Customize the map name.

1. Enter the application and go to the “Cards” section.
2. Select a card to register. If the card can be added, the “add to Samsung Pay” button will appear – click on the button.3. It is necessary to accept the “Terms of Service and Use” from the bank – click “Accept all”.
4. If the card is successfully added, “Card has been successfully added to Samsung Pay” will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Purchases are returned in the same way as with regular purchases with a bank card – in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation and the rules of the store. To return a purchase, you must contact the store.

Internet connection is only required to add a card to Samsung Pay. It is not required to make purchases (except for online purchases).

Why doesn't Samsung Pay work on Samsung Galaxy S9,S8,S7,S3

Yes, you can.

1. Open the Samsung Pay app, enter your valid Samsung Account (e-mail), and set up your preferred authentication method: fingerprint or PIN.2. Scan the card using your smartphone’s camera or enter its details manually. Accept the Samsung Pay Terms of Service and the bank agreement.3.

You can make purchases in any country in the world where MasterCard bank cards are accepted for payment.

Make sure that your card is not blocked, the status of the card can be viewed in the “Cards” section of the Megafon Bank mobile application. If the card is in the “Active” state and you still get a message that the card cannot be added to Samsung Pay, please contact customer support at toll-free 5555.

Sberbank recently developed the World card, which is becoming more popular and more in demand. Users switched to this payment system when there was a threat of visa and master card sanctions. The ban did not happen, and people have already managed to fall in love with the Mir card.

Those who have a Samsung smartphone would like to enjoy full functionality. Including samsung pay. But no one can link this card and start paying contactless with it. Support for Mir cards in this payment system has not yet appeared. The problem is the novelty of these services, they appeared relatively recently, so the card is not supported in Samsung Pay.

Why doesn't Samsung Pay work on Samsung Galaxy S9,S8,S7,S3

Samsung supports a dozen banks and cards, but further expansion is planned due to the growing popularity of Samsung smartphones and contactless payment.

How accurate is the fingerprint scanner on my Samsung device?

No, it doesn’t.

To pay, the phone must be brought to a distance of no more than 5-10 cm.

Samsung Pay uses tokenization and Samsung Knox (the built-in smartphone security system) to protect payment data. In addition, payment via Samsung Pay is possible only after successful authorization with a fingerprint or application PIN, which ensures control of each transaction.

No. If you reset the settings, all data from Samsung Pay will be deleted.

The error of the fingerprint scanner is less than 0.002%.

не работает самсунг пей на s9

If you need to enter the last 4 digits of the card number when paying, then you must enter the last 4 digits of the “token”. They are listed under the card image in Samsung Pay with a note “Last 4 digits for cashier”.

The payment system does not work with all banks, but their list is gradually expanding. Declared support for Samsung Pay cards Visa and MasterCard.

The system works with the following Russian banks:

  • Sberbank (MasterCard and Visa, except Electron series);
  • Alfa-Bank (MasterCard and Visa);
  • VTB24 (MasterCard and Visa);
  • Yandex (MasterCard);
  • Raiffeisenbank (MasterCard and Visa);
  • Tinkoff Bank (MasterCard and Visa);
  • MTS-Bank (MasterCard and Visa);
  • Russian Standard (MasterCard);
  • “Opening” (MasterCard and Visa);
  • Rocketbank and Tochka (MasterCard);
  • Bank Saint Petersburg (MasterCard).

B&NBANK cards are also supported, but only those issued under the name MDM Bank. New cards will be supported later.

Naturally, only owners of Samsung devices can use this system. But not all gadgets of the company support working with the payment system.

Why doesn't Samsung Pay work on Samsung Galaxy S9,S8,S7,S3

Which devices Samsung Pay is supported on:

  • Galaxy S line (from series 6*);
  • Galaxy A line 2016 (A5 and A7);
  • Galaxy A line 2017;
  • Galaxy Note 5;
  • Gear S3.

* – Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge only support NFC payment. Payment via MST is not available on these models.

The payment system will not work on other devices, as well as on those from this list that were purchased in another country. It’s not worth wondering how to connect Samsung Pay to smartphones with Root rights or unofficial firmware, because. there is no such possibility and never will be due to the lack of security on these devices.

To find out the reasons, you need to start by connecting Samsung Pay. You must have one of the chips on your device:

  • NFC is a common chip for short-range transmission of information;
  • MST – magnetic, developed by Samsung.

In the absence of this functionality, the operation of the contactless payment system is impossible. Also, the service will not work if there is no registration of a Samsung account.

Only new models of the manufacturer support this service: starting from Galaxy S6, edge, Note5, as well as galaxy a10. If you are unable to set up contactless payment, your phone is out of date. You may also be hindered by an old version of the OS firmware that has not been updated for a long time.

If Samsung Pay card is not supported, please check if it is compatible. The service works with cards of some banks: Sberbank, VTB, Alfa, etc. You can connect only visa and master cards. If you cannot link your card to a payment system, check which one it is.

The reason for the error in operation is due to non-original firmware on the phone. Users often root their smartphone to take full advantage of the operating system. When modifying the firmware, work with finances and accounts is blocked for security.

How does Samsung Pay work?

самсунг пэй карта не поддерживается

Payment is very easy. To pay, just open the application with a swipe up and bring your phone to the bank terminal, confirming the purchase. All user data is stored in encrypted form, and information about virtual cards is transmitted to the terminal, which allows you to keep real data safe. No commission is charged for this.

Samsung Pay is a system that allows you to make payments using just your smartphone. You can link any number of cards to a specialized application and not carry them with you, using only your smartphone. However, often owners of smartphones that support this system encounter problems that prevent them from using this feature. The main reasons can be:

  • mismatch of the firmware version for the e-wallet to the country where you are located. The system will not function properly if you are in a country where this function is not supported (a complete list can be viewed on the official website of the smartphone manufacturer). You can check the compliance in the settings, in the “Model number” section, the information is contained in the “Serial number” and “IMEI information” lines. The last two indicators must match, otherwise the payment system will not work;
  • Incorrect date and time setting. This data must be synchronized with the time zone you are in, otherwise the system cannot function.
  • malfunction of the NFS-chip, ingress of moisture or pollution into it;
  • problems on the part of the bank or terminal. Often problems arise not with the system in the phone, but with the operation itself, the card or the payment terminal.

Before making a payment, Samsung Pay requires successful identification of the user of the application by fingerprint or PIN code, and only after that the data is transmitted to the payment terminal. When making a contactless payment at a payment terminal, Samsung Pay uses an NFC-secured signal to send payment data to the terminal.

If the payment terminal does not support contactless payment technology and only accepts bank cards using a contact chip and/or magnetic stripe, Samsung Pay uses MST technology, using a variable magnetic field to transmit payment data in the magnetic stripe format of a bank card.

How to set up Samsung Pay

How to install Samsung Pay? You don’t need to install a special application. If the device supports this payment system, then the application required to use it is included in the basic set and is in the list of all applications installed on the device. If the device is supported and there is no Samsung Pay icon, please follow the steps below:

  1. Add a Samsung account.
    Go to “Settings”, then to the “accounts” section. Click “Add account”. Select “Samsung account” from the list. Log in to your account or register by filling in all the required fields, as well as confirm the registration in the letter that will be sent to your email.
  2. Enter “Settings”, then “accounts”.
  3. Click Add Account. Select “Samsung account” from the list.
  4. Log in to your account or register by filling in all the required fields, as well as confirm the registration in the letter that will be sent to your email.
  5. Check for device updates.
    Enter “Settings”, find the section “About the device”, in which you should select “Software Update” and click on “Update”. If there are updates, then confirm their installation and wait until the process is completed.
  6. Enter “Settings”, find the “About Device” section, in which you should select “Software Update” and click on “Update”.
  7. If there are updates, then confirm their installation and wait until the process is completed.

After that, the app icon should appear. If this does not happen, then you should contact the Samsung service center or technical support.

When all the necessary steps are completed, all that remains is to configure the application.

How to set up Samsung Pay:

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Add your fingerprint or create an access code to confirm purchases.
  3. Click on the map symbol or the “add” button.
  4. Take a photo of the card or enter all the data manually.
  5. Click “Next” and accept the agreement.
  6. Press the SMS button. Enter the code that will come in the message and click “Submit”.
  7. Enter a caption on the screen.

Registration will be completed within 10 minutes. If this did not happen, and the card is supported, then you should contact the bank, because. He’s the one doing the blocking. It is possible that the card has restrictions that do not allow it to be used in such payment systems.

How to use Samsung Pay

How to set up Samsung Pay is the most important issue, but not the only one. You also need to know how to use Samsung Pay.

How to pay for the purchase:

  1. Swipe up on the smartphone screen from the home key.
  2. When the card image appears on the screen, bring the device to the payment terminal.
  3. Confirm payment.
  4. You can remove the device from the terminal as soon as the second one establishes a connection with the bank, as evidenced by the inscription on its screen.

If you lose your smartphone, all data can be quickly and easily deleted using the Find My Mobile company’s special service. If necessary, you can delete all information manually by performing a general reset.

What can be done if the smartphone is stolen or lost?

If the smartphone is lost or stolen, the payment information will be protected: successful identification of the user of the application by fingerprint or PIN code is required before making a payment. At any time, you can block or delete all data from the device through the Samsung Find My Mobile service. In any case, you need to contact the bank that issued your cards and report that the smartphone was stolen or lost – the bank may need to block the “token” of those cards that were connected to the Samsung Pay service on the lost smartphone.

What are the benefits of Samsung Pay?

1. Payment for purchases both using the NFC contactless payment system and at payment terminals where a contact card chip and a magnetic strip are required.2. Increased security when paying, because. the details of the card itself are not disclosed (a “token” is used instead of the card number), each purchase requires authorization by fingerprint or application PIN, and Samsung Knox’s built-in security system continuously monitors for possible vulnerabilities on the device.

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