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Ubrir nfc

What contactless payment cards does Ural Bank (UBRD) have?

“Classic” VISA is designed for a client with an average income.

“Golden” VISA is suitable for people with a high income and emphasizes their status.

VISA Classic VISA Gold
Valid for 3 years. Valid for 3 years.
First year of service — 1440 rubles. The first year of service – 2880 rubles.
Cashback in the amount of 10% from purchases in pharmacies, cosmetics stores and sporting goods stores (but not more than 500 rubles per month). Cashback in the amount of 10% from purchases made in pharmacies, cosmetics stores and sporting goods stores (but not more than 1,500 rubles per month).
1% cashback on any other purchases made. 1% cashback on any other purchases.
The next 2 years of service are free. The next 2 years of service are free.

Bank service fees for VISA Classic are 2 times lower than for VISA Gold.

For both cards, the bank charges interest on the balance of funds in the amount of 20 to 350 thousand rubles:

  • 5% when making purchases up to 12,000 rubles per month;
  • 7% when making purchases in the amount of 12,000 rubles or more per month.

The balance of funds on the card account is controlled from the personal account on the official website of the bank.

Contactless payment technologies

The data transfer technology is called NFC (from the English “Near field communication”, translated into Russian as “near contactless communication”). The principle of operation is based on the exchange of electromagnetic waves between the receiver and transmitter.

A contactless card contains a chip and an antenna that “respond” to a payment terminal signal at a radio frequency of 13.56 MHz. Reading information occurs in a few seconds at a distance of 0-15 centimeters without contact. To protect the operation, a special data encryption system is used.

Ubrir nfc

In order to:

  • Buy quickly and save time. Payment is made within a few seconds with one touch. There is no need to enter a PIN code if the payment amount is up to 1000 rubles.
  • Buy safely. The card does not need to be taken out of the wallet and handed over to the seller, even if you need to enter a PIN code. No one sees personal payment data: plastic number, CVC and expiration date.

PayPass is a contactless payment technology from MasterCard.

payWave is Visa’s contactless payment technology.

Technologies of different payment systems differ only in names. They work with all terminals and have no advantages over each other. They issue contactless credit and debit cards.

How to use a contactless card correctly?

You can make a contactless payment without contact in places where the Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass logos are present. If there are no symbols, then the card is inserted into the device. Payment is confirmed by a PIN code or a signature on the receipt.

It is not possible to withdraw money from the account twice. The purchase amount must be entered each time anew. Therefore, accidentally touching the reader with a card is safe for your wallet.

For payment, the cashier enters the amount of purchases, then “plastic” is applied, data is exchanged and the operation is carried out.

The payment process consists of three stages:

  1. Checks the amount of the purchase, which can be seen on the payment device.
  2. The card is brought to a distance of 3-4 cm to the terminal. A PIN code is entered if the amount is more than one thousand rubles.
  3. Successful payment is confirmed by a text on the display and a sound signal. The terminal then turns off.

Знаки бесконтактной оплаты

If several contactless cards are attached to the terminal at the same time, the payment will not go through. A message about canceling the operation will appear on the terminal screen.

Important! With contactless cards, you can pay amounts up to 1000 rubles without a PIN code. Therefore, in case of loss, the card is blocked by a call to the bank or through the Internet bank.

In order to save your money, you need:

  • activate the SMS notification service (even if it is paid) about the crediting and debiting of funds on the card account. This will allow you to promptly protest questionable transactions;
  • set a daily limit on the amount of cash withdrawals and on the amount of transfer – in case of theft;
  • when receiving suspicious calls or SMS related to a contactless card, call the bank’s support service;
  • do not bend the “plastic” and do not wet, so as not to damage the antenna and chip;
  • enter the number of the bank support service and the code word into the contacts on the mobile phone;

You can use protective cases that block the radio signal. This will prevent fraudsters from stealing card details and debiting money.

Pros and cons of contactless cards

Contactless payment technologies are constantly being improved, but they have their advantages and disadvantages. The table shows the main pros and cons.

Pros Cons
When paying, the card is not transferred to another person (cashier). With a check amount of more than 1000 rubles, it works like a regular card.
Small purchases are paid with one touch (up to 1000 rubles). In case of loss or theft of the card, you can lose amounts of up to one thousand rubles.
Less wear on the “plastic”, as there is less contact with the terminal. Lack of special terminals for contactless payments.
It is convenient to pay in cafes, transport, at gas stations. Where there is a large flow of people, and the amounts are small. Stealing money from a card using homemade readers.

Bank cards are gradually replacing cash, and contactless cards are replacing small bills and coins from circulation.

The use of “one-touch” payment speeds up payments and reduces service time in stores, transport and gas stations. Ensures the safety and comfort of shopping.

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